Definition of 'censored'


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1. Having had objectionable content removed; being something someone has censored.

2. suppressed or subjected to censorship. Opposite of uncensored.

3. suppressed or subject to censorship

4. Simple past tense and past participle of censor.

5. Passed upon, revised, or expurgated by a censor: as, censored war news.


1. They exchanged letters, but these were censored by the government.

2. In a lurid incident shortly before his death, he ran into trouble with government censors.

3. Should film censors get tougher with their ratings?

4. BRITAIN'S film censor is suggesting that it could provide the first classifications for content of the internet.

5. Letters back from the trenches were not so heavily censored.

6. Nor did he censor his reporting in deference to the Palace.

7. Many wrote scathing criticism of their superiors, only to see their reports censored and rewritten.

8. Not surprisingly, government censors cut out whole scenes.

9. The Government has censored the documents to hide the identity of individuals from mobile businesses.

10. Government censors blocked Nobel prize reports from websites.

11. Should the show be banned, censored or more carefully edited?

12. Outrage at the film's content led it to be banned by the censors.

13. But trying to protect sponsors by arresting people who turn up in the wrong T-shirt is like a government trying to censor the internet.

14. A couple of my other films have been censored, but that was a long time ago.

15. A volume planned for publication in 1949 was suppressed by the censors.

16. Service postcards provided basic information, allowed by the military censors, for soldiers to tick.

17. In China, the censor has already cut the movie to just over two hours.

18. The evidence put to them is censored, controlled, delivered after frequent and unwelcome interruptions and often without being understood.

19. Officials at NSA object to the use of the word censored; they prefer redacted.

20. The row came to a head after the Sunday Herald newspaper in Scotland published a thinly-concealed front page photograph of Giggs, showing his face with his eyes blacked out and the word "censored" written over the top.

21. Last September, Craigslist shuttered its controversial adult services section, replacing the link with the word "censored" in bold black font.

22. Scotland's Herald newspaper on Sunday published a picture of the soccer player, with a black band across his eyes and the word "censored" in capital letters.

23. Its front page has an image of a man whose eyes are covered with a black bar which features the word "censored".

24. the censored press in some countries

Other users have misspelling censored as:

1. sensored 5.17%

2. censoured 5.08%

3. Other 84.67%

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