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Other users have misspelling ethnicities as:

pie chart
  1. ethnicites 16.67%
  2. ethinicities 16.67%
  3. ethnidcities 8.33%
  4. Other 58.33%

Definitions of ethnicities


  1. an ethnic quality or affiliation resulting from racial or cultural ties

Examples of ethnicities

  1. Fifty consecutive, nonobese, habitually snoring, otherwise-healthy children (age range: 6-9 years) and 50 age -, gender -, and ethnicity-matched obese children (BMI z score: 1.67) underwent an overnight polysomnographic evaluation, followed by a multiple sleep latency test the following day.
  2. I want to integrate my sexuality with all the other weaves of my self: burn any architectural plans that mount my gayness above my race, ethnicity, and age.
  3. The federal workforce is also as diverse as the public as a whole in terms of ethnicity and gender, though it is better educated.

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