Definition of 'neighbor'


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1. A person, place, or thing adjacent to or located near another.

2. One who lives near or next to another.

3. A fellow human.

4. Used as a form of familiar address.

5. One entitled to, or exhibiting, neighborly kindness; hence, one of the human race; a fellow being.

6. A person who lives near another; one whose abode is not far off.

7. One who is near in sympathy or confidence.

8. A person in relation to his fellow-men, regarded as having social and moral duties toward them.

9. One who lives on friendly terms with another: often used as a familiar term of address: as, neighbor Jones.

10. One who stands or sits near another; one in close proximity.

11. One who lives near another; one who forms part of a circumscribed community; a person in relation to those who dwell near him, in the houses adjacent, or, by extension, in the same village or town.

12. An intimate; a confidant.

13. Situated or living near another.

14. Near to another; adjoining; adjacent; next; neighboring.

15. US Alternative spelling of neighbour.

16. To live or be situated close by.

17. To lie close to or border directly on.

18. obsolete To dwell in the vicinity; to be a neighbor, or in the neighborhood; to be near.

19. obsolete To associate intimately with.

20. To adjoin; to border on; to be near to.


1. The neighbor, Maggie Forrest, was involved in a television discussion about domestic violence.

2. It was something for which he could never forgive them, -especially the lehen auzo, the'first neighbor '.

3. The presence of a neighbor 's pickup wasn't particularly unusual.

4. The place across the street was hit, next door was hit, another neighbor has a full time watchman and my only other neighbor is a B & B and there are always enough people there to scare off the burglars. jerezano

5. Spain still has a King and my neighbor is a Baron. 3 people live in a giant palacio in the heart of the city.

6. Bearing false witness against your neighbor is a big sin.

7. ‘We did speak with one of his next-door neighbours who claims to be a family friend as well who kind of defended the doctors.’

8. ‘But I'd sometimes go to the next-door neighbours who had a cow called Buttercup.’

9. ‘Most Australians don't know their next-door neighbours or care what becomes of them.’

10. ‘Perhaps it's even arguable whether their next door neighbours should.’

11. ‘Living next to nightmare neighbours can turn your life upside down.’

12. ‘You can tell that you've got scumbags for neighbours when the people next door fulfil the following criteria.’

13. ‘The next door neighbours are setting off their fireworks as I type this.’

14. ‘Their next door neighbours, also a squatting family, were evicted a few days later.’

15. ‘He woke his younger sister and brother and got them and their mum out of the house before rousing the next door neighbours.’

16. ‘Don't dogs realise that the next-door neighbours provide their lawns for this purpose?’

17. ‘The neighbours living directly next door would play loud music and party into the early hours of the morning.’

18. ‘A mere six weeks later I was told my next door neighbours wanted to add an extension to the front of their house.’

19. ‘My next door neighbours argue passionately, ferociously and with much slamming of doors.’

20. ‘Next door, her neighbours have decided to sell their apartment and move out of the city altogether.’

21. ‘A fireman raced to the aid of his new next door neighbours after they spotted smoke.’

22. ‘Just before four our next door neighbours started up the car engine, revved it and kept it running.’

23. ‘When she was nearly 80, my dear old mum would skip down the garden, jump on to a bench and hop over the wall to check on her next-door neighbour.’

24. ‘All of this is told in the aggrieved, obsessed, slightly compassionate tone of a next-door neighbour.’

25. ‘We have a neighbour next door and I just want her to read this rant.’

26. ‘There is lots of petty theft and my neighbour next door was burgled.’

27. ‘It had good relations with its neighbors and other countries, and the people were largely contented.’

28. ‘Maintaining friendly relations with neighbours and calm within the country are the big tasks ahead.’

29. ‘It is good politics for any country to have friendly relations with its neighbours.’

30. ‘The future of our country depends on the level of relations with our neighbors.’

31. ‘That is the only choice for Japan to take in order to win back trust from its Asian neighbors and expand relations with them a step further.’

32. ‘Equally important for the new president will be forging stronger relations with Korea's neighbors.’

33. ‘Each frame is rotated by three degrees in relation to its neighbour and is slightly different in height.’

34. ‘The game in each plant changed from making improvements to making the plant look good in relation to its neighbors.’

