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1. A bag containing the lifting gas of a balloon or airship; fabric that encloses the gas-bags of an airship.

2. geometry A mathematical curve, surface, or higher-dimensional object that is the tangent to a given family of lines, curves, surfaces, or higher-dimensional objects.

3. An earthwork in the form of a single parapet or a small rampart, sometimes raised in the ditch and sometimes beyond it.

4. Something that envelops; a wrapping

5. The nebulous covering of the head or nucleus of a comet; a coma.

6. music The shape of a sound, which may be controlled by a synthesizer or sampler.

7. engineering The set of limitations within which a technological system can perform safely and effectively.

8. computing The information used for routing an email that is transmitted with the email but not part of its contents.

9. electronics A curve that bounds another curve or set of curves, as the modulation envelope of an amplitude-modulated carrier wave in electronics.

10. biology An enclosing structure or cover, such as a membrane.

11. A paper or cardboard wrapper used to enclose small, flat items, especially letters, for mailing.

12. A flat paper container, especially for a letter, usually having a gummed flap.

13. The coma of a comet.

14. The set of limitations within which a technological system, especially an aircraft, can perform safely and effectively.

15. Something that envelops; a wrapping.

16. The bag containing the gas in a balloon or airship.

17. Biology An enclosing structure or cover, such as a membrane or the outer coat of a virus.

18. Mathematics A curve or surface that is tangent to every one of a family of curves or surfaces.

19. A usually spherical region of interstellar matter surrounding a forming star and interacting with the star's gravitational and radiation fields.

20. A set of limits for the performance capabilities of some type of machine, originally used to refer to aircraft; -- it is often described graphically as a two-dimensional graph of a function showing the maximum of one performance variable as a function of another. Now it is also used metaphorically to refer to capabilities of any system in general, including human organizations, esp. in the phrase push the envelope. It is used to refer to the maximum performance available at the current state of the technology, and therefore refers to a class of machines in general, not a specific machine.

21. (Geom.) A curve or surface which is tangent to each member of a system of curves or surfaces, the form and position of the members of the system being allowed to vary according to some continuous law. Thus, any curve is the envelope of its tangents.

22. (Fort.) A work of earth, in the form of a single parapet or of a small rampart. It is sometimes raised in the ditch and sometimes beyond it.

23. That which envelops, wraps up, encases, or surrounds; a wrapper; an inclosing cover; esp., the cover or wrapper of a document, as of a letter.

24. (Astron.) The nebulous covering of the head or nucleus of a comet; -- called also coma.

25. to increase the capability of some type of machine or system; -- usually by technological development.

26. a curve that is tangent to each of a family of curves

27. a flat (usually rectangular) container for a letter, thin package, etc.

28. the maximum operating capability of a system (especially an aircraft)

29. any wrapper or covering

30. a natural covering (as by a fluid)

31. nonstandard Alternative spelling of envelop.

32. (push the envelope) To exceed or try to exceed the existing limits of a discipline or activity.


1. On the day of my visit, one envelope contained a note found in a shed after many months.

2. He doesn't push the envelope but this is a reminder of a virtuoso musician still able to summon his considerable strengths.

3. If the envelopes contained money, he'd pocket it and throw the rest away.

4. True, they don't quite come in brown envelopes.

5. Maybe because the brown envelopes had not been handed over.

6. To this day the name of the donor remains in a sealed envelope.

7. This seems to be far more than the odd one or two envelopes getting through.

8. The envelope containing cancer and psychiatric diagnoses was returned but it had been opened.

9. Then put the old phone inside the envelope and post it.

10. Fellow drivers are increasingly finding that brown envelope dropping onto the doormat.

11. So she left a second safety plan in a sealed envelope with her neighbor.

12. No one would workshop anything and no one would push envelopes.

13. One envelope clearly contained a plastic card.

14. It appears that the couple simply failed to post the envelope for you.

15. Answer in a plain brown envelope please.

16. She held up a sealed brown envelope.

17. Applications without their five band preferences written on the outer posting envelope will be processed last.

18. And then all those claims of bribery and brown envelopes.

19. We can still push the envelope.

20. In his car were two yellow envelopes containing 250,000.

21. I have sometimes pushed the envelope too far.

22. With images of the battle behind her, she posts an envelope through the letter box of a terraced house.

23. If you accept the offer, you are sent prepaid padded envelopes to send in your CDs.

24. If you would prefer to send via an envelope in your daughter's school bag, that works too.

25. He'd sent her disturbing fan letters and envelopes of money, instructing her to buy herself a birthday present.

26. ‘They are all instant communications that are far less bother than putting pen to paper, finding an envelope, licking the flap, sticking on a stamp and popping it in a post box.’

27. ‘It is enclosed in a sealed envelope along with this letter.’

28. ‘Each letter had a small number in the corner on the backside of the letter; in the envelope was just paper, nothing else.’

29. ‘Returning envelopes containing ballot papers are also distinctively marked to aid sorting.’

30. ‘What made it worse was they had not paid enough postage for the weight of paper the envelopes contained.’

31. ‘In the latest incident, at 12.30 pm on Sunday, a 93-year-old woman had a brown envelope containing documents stolen.’

32. ‘The letters contained a smaller envelope each, with the defendant's name on three of these and a further two names on the other two.’

33. ‘The pens and pencils were in a can on the corner, a small box contained crisp white envelopes, extra paper was in a folder, and a stack of manuscripts sat on the far side of the desk.’

34. ‘Many of those in the line clutched envelopes containing documents such as birth and marriage certificates, along with photographs.’

35. ‘My boss handed me the envelope containing the necessary papers.’

36. ‘The paperwork involved is horrendous - ballot papers, witness forms, pre-paid envelopes, ballot paper envelopes and explanatory notes.’

