Definition of 'alright'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. nonstandard usage

2. All right.

3. without doubt (used to reinforce an assertion)


1. She smiled at him, and said yes, she thought that would be alright.

2. She wondered if the house was alright, and if she had really checked that all the windows were properly closed.

3. Lorenzo slapped him on the thigh and told him everything would be alright, not to worry.

4. I can log in alright but everytime I go to a different page, I have to do it over each time I return to the forums.

5. Yeah you are building a mountain alright a mountain of stupidity.

6. Mail is coming in alright and so are private parcels.

7. Oh, I struggle with a lot of things -- some of which you might wonder why -- but my faith that, as Bob Marley said, "Everything's gonna be alright," is rock solid.

8. the passengers were shaken up but are alright

Other users have misspelling alright as:

1. allright 30.13%

2. alrite 8.58%

3. aright 6.07%

4. alrigth 2.93%

5. alrit 2.72%

6. alrighty 2.3%

7. al-right 1.88%

8. alrigt 1.88%

9. Other 43.51%

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