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Other users have misspelling scrumptious as:

pie chart
  1. scrumptioun 21.05%
  2. scrumshios 5.26%
  3. sctumptious 5.26%
  4. scroumpsious 5.26%
  5. scrumshiss 5.26%
  6. Other 57.91%

Definitions of scrumptious


  1. extremely pleasing to the sense of taste

Examples of scrumptious

  1. All of these scrumptious dishes are low fat, protein-rich versions of high-fat comfort foods, so go ahead and indulge without guilt!
  2. For example, I now know the proper definition of "scrumptious," have been reminded that Ian Fleming wrote the book on which the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was based, and have learned that "Truly Scrumptious" does not appear in the book, but was invented for the film.
  3. The steak and kidney pie, an old-time scrumptious dish which has not lost its popularity, is there along with the Lamb Cutlets Reform.

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