Definition of 'neighborhood'


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1. An approximate amount.

2. obsolete The quality of being a neighbor, living nearby, next to each-other

3. A division of a municipality or region, formally or informally divided

4. obsolete The disposition becoming a neighbor; neighborly kindness or good will.

5. topology The neighborhood of a point x is... (depending on the author):

6. The inhabitants of a residential area.

7. uncountable The quality of physical proximity.

8. A nearby area.

9. Friendliness appropriate to a neighbor.

10. The people who live near one another or in a particular district or area.

11. Mathematics The set of points surrounding a specified point, each of which is within a certain, usually small distance from the specified point.

12. Informal Approximate amount or range.

13. The surrounding area; vicinity.

14. A district or area with distinctive characteristics.

15. The quality or condition of being a neighbor; the state of being or dwelling near; proximity.

16. A place near; vicinity; adjoining district; a region the inhabitants of which may be counted as neighbors.

17. The inhabitants who live in the vicinity of each other.

18. an area within a city or town that has some distinctive features (especially one forming a community)

19. The place or locality lying next or nigh to some specified place; adjoining district; vicinity: as he lived in my neighborhood: frequently used figuratively.

20. In mathematics, the part of a line, surface, space, or other locus in quo so near to a correlative point that from its utmost parts to that point it has everywhere a certain given character with respect to which it is the neighborhood of that point. Thus, to say that the air is condensed in the neighborhood of a certain point, is to say that after one has approached it sufficiently near, the nearer one approaches the more condensed is the air up to the point itself.

21. The kindliness and mutual readiness to be friendly which arise out of the condition of being neighbors; the reciprocity and mutual helpfulness becoming to neighbors; neighborly feelings and acts.

22. A district or locality, especially when considered with reference to its inhabitants or their interests: as, a fashionable neighborhood; a malarious neighborhood.

23. Conduct as a neighbor.

24. The condition or quality of being neighbors; the state of dwelling or being situated nigh or near; proximity; nearness: as, neighborhood often promotes friendship.

25. Synonyms and Neighborhood, Vicinity, Proximity. The first two differ from proximity in being used concretely: as, the explosion was heard throughout the neighborhood or vicinity (but not proximity). Neighborhood is closer and livelier than vicinity; proximity is the closest nearness. Neighborhood regards not only place, but persons; vicinity only the place; hence we say he lived in the vicinity of New York or the Hudson, but he lived in the neighborhood of Irving; his house was in close proximity to the one that was on fire. See adjacent.

26. Those living in the vicinity or adjoining locality; neighbors collectively; as, thė fire alarmed the whole neighborhood.


1. She realized that this odd behavior was beginning to get her a reputation around the neighborhood.

2. There's about three main houses or spots that I know about in this neighborhood.

3. But there was no doubting the fact that she was in a very select neighborhood.

4. In a neighborhood like this, you'd think an empty house would stick out.

5. ‘As well, family units sit within a neighbourhood and wider community of other families that identify with a common cause, that of a decent life with those we love.’

6. ‘Books were distributed in communities and neighbourhoods, and to family members and friends.’

7. ‘Different classes of people have long sorted themselves into neighborhoods within a city or region.’

8. ‘The schemes aim to find new ways of managing the settlement of migrants in the city, helping faith groups to build relationships within their neighbourhoods and finding ways for community arts to improve residents' lives.’

9. ‘Their role will be complementary to police officers, but the main aim is to offer a reassurance to the public and tackle the kind of anti-social behaviour that is dragging down so many neighbourhoods, towns and cities.’

10. ‘This is because they are within wealthy neighbourhoods and do not feature among the government's priority areas in need of grant aid and social care support.’

11. ‘Spanish pueblos, from hamlets to large cities, and many neighborhoods within population centers, all have patron saints each of whose days occasions a public festival, or fiesta.’

12. ‘These extend to minor league stadiums as well, which shows off some of the non-glamorous locations of other parks, such as those within neighborhoods or other cities.’

13. ‘At the same time gay communities were forming in neighborhoods in the large cities with a burgeoning culture of bars, organizations, and newspapers.’

14. ‘These towns, like neighborhoods in large cities, may be homogeneous; however, the states are not.’

15. ‘Most neighborhoods in cities and towns across the country have their own assembly.’

16. ‘Though it is rarely discussed, few argue that the poor and oppressed have the political capital necessary to compete for the federal funding and social programs that often go to wealthier cities and neighbourhoods.’

17. ‘The Chinese nationals were arrested in subsequent police raids in a wealthy neighborhood of Quezon City near the drug laboratory, it said.’

18. ‘The new independents movement is alive and kicking in small towns and in the neighborhoods of big cities, where storefronts are joining the battle.’

19. ‘Congregations who welcome and affirm persons with special needs help set an expectation of acceptance within the neighborhood and community.’

20. ‘The individuals communicate only within their neighborhood.’

21. ‘Day-to-day life is, for the most part, life lived within a particular neighbourhood, set of neighbourhoods, city, or urban region.’

22. ‘The network also works at educating the public through visiting schools, canvassing neighbourhoods, attending community events, and more.’

23. ‘On the other hand, Northern Ireland is inhabited by only about 1.7 million people, distributed among close-knit urban neighborhoods and rural communities.’

24. ‘Could you talk a bit about the role of community arts in the community - the neighborhood or the city as a whole?’

25. ‘Social interactions based on neighbourhood have been deteriorating for decades - particularly in highly transitory urban areas.’

26. ‘Both sets of protagonists are torn between the American Dream of fame and fortune and the more comfortable pull to stay true to your station in life and neighbourhood.’

27. ‘Ottawa has shown it has considered the question about the neighbourhood surrounding Iraq no more than it has given any thought to the question inside Iraq.’

28. ‘The neighbourhood surrounding the Medical Academy was the biggest surprise as transactions there were few.’

29. ‘Wait a while and a map of west London will open up showing the precise location of the shot and all the other photos taken in the surrounding neighbourhood.’

30. ‘The Dashwood women continue looking for an affordable house in the neighborhood surrounding Norland.’

31. he always blames someone else in the immediate neighborhood

Other users have misspelling neighborhood as:

1. naberhood 10.96%

2. naborhood 8.22%

3. neiborhood 5.28%

4. neigborhood 2.35%

5. nieghborhood 2.35%

6. neighborh 2.15%

7. neibourhood 1.76%

8. neighborho 1.76%

9. neighborohood 1.57%

10. neighbood 1.57%

11. Other 62.03%

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