Definition of 'scrumptious'


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1. Delicious; delectable

2. Greatly pleasing to the taste; delectable. synonym: delicious.

3. Slang Nice; particular; fastidious; excellent; fine.


1. From breakfast until dinner, hawkers sell an infinite variety of some of the world's most scrumptious snacks.

2. Not only would I not have even known what a scone was had he not made some for me, but I have got no place using the word scrumptious in every day conversations.

3. Amyless - scrumptious is definitely the word I would use to describe Zach:) We have had a a little Zach teaser before now, haven't we?

4. Is it just me or I just didn’t know that the bishie goddess from scrumptious is actually Filipino; biankita is also one; and also you hazy?!?!

5. For those of you who've never had pumpkin butter before, you're pretty much guaranteed to love it... unless you don't go for things that are completely scrumptious, that is.

6. Le Viette can only be described as scrumptious and tasty.

7. For example, I now know the proper definition of "scrumptious," have been reminded that Ian Fleming wrote the book on which the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was based, and have learned that "Truly scrumptious" does not appear in the book, but was invented for the film.

8. He and my mother really hit it off, and when they were comparing reading taste, he charmed her by pronouncing Barth's prose "scrumptious".

9. Whit, our self-described "scrumptious" seminarian in Ohio, needs a lead on finding himself a trench coat for under $100.

10. I'm never gonna live that 'scrumptious' comment down, am I?

11. ‘Instead of celebrating this joyous time of the year with scrumptious food, sweets and gifts, they remain in their shacks, treating it like just another day.’

12. ‘It consisted of an excellent party with the most scrumptious food, fruit and minerals, tea and all sorts of goodies served.’

13. ‘You can never go wrong by serving chocolate chip cookies - they work as well in a scrumptious dessert with ice cream as a school lunchbox.’

14. ‘A sight of a scrumptious slice of cake or temptation-laced chocolate is enough to veer away the most enthusiastic fitness freak.’

15. ‘Head chef Craig Rushworth has conjured up a menu full of scrumptious food that is almost impossible to choose from.’

16. ‘The Buttery in Glasgow will be especially missed - all warm glows and scrumptious food.’

17. ‘Combine kiwis in a fruit salad with scrumptious strawberries (which were reputed to contain a love potion by medieval gardeners) and see what happens!’

18. ‘They eat the pasta noodles with scrumptious apples, oranges, and chopped carrots.’

19. ‘Hope always seems to spring eternal in this perfectly-sized college town, which boasts great weather, lively music and scrumptious food.’

20. ‘Katrina had already dug her way through the table and was lavishly plundering the scrumptious food before us.’

21. ‘The food was scrumptious and the band, Highway 66, created the party mood.’

22. ‘The class was fun, the people were great, and the food was scrumptious.’

23. ‘All of these scrumptious dishes are low fat, protein-rich versions of high-fat comfort foods, so go ahead and indulge without guilt!’

24. ‘The steak and kidney pie, an old-time scrumptious dish which has not lost its popularity, is there along with the Lamb Cutlets Reform.’

25. ‘It was a wonderful space to explode into music and the food was scrumptious; good winter food.’

26. ‘Around 35 children from four to 11 years of age participated in making scrumptious cheese pizzas and learning how to eat them using cutlery.’

27. ‘As we prepared to leave, the waitress brought what looked like a scrumptious strawberry cheesecake to another couple next to us.’

28. ‘Both vegetarian and non vegetarian pizzas are absolutely scrumptious.’

29. ‘Refuelling at lunchtime consisted of rounds of scrumptious sandwiches and cake, with tea and coffee on tap.’

30. ‘Today, though, we had Sunday lunch at the hotel in the village, and I had the most scrumptious pasta dish.’

31. ‘And, of course, there is Carol Vorderman who doesn't look bad from any angle, but lying on a sofa in a tight Donna Karan outfit and spiked boots she is positively scrumptious.’

32. ‘You gotta give it to Will Smith - he knows how to make a summer blockbuster… and he's just scrumptious in that nude shower scene.’

33. ‘In downtown black, by turns diffident, mischievous, impulsive, even arrogant, she's scrumptious, and the sheep aren't.’

34. the dessert was scrumptious

Other users have misspelling scrumptious as:

1. scrumptioun 21.05%

2. scrumshios 5.26%

3. sctumptious 5.26%

4. scroumpsious 5.26%

5. scrumshiss 5.26%

6. Other 57.91%

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