Definition of 'glamorous'


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1. archaic Being associated with one or more glamours.

2. Having glamour; stylish.

3. Full of or characterized by glamour.

4. having an air of allure, romance and excitement


1. They acknowledge that this is not always the easiest or quickest or most glamorous way to do science.

2. It's harder and much less glamorous to expose their claims as lies.

3. It's flattering, glamorous and something to hide beneath.

4. Your new love has a glamorous lifestyle.

5. There are very glamorous people out there.

6. The end of the affair was somewhat less glamorous.

7. THERE'S something glamorous about being a sniper.

8. Getting up early and having the world to yourself is the cheapest way to feel glamorous.

9. The techniques here are not exciting and glamorous.

10. His early life was glamorous beyond belief.

11. Shared success leads to a glamorous lifestyle but trust keeps it strong.

12. Or the way that many people invent glamorous exes to boost their own cachet.

13. The battle to balance her books was far less glamorous.

14. It does seem crazy not to go glamorous and wear something amazing.

15. Can there be a more glamorous way to face our mortality?

16. Not because being a minister is easy or exciting or glamorous.

17. And they refuse to let little mishaps spoil their glamorous lifestyle.

18. How glamorous people are varies hugely as well.

19. Increasingly the rustic retreat is being eschewed for something more glamorous but still in the country.

20. Very beautiful and glamorous and all that, but she got a bit green after she married.

21. My mum was extremely glamorous, beautiful and very into style and fashion.

22. He runs with a crowd of glamorous, beautiful and famous people.

23. Sitting with him, it struck me this is not work at the glamorous end of life.

24. It was destined to collapse, but it went in such a glamorous way.

25. Also, his point about how the media only focuses on certain "glamorous" stories, not how they later get disproven, or even about the slower progress in the field, is true and frustrating.

26. After dinner at one of these joints, I imagined retreating to my space-age bachelorette pad at the Kon-Tiki apartments, lit nightly in glamorous red and blue to accent the banana-plant-and-wooden-canoe decor.

27. The Dior scandal came a week after Vogue's profile of Syria's first lady, who is described as glamorous, young, and very chic -- "a rose in the desert."

28. Songstress Taylor Swift never met a sparkle she didn't like -- her red carpet looks are 100 percent glitter and glitz, from sequined dresses in glamorous chiffon to chandelier earrings to peep-toe shoes in silver and gold.

29. The Dior scandal came a week after Vogue's profile of Syria's first lady, who is described as glamorous, young and very chic - "a rose in the desert."

30. Rarely do we think of those working in glamorous professions in which the highest earners can make tens of thousands of dollars a day.

31. Songstress Taylor Swift never met a sparkle she didn't like -- her red carpet looks are 100 percent glitter and glitz, from sequined dresses in glamorous chiffon ...

32. Performing a whimsical mix of popular German chansons and original compositions alongside Cuban rumbas, cheery foxtrots, elegant tangos and covers of modern pop songs, Palast has earned rave reviews and standing ovations in glamorous concert halls across the globe.

33. ‘It came as a shock to learn that they were not these glamorous, mysterious creatures but that they had feet of clay.’

34. ‘The glamorous showbiz star has a huge cocaine addiction and it was starting to affect her work’

35. ‘I was wondering how I could make my hair look as glamorous.’

36. ‘My local station was 100 years old this year, and is rather less glamorous.’

37. ‘The acclaim was richly deserved, but things were less glamorous from her point of view.’

38. ‘Although it was less glamorous, it was still very comfortable.’

39. ‘None of this will make vaccines as glamorous - or as profitable - as drugs.’

40. ‘All those beautiful women will make swimming seem more glamorous to the rest of the world.’

41. ‘Styling may sound very glamorous, but it's not all it seems.’

42. ‘He is actually playing the part of a giant doughnut, which doesn't sound very glamorous to us.’

43. ‘Her schoolgirl French sounded very glamorous to me.’

44. ‘Both fields look so glamorous from outside but it's so tough out there.’

45. ‘So how does she find the time to look so glamorous?’

46. ‘From a business point of view, these are not the most glamorous companies.’

47. ‘The whole place is impossibly glamorous and the wealth on display is something else.’

48. ‘The media focus as much on his glamorous lifestyle as on his flourishing business.’

49. ‘But for me, its certainly not the money and its not the glamorous lifestyle.’

50. ‘Remember when the thought of mobile phone at the pool seemed glamorous?’

51. ‘I did my hair every day, and felt almost glamorous at times.’

52. ‘But the whole point is, I wanted the devil to be glamorous.’

53. glamorous movie stars

Other users have misspelling glamorous as:

1. glamerous 4.05%

2. glamarous 3.38%

3. Other 92.57%

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