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1. hypocoristic Mother, female parent.

2. Informal Mother.

3. See mamma.

4. a name under which Ninkhursag was worshipped

5. Mother: a word used chiefly in address and familiar intercourse, especially by and with infants, children, and young people.


1. I feel like a bit of a mama bear in this space.

2. When the salmon return to the rivers, you often see mama bears and cubs catching fish along the banks.

3. Morton the good knight, "and to her mother as" the Princess Pauline, "or" one's mama, "giving to _mama_ the French pronunciation.

4. 'Gladiator sport' is the term mama and I use for that show.

5. Your mama is also doomed to disappear, you idiot cannot even spell the words right

6. My Rachel is now 12 and I do worry and get scared and there have been many major scares and trips to the ER and last year well I just was in mama bear mode most of the year as we dealt with bullying.

7. I called my mama, he says above the rain, asked if I could use her place since she had the room.

8. "Everybody and their mama is doing a documentary on Obama," he said during an interview for his new Sundance film "The Passing Strange."

9. Your mama is still feeding the baby sister that same banana because her bites are so dumb and small, but at least now she has a wipe out for all the spit and goo.

10. A good lesson will teach begining to high level skills all at the same time, keeping all kids engaged. dolphin mama

11. I bet it was somebody's school bag, she says, and you wonder if your mama is just lying to make you shut your mouth, or if she really wasn't worried on the train.

12. How do you access the shelves in the stairwell? andy on 09 Mar 2009 at 9: 15 pm # hahaha – push mama from the front porch

13. ‘And he meets some other kids, and those kids have two mamas or two papas.’

14. ‘The mamas and papas did not have to just watch their children have all the fun.’

15. ‘James Gandolfini plays Tom, the father of the household, and Catherine O'Hara is Christine, the mama to Tom's papa.’

16. ‘Ever homebound I dashed; I only wanted to hear the praise of my mama and papa.’

17. ‘I live in Chile, South America, with my mama, papa.’

18. ‘I couldn't believe that my mama and papa, so brave, were scared of a man I didn't know anything about.’

19. ‘She would be strong for her mama, and her papa, who stood unmoving now.’

20. ‘I took no time to open it and when I did I looked to my mamma, then papa, then Johnnie, Cody and Angel.’

21. ‘My mama died when I was born and my papa died a few years ago.’

22. ‘My papa was walking to the midwife to get my mama's painkillers, because she was pregnant and was very sore.’

23. ‘I'm sure both mama and Papa will be very proud of you, Fenius.’

24. ‘Papa and mama were running around doing and getting things for Lise, and Lise was bandaging Lars' arms.’

25. ‘I found mama sitting next to Papa's bed and Jeanette listening to the radio.’

26. ‘When we reached our cart, Papa and mama were saying goodbye and trying to get everything loaded in.’

27. ‘I decided to fix a big pot of my mama's homemade kitchen sink soup.’

28. ‘He does seem to be very, very attracted to tall, long-stemmed blondes, not unlike his pretty mama.’

29. ‘When my mom died, I got my mama's glasses, and they're very, very precious to me.’

30. ‘She's not, you know, weaned from her mama yet, and she's not even eating food yet.’

31. ‘I fought back the tears to be strong for my mama, but could barely hold it in.’

32. ‘I thought it would make their mama happy, laying there beside of them, to watch us play.’

33. ‘Sorry, would-be martyrs, we do not censor your favorite sites from comments, unless you're into mature mamas or something.’

34. ‘Formidable mammas kept a watch out for grooms with purses (over personality).’

35. ‘We have been devouring cakes baked by young ladies and old mamas.’

36. ‘Escape urban gridlock in West Virginia, where country roads and mountain mamas are only a fraction of the attraction’

37. I want my mama!

Other users have misspelling mama as:

1. maama 5.33%

2. mamu 4.23%

3. mamo 2.85%

4. mma 2.67%

5. Other 84.92%

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