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Other users have misspelling benefiting as:

pie chart
  1. benifiting 27.27%
  2. benefititng 4.55%
  3. benfitng 4.55%
  4. Other 63.63%

Definitions of benefiting


  1. be beneficial for
  2. derive a benefit from


  1. a performance to raise money for a charitable cause
  2. financial assistance in time of need
  3. something that aids or promotes well-being

Examples of benefiting

  1. The play is a little overlong and would benefit from cuts, but each scene is interesting and changes are smoothly executed.
  2. He did not seem overcome with pleasure at the idea of Philippa's visit, and she felt a little disappointed, but she had been interested in his talk; and as she went back to the house with Miss Mervyn, her mind was so full of it, that she felt obliged to tell her all about Tuvvy and Dennis, and her own plans for Becky's benefit.
  3. But even these alienated loners can benefit from this book: See the section on astral love.

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