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1. A thief who steals from premises.

2. One who commits burglary.

3. (Law) One guilty of the crime of burglary.

4. a device for giving alarm if a door or window is opened from without.

5. a thief who enters a building with intent to steal

6. A felonious housebreaker; especially, one who commits robbery by breaking into a house in the night. See burglary.


1. Fear hair burglars stealing it in the night and put it in a bank vault for safe keeping?

2. POLICE have tweeted a suspected serial burglar urging her to stop ignoring them.

3. She was terrified that there were burglars in the house, that it wasn't her house and that she was being kept there against her will.

4. So what is reasonable force on burglars?

5. These burglars can get pretty annoyed when they come into your house.

6. She left the camera on and he saw two burglars appear in the hallway.

7. How many coppers does it take to catch a burglar?

8. The burglars attempted to steal gold from the house.

9. That means burglars will get all they deserve.

10. Can you imagine what would happen if they put as much effort into catching burglars?

11. It can also make it harder for burglars to get away if disturbed.

12. It is as if a burglar invaded your house and you were jailed for failing to compel him to leave.

13. The burglars attempted to steal gold.

14. Yes, the cat burglars are out.

15. I suppose it makes a change from cat burglars.

16. The alleged burglars forced them to strip and bound their ankles and wrists, wrapping their heads in towels.

17. A new law protects people who use force on burglars but only if they are inside their homes.

18. A farmer was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after he accidentally shot two suspected burglars while aiming at a fox.

19. Who knows if I was faced with a burglar in my house?

20. He phoned the neighbour, only to discover that he was away, then spied two burglars running from the house.

21. The word burglar is not in the Liberian-English vernacular.

22. In the midst of a home robbery, a burglar is attacked by, and kills, the owner who appears animalistic.

23. If your burglar is a poor Mexican, you should invite him in and see what he wants.

24. But as far as zeroing in on trigger locks and passing what I call a burglar protection act where we would actually expect the American, prudent citizen to say, excuse me as you're burglarizing my house.

25. I know a capable young woman who carries with her everywhere a package of what she calls burglar's tools, in case she needs to fix her transmission en route or finds a piano in want of tuning.

26. We have taught them that even if caught, a burglar is unlikely to be locked up.

27. Butt, Seriously: A hapless, yet stylin 'burglar loses his pants during the course of his crime.

28. ‘A pioneering scheme to gate off alleys to burglars and thieves could be on its way to parts of central York.’

29. ‘Police are to target crime hotspots in the Keighley division to purge the streets of robbers and burglars.’

30. ‘Please be warned that a group or groups of burglars and thieves are in the area.’

31. ‘Robbers, burglars and drugs dealers will be first to fall under the spotlight, they said.’

32. ‘Going soft on burglars and car thieves, she added, was a slap in the face for their victims.’

33. ‘If you think you have the right to assault a burglar, the burglar himself has a right of self-defence!’

34. ‘Many burglars commit dozens, or even hundreds, of crimes before they're caught.’

35. ‘The police time now dedicated to the drug trade would be freed up to catch burglars, rapists and murderers.’

36. ‘But to the victim of burglary the motivation of the burglar may well be of secondary interest.’

37. ‘It is like making someone who has had their house burgled pay to keep the burglar in jail!’

38. ‘Instead he neglected his duty and the burglars got away with those crimes.’

39. ‘It was the second time in three months that a member of the public had foiled the habitual burglar's crimes.’

40. ‘The crime spree has led victims from across the town to lose thousands of pounds in cash after being conned by burglars.’

41. ‘Well, the two burglars got away with the jewels but not without a fight.’

42. ‘Luckily they woke up when the window shattered, so the burglars got away empty handed.’

43. ‘He said she refused to accept her son had killed his wife and still believed the couple had been murdered by burglars.’

44. ‘Two policemen, chasing a burglar on foot, left their car open and his accomplice stole it.’

45. ‘Security footage of young burglars raiding a Cotswold church is being examined by police.’

46. ‘Don't lump them in with the drug dealers and burglars deliberately cheating the state.’

47. they caught the burglar

Other users have misspelling burglar as:

1. burgular 5.88%

2. Other 94.12%

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