Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

Other users have misspelling eureka as:

pie chart
  1. reka 8.25%
  2. ireku 2.91%
  3. areka 1.94%
  4. Other 86.9%

Definitions of eureka


  1. an alloy of copper and nickel with high electrical resistance and a low temperature coefficient; used as resistance wire
  2. a town in northwest California on an arm of the Pacific Ocean

Examples of eureka

  1. As he claimed descent from kings, the priesthood, under the threat of being put to the sword, no doubt, confirmed his rights to the throne of Persia, and eureka!
  2. The samples were also chemically analyzed, and - eureka!
  3. It also reduced anginal episodes by a mean of one attack per week, according to Eurekalert.

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