Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

Other users have misspelling everything as:

pie chart
  1. everthing 22.86%
  2. everyting 11.04%
  3. everythin 8.18%
  4. evrything 5.33%
  5. everythings 5.33%
  6. everithing 3.78%
  7. eveything 3.1%
  8. erything 2.62%
  9. everythi 2.37%
  10. Other 35.39%
  11. nothing 0%

Definitions of everything

  1. colloquial Many or most things.

Examples of everything

  1. Here we did everything but lift up the old-fashioned coal-burning Aga cooker, which must have weighed a couple of tons at least.
  2. I admire the inventiveness, and while not everything is a raging success, there's a lot to like.
  3. Elizabeth had doted on her, spoiled her, given her everything a little girl can want.

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