Definition of 'generosity'


Word Frequency
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1. uncountable the trait of being more than adequate

2. literally (uncountable) good breeding; nobility of stock

3. uncountable the trait of being willing to donate money and/or time

4. countable a generous act

5. uncountable acting generously

6. Liberality in giving or willingness to give.

7. Amplitude; abundance.

8. Kindness or magnanimity.

9. obsolete Noble birth.

10. Liberality in giving; munificence.

11. The quality of being noble; noble-mindedness.

12. the trait of being willing to give your money or time

13. A generous act.

14. Nobility; the order of nobles.

15. Liberality in act; munificence: as, the object of one's generosity.

16. The quality of being generous; magnanimity; liberality of sentiment and action; more specifically, a disposition to give liberally or to bestow favors; a quality of the heart or mind opposed to meanness or parsimony.


1. It was an electrifying event of generosity.

2. Her sincerity is obvious and her generosity is magnificent.

3. Everyone seems to think he took advantage of my generosity by sponging off me.

4. As a critic he was perhaps wrecked by his wholly unpolitic generosity.

5. ‘The couple say they have been left speechless by the kindness and generosity of friends and neighbours.’

6. ‘The generosity of friends and supporters kept them going during the bleakest periods.’

7. ‘They made many friends and were struck by the kindness, generosity and optimism of the local people.’

8. ‘We want to make sure that nobody can take advantage of our charity or our generosity.’

9. ‘Her kindness and generosity go way beyond what is expected of any human being.’

10. ‘Enjoyed by audience and participants alike, the concert showed the generosity of spirit that community music-making engenders.’

11. ‘"I was overwhelmed by the generosity of the local people, " she added.’

12. ‘Your generosity is greatly appreciated to help our web site grow!’

13. ‘They were also humbled by the generosity shown by the relatives of the victims they met.’

14. ‘Our readers have so often displayed unfailing generosity: this time, you surpassed yourself in the most amazing style.’

15. ‘Also, I am truly touched by the generosity of the general public.’

16. ‘In dealing with his fallen enemies, he displayed unprecedented generosity.’

17. ‘Due to the wonderful generosity of the parishioners, the Church has been modernised using beautiful and innovative designs.’

18. ‘Thanks to the kind generosity of the unnamed man, there was sufficient food for all.’

19. ‘The generosity of the sponsors covered the expenses including the cost of the flowers.’

20. ‘Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, overheads were kept to a minimum.’

21. ‘We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our sponsors and we thank them most profusely.’

22. ‘There isn't even a moment's coda acknowledging the generosity of his act.’

23. ‘We were truly astounded by your overwhelming generosity.’

24. ‘Now, thanks to the generosity of our donors, we're almost there.’

25. ‘The generosity was in keeping with the large portion sizes in general.’

26. his generosity was overwhelming, he offered them all that he had

Other users have misspelling generosity as:

1. genericity 9.47%

2. genorosity 5.26%

3. genoursity 4.21%

4. generoisity 3.16%

5. generiosity 2.11%

6. gnerosity 2.11%

7. Other 73.68%

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