Definition of 'effervescent'


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1. of a liquid Giving off bubbles; fizzy.

2. Vivacious and enthusiastic.

3. Gently boiling or bubbling, by means of the disengagement of gas.

4. (of a liquid) giving off bubbles

5. Effervescing; having the property of effervescence; of a nature to effervesce.


1. Her personality was effervescent and her addition to a cast was one of joy.

2. Her effervescent presence led colleagues to liken her to a glass of champagne.

3. Her effervescent personality has undoubtedly played its part in that surge in interest.

4. The effervescent performance of certain sought-after addresses is flattering the figures.

5. He is respected, and also liked for his effervescent personality.

6. But with her effervescent personality and permanent smile, she could not be a finer ambassador.

7. Although you're trying to take some time out to think a lot of things through, your effervescent personality will still shine.

8. Made schemes to retain effervescent collaboration without moving to a commune?

9. In particular, I note that there's a costume for the word "effervescent" in Frasier's gallery that I've seen replicated at a couple of Vocabulary Fairs, in at least one case winning a prize.

10. "Mojito": The "mojito" was a sort of jelly that had the flavors of a mojito - mint, lime and sugar, and was kind of effervescent and liquidy in the center.

11. I tend to use single quotes any time I want to mark out a word for particular emphasis, whether for sarcastic purposes or because I'm discussing the word itself e.g., "When using a term like 'effervescent' it pays to make sure you know what it means, first."

12. By Anonymous, at Mon Mar 12, 12:15:00 PM now I see Blamerbell describing you as "effervescent" Glyn I feel sure that actually you're pretty indestructable.

13. The kind where just sitting down in a chair turns into some kind of effervescent event.

14. Both have the kind of effervescent feel that attracts the young.

15. ‘He raised his glass, looked at the clear, effervescent liquid with the light glinting invitingly through it, swirled it a little, inhaled approvingly, and took a cautious sip, but he didn't swallow immediately.’

16. ‘It's effervescent and sparkly, but like champagne it can become indigestible after prolonged exposure.’

17. ‘It is a kind of effervescent drink that you make by adding water to the crystals and it is supposed to ‘pick you up’ and get you ready to go when you have had too much to drink the night before.’

18. ‘The original root beer was a low-alcohol, naturally effervescent drink made by fermenting a blend of sugar and yeast with various roots, herbs and barks, such as sarsaparilla, sassafras, wild cherry, wintergreen, vanilla and ginger.’

19. ‘The effervescent and heady drink is retailed in two air-conditioned halls of this outlet, which is frequented by a growing segment of young professionals and students.’

20. ‘Yet, along with the soaring voices and jaunty hand-clapping of La La La Song, Low seem in effervescent, ebullient mood.’

21. ‘The effervescent and downright bubbly host has evolved from just another flirtatious cable TV personality into a globe-trotting media mogul.’

22. ‘He is bubbly, effervescent, and clearly chock full of manic energy.’

23. ‘Monica will bring to these concerts the fruits of her demanding approach in rehearsal, her natural virtuosity as a player and her effervescent, charismatic musicianship.’

24. ‘Paula's distinctive art is everywhere, adding colour and a light-hearted atmosphere that reflects her effervescent personality.’

25. his fertile effervescent mind

Other users have misspelling effervescent as:

1. effervescenti 33.33%

2. effervesent 16.67%

3. efervesan 11.11%

4. efervescente 11.11%

5. effervescente 11.11%

6. efervesent 5.56%

7. effervessant 5.56%

8. efrovesent 5.56%

9. Other -0.01%

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