Definition of 'unfortunately'


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1. Happening through bad luck, or because of some unfortunate event.


1. A few pointed questions were asked, unfortunately, of the wrong people.

2. It was a routine which, unfortunately for Leary, had not gone unnoticed.

3. I hoped we could take our talks further, but unfortunately Juan was detained on business.

4. The term unfortunately has been hijacked by those enamored with the so called trendier parts of Eastern religions and new age movements.

5. The title unfortunately evokes its predecessor, a 1978 "Star Wars" clone that presented humanity fleeing through space, pursued by robots with the same blinking red LEDs that was later adopted by the talking car in “Knight Rider.”

6. I don't even know the title unfortunately and since I can't find any mention of it anywhere on the net I fear it may have been an unauthorized bio.

7. They make up (a term unfortunately suggestive of transformation) hundreds of beds; they have equipages and 'night chamberlains;' '_On y parle français_;' '_Man spricht Deutsch_.'

8. This, unfortunately, is a human condition we are now finally becoming keenly “aware” of.

9. Public transit, unfortunately, is not a viable option for a large swath of Americans (though there are some who refuse to consider it, even if it is a good option).

10. The problem, unfortunately, is that especially for the gringo community, information resources are extremely limited.

11. Difficult in this practical time to find a sincere husband like Wally & a lover wife like Fae, they are a romantic couple disappeared unfortunately from the youth generation, except few young people.

12. ‘The most negative aspect of the city was, unfortunately, the venue we performed in.’

13. ‘Rather unfortunately, she'd come in a pair with the older sis, so it was inevitable.’

14. ‘Very unfortunately, there was but one two seater table at the side of this lady.’

15. ‘If four of the above signs sounded familiar, unfortunately you may have a problem.’

16. ‘She is eager for us to come to a choral performance this afternoon but unfortunately we must be on our way.’

17. ‘He threw up his shot, it hit the rim but unfortunately trickled off to the side.’

18. ‘All rested then in the hands of the judges who, unfortunately did not judge to our advantage.’

19. ‘The team gave a powerful performance but were unfortunately beaten in the end by Galway.’

20. ‘I suspect there is cheese in it, but unfortunately the chef did not reveal his secrets to me.’

21. ‘As much as you want to help her, unfortunately, your friend has to want to receive your help.’

22. ‘Yes they did get us to Dublin later, but unfortunately too late for my connections.’

23. ‘She said she would keep an eye on him, but unfortunately it didn't stop him from doing it again.’

24. ‘But unfortunately she and her husband did not think it possible, so they decided to leave.’

25. ‘Leeches were seen as the best option for saving it but unfortunately none were available.’

26. ‘The decision that they come to is a hard one and unfortunately it is one of those things that a person never truly recovers from.’

27. ‘Money is, unfortunately, rather tight, and at least staying in doesn't cost anything.’

28. ‘I guess it's just the hand we've been dealt and unfortunately we just have to play it out.’

29. ‘Well unfortunately this is a fact of life both in business and politics.’

30. ‘The director unfortunately was not so amused and tension was in the air.’

31. ‘Most of them appreciate it but unfortunately a small minority seem determined to spoil things for the rest.’

32. unfortunately it rained all day

Other users have misspelling unfortunately as:

1. unfortunatly 18.29%

2. unfortunetly 4.97%

3. unfortunatley 4.77%

4. unfortunatelly 3.68%

5. unforunately 2.83%

6. unfortuantely 2.58%

7. unfortunaly 2.39%

8. unfortunally 2.24%

9. unfortunely 1.74%

10. Other 56.51%

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