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Other users have misspelling unfortunately as:

pie chart
  1. unfortunatly 18.29%
  2. unfortunetly 4.97%
  3. unfortunatley 4.77%
  4. unfortunatelly 3.68%
  5. unforunately 2.83%
  6. unfortuantely 2.58%
  7. unfortunaly 2.39%
  8. unfortunally 2.24%
  9. unfortunely 1.74%
  10. Other 56.51%

Definitions of unfortunately


  1. by bad luck

Examples of unfortunately

  1. Unfortunately she has to work and then has class after work which is a bit of a bummer.
  2. Unfortunately, she was also one of those women born to be adored by men.
  3. The foreign birds, most of these parrots and cockatoos, unfortunately need to be kept in cages.

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