Definition of 'easier'


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1. comparative form of easy: more easy


1. He wished the Citadel was easier to read, easier to understand.

2. The Lord Defender was predictable, and much easier to read than the enigmatic commander of Defender Intelligence.

3. The error then being so common in practice, of believing that Christ came to gain for us easier terms of admittance into heaven than we had before (whereas, in fact, instead of making obedience less strict, He has enabled us to obey God more strictly, and instead of gaining _easier_ terms of _admittance_, He has gained us

4. While the top-seeded Nadal's exit, and those of No. 3 Andy Murray and No. 4 Novak Djokovic, made Federer's path to the title easier, the pressure to finally win at Roland Garros has increased, too.

5. I could see someone discussing the book and recalling the title easier whereas I could see the contrary with the vampire eye cover.

6. I don't know if the word "easier" is the right one to use.

7. Companies who can provide this type of good in easier to obtain formats have an opportunity to build new businesses.

8. The only thing that has gotten easier is making the decision.

9. A society must emphasize self-perpetuation and making parenting easier is a necessary and laudable goal.

10. You'll find that the skin comes off so much easier from a warm carcass than a cold one and the sooner the meat of any animal cools the better it will taste.

11. Making that easier is always good for the working class.

12. I find it a lot easier from the point of view of characters that have a different default themselves — but generally these are characters to whom any hair color other than black (or grey) is deeply weird, so I have a lot of trouble figuring out how to avoid the hair-color-fetish. nkjemisin

13. it was an easier problem than I expected

Other users have misspelling easier as:

1. easer 23.16%

2. eaiser 3.81%

3. eser 3.73%

4. esier 1.74%

5. easyier 1.43%

6. Other 66.13%

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