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Other users have misspelling mama as:

pie chart
  1. maama 5.33%
  2. mamu 4.23%
  3. mamo 2.85%
  4. mma 2.67%
  5. Other 84.92%

Definitions of mama


  1. a name under which Ninkhursag was worshipped

Examples of mama

  1. When your mama a biach, you gonna be a bicah - when you grow up hearing men tell your mama "Bring me my blunts, BIACH!" you won't have a very high opinion of women, ergo, yourself.
  2. I said, " Oh, dear godmother, tell me, pray do tell me, did mama die on my birthday?
  3. A speech-impeded or misunderstood/misspelled besmirchment of character “Yo mama, she a slub.”

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