Definition of 'eraser'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. computing An overwriter program used to prevent data recovery.

2. A thing used to erase something written by chalk on a chalkboard; chalkboard eraser.

3. A thing used to erase or remove something written or drawn by a pen or a pencil.

4. One that erases, especially an implement, such as a piece of rubber or a pad of felt, used for erasing marks made by pencil or chalk.

5. One who, or that which, erases; esp., a sharp instrument or a piece of rubber used to erase writings, drawings, etc.

6. an implement used to erase something

7. One who or that which erases.


1. Usually she found fault: the eraser had been rubbed too hard, or two keys had jammed making an ugly black mark.

2. Can you rub it out with an eraser and draw another picture?

3. My skin was darkish-olive like something smeared by an eraser.

4. ‘Pencils, erasers, small plastic figurines, and other nonedible items make good trick-or-treat prizes.’

5. ‘Just fill all of the baskets with plastic spiders and erasers and combs and put them on every shelf with a different ticket value.’

6. ‘A high school drop out, Mano's passion for odd things can be traced to his school days when as an eight year old he amused his friends by inserting chalk pieces and erasers into his nostril and pulling them out through his mouth.’

7. ‘Synthetic rubber erasers are vulcanized (cooked under pressure) to cure the rubber, but vinyl erasers skip this part.’

8. ‘UNICEF has also distributed books, blackboards, pencils, erasers, pens, watercolor paint sets as well as volleyballs, skipping ropes, drums and football kits, she said.’

9. ‘It might be a good idea to frisk people for calculators, rubber erasers, and other harmful things.’

10. ‘More than 200 backpacks filled with paper, pencils, pens, erasers, calculators and other necessities were given to the children.’

11. ‘Coins, marbles, safety pins, buttons, crayon pieces, erasers, paper wads, rocks, and beads are also risks.’

12. ‘Greene provides a clear, lengthy preface describing how to prepare ten strings of the grand piano with rubber erasers and wood screws.’

13. ‘I have dim recollection of this back to school ritual: binders, pens, pencils, erasers, and paper.’

14. ‘My English notebook, along with pencils, pens, erasers and binder paper became airborne.’

15. ‘Remove the paper from the eraser; the ink will have transferred to the rubber eraser.’

16. ‘It was very tiny, about the size of a pencil eraser sliced in a tiny piece.’

17. ‘These would have prevented goods clearly compatible with military use from entering the country, but would have allowed civilian necessities like medicine and pencil erasers into Iraq.’

18. ‘The long, unsharpened pencils with no bite marks, multi-colored pens, and clean erasers somehow held the promise of achievements to come…’

19. ‘I wrote how pencils were long in September, and erasers were full.’

20. ‘Some of the items, like erasers and pencil sharpeners, shaped and coloured like fruits and vegetables, were much in demand.’

21. ‘Tuna sashimi is ‘the pale pink of pencil erasers, and the texture of whipped cream’.’

22. ‘Martin slapped both on the table and rushed off to buy pencil sharpeners and erasers.’

23. ‘Each bag contained a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, notebooks, a water bottle and torchlight.’

24. he used the eraser to erase what he had written

Other users have misspelling eraser as:

1. atrasar 8%

2. eressero 6.67%

3. Other 85.33%

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