Word Frequency
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Other users have misspelling absent as:

pie chart
  1. abscent 14.47%
  2. absente 7.55%
  3. absen 5.35%
  4. abset 4.72%
  5. abcent 2.52%
  6. Other 65.39%

Definitions of absent


  1. not being in a specified place
  2. lost in thought; showing preoccupation
  3. nonexistent


  1. go away or leave

Examples of absent

  1. But that day isn't going to be now, or any time in the next ten years, absent a major breakthrough.
  2. Or did her pushy mother and absent father turn her life into a sordid soap opera?
  3. I have typed out some lecture notes for the benefit of those people who were absent last week.

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