35. ‘The visit aggravated Japan's already strained relations with its Asian neighbors.’

36. ‘Australia has refused to apologize, creating strained relations with its northern neighbor.’

37. ‘Given your recent history, do you see a future of economic relations with your enormous neighbor?’

38. ‘There are many other areas of international relations with our Asian neighbours that we also need to get right.’

39. ‘A new government in Iraq raises questions about its relationship to its neighbors.’

40. ‘Proponents say the deal makes sense given America's unique relationship with its southern neighbor.’

41. ‘And Matthew said most important of all, is love, love thy neighbor as thyself.’

42. ‘What Jesus does say repeatedly is to love thy neighbor as thyself.’

43. ‘To love thy neighbour as thyself is also a common teaching to many religions.’

44. ‘If only we kept the commandment, ‘thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,’ but God forgive us for the way we keep it.’

45. ‘Love thy neighbor as one loves thyself is still good advice.’

46. ‘Humanism promoted the spirit of oneness, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’.’

47. ‘Even in the Commandments, it says to love thy neighbor as thyself, not to love thy neighbor more than thyself.’

48. ‘We are trying to realize the core essence of Judaism: to love thy neighbor as thy self.’

49. ‘The New Testament injunctions to turn the other cheek and love thy neighbour were a great advance in civilisation.’

50. ‘Jesus preached love thy neighbour and told people not to take an eye for an eye.’

51. ‘I mean, these aren't people that are going to turn around and love thy neighbor tomorrow.’

52. ‘Also the things that religion teaches us: love thy neighbour, do not kill and so on, are just ignored.’

53. ‘It went totally against Jesus' commandment love thy neighbour as much as yourself.’

54. ‘All we can do is, to do right and love thy neighbor.’

55. ‘The Bible teaches us to love thy neighbor and advocates social responsibility.’

56. ‘How can one turn the other cheek and love thy neighbor at the same time you are being urged to conquer by the sign of the cross?’

57. ‘He believed more in loving thy neighbour than defending his country.’

58. ‘I'm hoping, however, that it's less of a sin to covet thy neighbor's minivan.’

59. ‘I always thought IX was something about not bearing false witness against thy neighbor.’

60. ‘To thy neighbours owest thou thine heart, thine self, and all that thy hast and can do.’

61. ‘Our soldiers are sent to the south to patrol an area neighboring Chechnya.’

62. ‘The region neighboring the telomeres also appears to be rich in duplicated regions.’

63. ‘The site is in an area neighboring a residential part of the city, north of Harbin.’

64. ‘Ron and Ken are first cousins who grew up on neighboring farms near Harlan in western Iowa.’

65. ‘A jukebox stood near the end of the bar, neighboured by a golf machine.’

66. ‘Some of the refugees have fled to nearby islands in neighboring provinces.’

67. ‘It has pressured neighboring countries to shut down their casinos at the border.’

68. ‘Petrus and Sandra decided to elope, leaving for neighbouring Swaziland to get married.’

69. ‘Even in Europe, pensions are uprated in France but not in neighbouring Andorra or Monaco.’

70. ‘Anyone planning a firework display in a rural area should warn neighbouring farmers in advance.’

71. ‘Residents from four neighbouring houses spent a night away from their homes as the house was sealed off.’

72. ‘The dead included six from neighbouring Afghanistan and two Pakistani children.’

73. ‘Parades run over several weekends, so as not to clash with other parades in neighbouring areas.’

74. ‘When he runs out of his own trees, he will buy in supplies from neighbouring estates.’

75. ‘He heard an elderly woman and a child were among residents in neighbouring flats when the fire started.’

76. ‘Isn't it great to be on a par with neighbouring towns with the place full of life and lights.’

77. ‘One has already been set up in neighbouring Castle Road which suffered from the same problems.’

78. ‘The store and neighbouring areas were blocked off but no bombs were found on the site.’

79. ‘He urged the needy to visit offices in neighbouring areas to see if they could be helped.’

80. My neighbor is my best friend

Other users have misspelling neighbor as:

1. nabor 5.59%

2. naighbor 5.37%

3. nieghbor 3.8%

4. naybur 3.13%

5. neibor 3.13%

6. neighbo 3.13%

7. neibour 2.68%

8. neightbour 2.24%

9. Other 70.93%

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