37. ‘To maintain secrecy, the return ballot paper envelope had a detachable flap on which the voter filled in their details.’

38. ‘She was typing letters, envelopes and handwriting appointments onto paper planners that were stuffed in ragged edged file folders.’

39. ‘Residents will have until January 6 to return the ballot paper in the pre-paid envelope which will come with the letter.’

40. ‘Completed questionnaires were mailed back to the research team in self-addressed, stamped envelopes enclosed with the surveys.’

41. ‘Declined manuscripts will be returned if stamped, self-addressed envelopes are enclosed with submissions.’

42. ‘For years, the yellowing envelope and the letter it contained were kept solely for nostalgia value, despite being pressed into service as a humble bookmark.’

43. ‘Each survey was enclosed in a stamped envelope, addressed to the researcher.’

44. ‘The soldier would then enclose his ballot and the thrice-signed document in an envelope.’

45. ‘New product areas would include drawing paper, envelopes, greetings cards and stationary folders.’

46. ‘In summer the fan is reversed, cooling the building by drawing fresh air through louvres in the external envelope.’

47. ‘In addition to serving as a semipermeable layer, the envelope in cucumber, muskmelon, and other cucurbitaceous seeds is known to act as the primary barrier to radicle emergence.’

48. ‘Construction of the house commenced on-site on October 14 and the structural envelope was erected in an incredible five days.’

49. ‘Located at the outer edges of the building and formed by the external envelope, these lofts are moulded by folds that are conspicuous both inside and out.’

50. ‘Its strong external envelope, made from several distinct Titanium shells, will protect it from the dangers of a long flight in space's hostile environment.’

51. ‘‘I wanted to hint at the modern interior that's behind the historic external envelope,’ he says.’

52. ‘This provides a visually intricate envelope to the external public space and assists night-time security to the main entrance.’

53. ‘Concrete grade beams spanning between the caissons were used to accommodate external envelope conditions and elevator pits.’

54. ‘A sea-urchin egg is surrounded by a protective covering known as the vitelline envelope, which in turn is covered with a thick coat of jelly.’

55. ‘Suppose the atmosphere of our planet to be surrounded by an envelope impervious to light, with an aperture on the sunward side, through which a solar beam could enter and cross our atmosphere.’

56. ‘In this approach they have the patient stay within the envelope and only use a comfortable range of energy expenditure.’

57. ‘The laboratory blocks within the overall envelope are linked by walkways, bridges and meeting platforms.’

58. ‘The observed tide is a result of the rotation of the Earth within the envelope of the two deformations, which remain fixed in orientation relative to the Moon and Sun.’

59. ‘We checked in with the frigate, made sure her winds were within our approach envelope, and landed at 0757.’

60. ‘It was however still possible to tell the location of the nuclear envelope to within 1-2 m.’

61. ‘Then I fly the boom around to make sure it can fly within the prescribed envelope.’

62. ‘The bones of the ankles and feet also took on a paddle shape, and individual digits were closely packed within a streamlining envelope of soft tissue.’

63. ‘No one can do any work within the structural envelope of the building.’

64. ‘But it is noticeable that, even within the overall envelope of European culture, it is all too easy for despotism, of one sort or another, to become the ruling paradigm.’

65. ‘Providers know that they have to work within the envelope of resources earned by the insurance plan.’

66. ‘As you know from replacing light bulbs, there is a large, thin, frosted glass envelope in the familiar light bulb shape.’

67. ‘The other great problem of glass envelopes is their transparency not only to light, but to much of the electro-magnetic spectrum.’

68. ‘The presumption that the glass envelopes of these bulbs function as cutoff filters to remove short wavelength radiation was unsubstantiated.’

69. ‘The glass envelope gently undulates to follow the site as it moves along the riverfront; it seems to express the flow of the water.’

70. ‘They hold open the envelope as the balloon is inflated.’

71. ‘At this time of day, the world is wonderfully peaceful - just the sound of distant burners pushing hot air into the envelopes of nearby balloons and songbirds below.’

72. ‘He led a team of 12 in Glastonbury, which designed and built the balloon envelope and flight platform.’

73. ‘The team plays an important role in ensuring the balloon is prepared and filled to suit the timing of the launch and to ensure the envelope is ready for take off.’

74. ‘The insertion of the fusion peptide in the host membrane provides the necessary link between the viral envelope and the cell membrane.’

75. ‘The departing viruses therefore have an envelope that can fuse with the membranes of nearby cells, allowing the virus to enter.’

76. ‘The cell envelope of gram-positive bacteria consists of the cytoplasmic membrane and a cell wall.’

77. ‘Evidence suggesting the existence of multiple import pathways at the outer envelope membrane for different classes of precursor proteins has been presented.’

78. ‘As the infection progresses, however, each sequential form of the virus envelope increasingly escapes detection.’

79. ‘In particular he constructed the tangent plane and exhibited the surface as an envelope of planes.’

80. ‘Jacob Bernoulli also discovered a general method to determine evolutes of a curve as the envelope of its circles of curvature.’

81. ‘The idea of an envelope of a family of lines had not been mentioned either.’

82. ‘To compare the deuterium contents of the different peptides, an averaged mass was obtained by centroiding the envelope of isotopic peaks.’

83. ‘We looked at it, and it's just a sine wave, an envelope of minimum and maximum, with the width of the wave showing the time in boom vs. the time in recession.’

84. the spacecraft detected an envelope of gas around the comet

Other users have misspelling envelope as:

1. enveloppe 12.78%

2. envolpe 8.27%

3. l'enveloppe 8.27%

4. anvelope 6.02%

5. envolope 5.26%

6. evelope 4.51%

7. envlope 2.26%

8. envelpe 2.26%

9. enverlop 2.26%

10. Other 48.11%

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