Definition of 'benefiting'


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1. The cost and environmental benefits this brings to us are really important.

2. The company is already seeing the benefits of its investment.

3. This is not said with the benefit of hindsight.

4. Asylum may be a moral duty, but there is also a strong economic benefit and cultural advantage to immigration.

5. I expect to see it win prizes and want lots of people to read it and feel the benefits in their hearts and minds.

6. The city centres are clearly worthwhile for ISPs, while at the other end of the spectrum remote rural areas may benefit from government funding.

7. The unions want benefits, insurance and compensation for loss of income in the rainy season, when the mine becomes too dangerous and is shut down.

8. We look at how you can make sure your family benefits from lower inflation.

9. You can only feel the benefits from that.

10. Yet much of the money conveys little benefit to the intended recipient.

11. We hope that we will all somehow see a benefit from the result.

12. You hardly need the benefit of hindsight to discern the colossal inadequacy of this kind of reasoning.

13. They told me that my education benefited them.

14. Other benefits include medical insurance and an employee discount.

15. Most households would probably prefer to take the benefit in the form of lower bills.

16. The move comes amid a general government crackdown on benefit fraud.

17. Other businesses are hoping they might actually be able to benefit from a downturn.

18. Peace played in a band that did benefit gigs.

19. Foxes would also benefit from the removal of a fiercer and stronger competitor with the same diet.

20. You also get a good benefit package and a company car.

21. Each tweak is aimed at giving the attacking team the advantage and benefit of the doubt.

22. You can get similar benefits from yogurt with live cultures.

23. This has been of particular benefit to women with families.

24. You need two glasses a day to reap this benefit.

25. Motorists in rural areas may have to wait ten days to benefit.

26. Your adoption comes with many great benefits that last throughout the year.

27. The heavyweights of Hollywood are filming public service announcements and organizing benefit concerts.

28. Immigration can bring enormous benefits to Britain.

29. This goes to pay off the loan taken out by the member, so he receives no benefit.

30. They see no conflict in benefiting from the medicine and inventions but actually oppose ANY exchange with intellectuals or scientists as dangerous.

31. Metropolitan Washington is benefiting from the expanding federal government, whose demand for more space in commercial buildings is helping to boost prices.

32. Some pollsters and party officials say Democratic candidates in California are benefiting from a surge in enthusiasm among young voters eager to back Proposition 19, which would legalize marijuana in certain quantities and permit local governments to regulate and tax it.

33. These companies are no longer benefiting from the rebuilding in business inventories that drove growth earlier in the year, but appear to be expanding nonetheless.

34. If the reform stuck to a market-based insurance system - so went the reasoning - access could be within reach of more people without causing disruptions to those benefiting from the status quo.

35. Meanwhile, judges, many of whom used to work at the firms now benefiting from the bankruptcy boom, were also reluctant to challenge the status quo.

36. he benefitted from her vast experience

Other users have misspelling benefiting as:

1. benifiting 27.27%

2. benefititng 4.55%

3. benfitng 4.55%

4. Other 63.63%

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