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1. A chemical hair treatment imparting or removing curliness, whose effects typically last for a period of weeks; a perm.

2. linear algebra, combinatorics Given an matrix , the sum over all permutations of .

3. Any of several long-lasting hair styles usually achieved by chemical applications that straighten, curl, or wave the hair.

4. a series of waves in the hair made by applying heat and chemicals

5. In the plural, a general name for light cotton cloth, sometimes glazed and generally dyed in bright colors.

6. Without end, eternal.

7. Lasting for an indefinitely long time.

8. Lasting or remaining without essential change.

9. Not expected to change in status, condition, or place.

10. (Chem. & Physics) hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon monoxide; -- also called incondensible gases or incoercible gases, before their liquefaction in 1877. The term is now archaic.

11. the roadbed and superstructure of a finished railway; -- so called in distinction from the contractor's temporary way.

12. (Chem.) barium sulphate (heavy spar), used as a white pigment or paint, in distinction from white lead, which tarnishes and darkens from the formation of the sulphide.

13. Continuing in the same state, or without any change that destroys form or character; remaining unaltered or unremoved; abiding; durable; fixed; stable; lasting.

14. not capable of being reversed or returned to the original condition

15. continuing or enduring without marked change in status or condition or place


1. Now he is considering sitting away from the touchline on a permanent basis.

2. When the job became permanent she moved us.

3. The brewery helps them gain work experience so they can find permanent jobs elsewhere.

4. The family have a permanent home here.

5. Uncertainty also makes firms more likely to employ temporary workers rather than take on new permanent staff.

6. Stoke have the option to make the deal permanent if the 24-year-old impresses.

7. While the upheavals had important cultural and social impacts, they led to little permanent change.

8. Stoke have not agreed a fee with City to sign him on a permanent basis.

9. The Millers caretaker chief is likely to get a permanent deal having impressed in his four games in charge despite three ending in narrow defeats.

10. In it she tells a jealous ex: 'I see the permanent damage you did to me.

11. Tigers hope to seal permanent deals for two loan stars as well.

12. Whether the damage is permanent will become clear only with time.

13. It was necessary to find a temporary home before a permanent one could be acquired.

14. Three quarters of firms said they would boost permanent jobs in the next three months.

15. Nor would it matter if the eight weekends became the pretext for a permanent nationwide change.

16. What are the symptoms and is it a permanent medical condition?

17. It should contain the same sort of information that a permanent member of staff would receive.

18. Three died and another suffered permanent brain damage.

19. My method involved a permanent change in her life and her attitude to her dog.

20. That seems to be a permanent condition.

21. They did no permanent damage to me and did not affect my adolescent years.

22. We added that we were committed to finding a permanent public home in which to display the garment.

23. The computer chip promises to turn shortterm memories into permanent ones by replacing the damaged memory centre of the brain.

24. Farms that mostly get by with a handful of permanent employees suddenly need hundreds of workers for a few weeks.

25. Britain needs more housing but there is no justification for building homes with a permanent legacy of high energy bills.

26. West Ham say that the moves are permanent.

27. Villa are willing to pay 3 million for a permanent deal for the player.

28. It said that while some might take permanent jobs, it could not tell how many.

29. Ministers change, but permanent staff ought to be providing continuity and experience.

30. The deal could become permanent for 8 million next summer.

31. But once you are given that job on a permanent basis, then there is a whole lot more pressure and expectation to contend with.

32. But after that, it's difficult to recapture the magic on a permanent basis.

33. But his form was patchy and he left for Portsmouth on loan in June with a view to a permanent move.

34. The _true stories_ of the pioneer wives and mothers are often as interesting as any work of fiction, and need no embellishment from the imagination of a writer, because they are crowded with incidents and situations as thrilling as those which form the staple out of which novels are fabricated; love and adventure, hair-breadth escapes, heart-rending tragedies on the frontier, are thus woven into a narrative of absorbing and permanent interest, _permanent_ because it is part of the history and biography of America.

35. He quickly became "interim" CEO, making the title permanent a few years later in 2000.

36. The phrase 'permanent record' seems to be taking on a whole new meaning nowadays.

37. The wording of any ETA statement will be scrutinized for commitments to disarm since the group has used the term "permanent" ceasefire in the past, then returned to violence.

38. 3. The term "permanent CEO" is almost an oxymoron at Hewlett Packard, a company whose board has fired three CEOs in six years.

39. ETA Monday declared what it calls a permanent cease-fire that it says can be internationally verified.

40. ‘With no money, job, or permanent address, the future looked bleak for Lisa and baby Nicole.’

41. ‘The berthing piers would remain as a permanent feature of the development of tourism in St Lucia.’

42. ‘It remains a permanent monument to the academic aspect of elasticity.’

43. ‘Many people work through agencies and then apply for permanent jobs.’

44. ‘So far the scheme has resulted in 20 people being placed into permanent jobs.’

45. ‘When we say something is a part of our nature, it makes it seem to be a permanent, unchangeable thing.’

46. ‘I can't decide whether this is a positive or a negative development, or indeed a permanent change.’

47. ‘The project heralds a permanent change in the way bail bandits will be treated, he said.’

48. ‘Even without sunburn, intense sunlight causes permanent changes in the skin.’

49. ‘Bulb and perennial combinations can be permanent additions to garden beds and borders.’

50. ‘Part of my job will be to help them find a permanent office, and they have a pretty tight budget.’

51. ‘He added that the town council intended to put up a more permanent sign later.’

52. ‘Foreign firms are thus strongly advised to establish a permanent base in the region.’

53. ‘In the longer term, a permanent move to Livingston hasn't been ruled out.’

54. ‘We decided to buy it as a holiday home but continue to look for a permanent base in the city.’

55. ‘It would not be a permanent position, and I would expect you to continue searching.’

56. ‘She was secure in the knowledge that she had a permanent home there.’

57. ‘This scholarship is being established in her name as a permanent reminder of her work.’

58. ‘It offers a long lasting and, in many cases, permanent cure by treating the disease at its root.’

59. ‘The aim of phase two would be to secure funding and design a permanent sabbatical centre.’

60. ‘Was his permanent rage going to be banked by a great outpouring of slavering goodwill?’

61. ‘The advantages of permanent representation abroad included practicality and continuity.’

62. ‘We shall need permanent vigilance and constant efforts to spread democratic involvement.’

63. ‘Problem-solving perms re-texturize hair, adding body, wave, movement and volume, but to call them permanents is a misnomer.’

64. ‘Hairstyling, teasing, coloring, permanents, and the use of hair spray are supported.’

65. ‘Also, hair sprays, hair color, and permanents will not make you lose more hair.’

66. ‘Next week, we'll discuss how permanents, chemical relaxers, and dyes alter your hair's natural structure.’

67. ‘She produced a copy of his fee schedule for his services which showed he offered a wide range of services from haircuts to more extensive styling and permanents.’

68. ‘That thing scared me off permanents for life.’

69. ‘Some of the girls had amateurish home permanents.’

70. literature of permanent value

Other users have misspelling permanent as:

1. permanente 15.8%

2. permenant 4.63%

3. permanant 2.28%

4. permanet 2.13%

5. Other 75.16%

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