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1. a town in northwest California on an arm of the Pacific Ocean

2. an alloy of copper and nickel with high electrical resistance and a low temperature coefficient; used as resistance wire

3. The exclamation attributed to Archimedes, who is said to have cried out “Eureka! eureka!” (I have found it! I have found it!), upon suddenly discovering a method of finding out how much the gold of King Hiero's crown had been alloyed. Hence, an expression of triumph concerning a discovery.

4. Literally, I have found (it): the reputed exclamation of Archimedes when, after long study, he discovered a method of detecting the amount of alloy in King Hiero's crown (see crown problem, under crown); hence, an exclamation of triumph at a discovery or supposed discovery.

5. An exclamation indicating sudden discovery.

6. Used to express triumph upon finding or discovering something.


1. Was there a eureka moment for you making the album?

2. Then the town council had a eureka moment and adopted it as policy.

3. His eureka moment came during a dinner party.

4. Then he had a eureka moment.

5. Their eureka moment came when they thought of putting the medical data alongside figures showing the extent of economic inequality within each country.

6. Sometimes, their eureka moment can come about through pure chance.

7. It's been a series of little eureka moments.

8. For me, that was the eureka moment.

9. That news should have provoked a eureka moment: so this is why women are so ill represented in public life.

10. I didn't pray a prayer or walk an aisle or have a eureka moment.

11. You've had the eureka moment... now what?

12. Sure enough, her eureka moment became the cornerstone of a billion-dollar project.

13. My eureka moment is perfectly natural, Angel says.

14. As a work of art, it appears disarmingly simple, but then so many eureka moments do.

15. And, as so often in life, the eureka moment came via the medium of celebrity anecdote.

16. The government's third eureka moment was the idea of buying empty city-centre property and turning it into social housing.

17. My very own eureka moment came, one recent morning, in the shape of a pillow being hurled full speed towards my head.

18. I had my eureka moment on this subject recently, on an idyllic desert island in the Maldives.

19. Barring a eureka moment, I predict the message will be to settle in for a long slog.

20. ‘There's nothing like the eureka moment of discovering something that no one knew before.’

21. ‘The samples were also chemically analyzed, and - eureka!’

22. ‘A few minutes later, as his story goes, he glanced at his full bookshelf and eureka!’

23. ‘How many of you have read a blog that: crystallises lots of thoughts and questions and uneases that have been whirling round in your head, makes you think eureka!’

24. ‘So I decided to visit the Imperial War Museum and was invited into the private reading room to research the books and, eureka!’

25. ‘His suggestive techniques had begun to dethaw items that were permafrozen in my subconscious; a few such items bubbled up to the surface - eureka moments - much to my astonishment.’

26. ‘I don't know that there will have been a eureka moment for string theory in the same way, so that there will be a specific time, but it could well be that some of the ideas of string theory.’

27. ‘Well, I had what they call a eureka moment at that time.’

28. ‘The technology made for some interesting eureka moments.’

29. ‘Then one day you have a eureka moment: two facts connect themselves in your mind in some way you've never thought of before.’

30. ‘I've always thought that people can achieve eureka moments by doodling.’

31. ‘It looks like the place to nail down a place in the social network where resource sharing and eureka moments follow.’

32. ‘Robert discovers what happens when we have those eureka moments of original thought - and how to have more of them.’

33. ‘That's handy because you never know when you'll be struck by a eureka moment.’

34. ‘While trying to put myself into her frame of mind, a sudden and unprovoked eureka moment came over me.’

35. ‘I can immediately apply many of these eureka moments to my practise as a new media lecturer.’

36. ‘As students began to understand the historical process and utilize it, questions were reflected in their eyes or discomfort in their body language and then, eureka!’

37. ‘The novel thus can be alternately vague and eureka!’

38. ‘As he claimed descent from kings, the priesthood, under the threat of being put to the sword, no doubt, confirmed his rights to the throne of Persia, and eureka!’

39. ‘‘I think the eureka moment is a bit of a myth,’ he said.’

40. "eureka! I found it!"

Other users have misspelling eureka as:

1. reka 8.25%

2. ireku 2.91%

3. areka 1.94%

4. Other 86.9%

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