Definition of 'easily'


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1. Without difficulty.

2. Comfortably, without discomfort or anxiety.

3. colloquial, not comparable Absolutely, without question

4. In all likelihood; well.

5. Very quickly or readily.

6. Without question; certainly.

7. In an easy manner; with ease.

8. Readily; without reluctance; willingly.

9. Without pain, anxiety, or disturbance.

10. Without shaking or jolting; commodiously.

11. With ease; without difficulty or much effort

12. Smoothly; quietly; gently; gracefully; without �umult or discord.

13. with ease (`easy' is sometimes used informally for `easily')

14. indicating high probability; in all likelihood

15. In an easy manner; with ease; without difficulty, pain, labor, anxiety, etc.; smoothly; quietly; tranquilly: as, a task easily performed; an event easily foreseen; to pass life easily; the carriage moves easily.


1. There are lots of easily accessible beaches nearby.

2. We think this could easily become a daytime classic.

3. It could all too easily happen again.

4. The night was so clear that she was seen quite easily.

5. Big ideas and actions come so easily and you can really make a difference.

6. Most importantly they are easily accessible and backed by the Treasury.

7. It glided on to my skin quickly and easily and I just used cotton wool to remove it.

8. Looking back, I still remain astounded that it all came together so quickly and easily.

9. The recognition that Illinois and Indiana may easily decide this election and the impossibility of saying which way they will go have produced intense activity.

10. Bosses today are hostages to the minuscule attention span of modern society, where fans get bored easily and often want change for change's sake.

11. Your perfect partner makes you laugh easily and often.

12. Viewers who are easily upset may wish to give the first five minutes a miss.

13. What are the natural abilities that have always come easily for you?

14. The auditorium can be quickly and easily reshaped into a concert hall.

15. This smelled of honey but could tell the oats were in easily without which some often do.

16. This means that their policies would become more easily negotiable and practical.

17. Those things can happen and can happen very easily.

18. We could have had nine points quite easily in the past week and we ended with two.

19. They are no longer certain that victory will come so easily and so soon.

20. Is there anywhere suitable that is easily accessible by train and not extremely expensive?

21. Employers will know fathers may just as easily take many months off work as mothers.

22. Friendship was important to him but it did not always come easily.

23. Potentially more quickly and easily than corporations could do.

24. It is such a gentle and unassuming comedy that it could easily have disappeared without trace.

25. This big home can so easily become two homes.

26. This happens more easily than one might think.

27. They can fit working as an escort whilst they study at university quite easily.

28. The skill comes more easily and quickly.

29. The flight or fight reaction turns on more easily and more often.

30. But that can obviously cause serious conflicts which may not be easily resolved.

31. Under the right conditions, the bastions of class were always quite easily breached.

32. ‘This keeps this information together and easily accessible with minimal effort and time.’

33. ‘She said these areas if developed and easily accessible would surpass in its attraction any known tourist spot in the state.’

34. ‘The disused railway line makes the bog and surrounding areas easily accessible from both ends.’

35. ‘Chengannur is the major nearby town, which is easily accessible by road or rail.’

36. ‘David Nestor had a goal chance in the 55th minute, but his tame effort was easily dealt with by the Derry keeper.’

37. ‘In this way an amount of roughly two thousand five hundred rupees every month can be easily collected with little effort.’

38. ‘Technology enables us to do jobs more easily, with less effort and less cost.’

39. ‘Holdsworth gets Wanderers first shot on target - a tame effort that Sullivan covers easily.’

40. ‘I only managed to win the league once with Celtic but it was an almighty effort and nothing came easily.’

41. ‘In short, enemy recruitment is easily outpacing our efforts to reduce his numbers.’

42. ‘The report states that this area could easily become cleaner with a little more effort.’

43. ‘He can ace all his courses easily and without much effort.’

44. ‘Looking back to earlier stages of my own academic career, I can easily recall difficulties of this kind in doing my own research.’

45. ‘Trust can be broken easily and takes enormous effort to rebuild.’

46. ‘How could this be when, as Ritter says, such efforts would be easily detectable by modern technology?’

47. ‘You have a strong and magnetic personality that easily faces and handles difficulties.’

48. ‘They want the issues handled fairly, speedily, transparently, and in a manner that is easily understood.’

49. ‘The irrigation pump could easily be hooked up in the same manner as a ice maker to the water system.’

50. ‘New York's transport system is geared up to get masses of people round the city quickly, cheaply and easily.’

51. ‘It is easily absorbed by the body and vital in the formation of red blood cells’

52. ‘I'm just one of that new brand of consumer - the one with a very short attention span, who bores quickly and easily.’

53. ‘Fibreglass was commonly used in public sculptures some years ago but it was found to break easily and colours faded quickly on it.’

54. ‘I blush very, very, very easily, frequently for literally no reason.’

55. ‘Figs are fairly delicate - they bruise easily and deteriorate quickly, so it's best to store them in the fridge.’

56. ‘It is also true that some children are supersensitive, easily offended, and quickly angered.’

57. ‘She was not very happy with her job - Luni got bored far too quickly and easily.’

58. ‘She probably perspires easily, especially on her head while she is sleeping.’

59. ‘This dog will scare easily and will most probably beat you to the hiding place if an intruder bursts into your home!’

60. ‘Though he enjoyed the rush of combating the enemy, his body tired of it easily.’

61. ‘Tough and righteous babe like that doesn't get hurt easily, and I obviously did hurt her.’

62. ‘The number of busts for hard drugs within the British army has doubled in two years and now easily exceeds positive tests for cannabis.’

63. ‘In modern politics style is substance, manner is meaning, and a look is easily worth a thousand words.’

64. ‘What happened there last week was easily the gravest event since the group's attack in New York.’

65. ‘These were several sentences providing significant insight into future events that could easily have been missed.’

66. ‘Events could easily overtake the proposed policies displayed in its pages.’

67. ‘Apparently, signals can easily crisscross and become confused.’

68. ‘In terms of sheer physical difficulty, this could easily rank #1 on the list.’

69. ‘But that margin could easily have been a lot more such was the manner in which he came home after the last.’

70. ‘And no doubt Intel could easily afford to waive royalties altogether with all its customers.’

71. ‘Action which did not take such doubts seriously could easily exacerbate the problems of an already volatile region.’

72. ‘With a bit more determination and commitment from certain players they could easily have won the match.’

73. ‘Such wide subjective definitions can and do easily become charters of abuse.’

74. ‘Such absolute power can easily corrupt, and it is no wonder that the feudal system in Pakistan is humanly degrading.’

75. he won easily

Other users have misspelling easily as:

1. easly 16.93%

2. easitly 16.84%

3. easely 4.77%

4. easliy 2%

5. easilly 1.39%

6. Other 58.07%

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