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1. Whatever pertains to the subject under consideration; all things.

2. That which is important in the highest degree: as, it will be everything to him to get this office.

3. All things, taken separately; any total or aggregate, considered with reference to its constituent parts; each separate item or particular: as, everything in the house or in the world; everything one says or does.

4. Very much; a great deal: as, he thinks everything of her.

5. literally All the things under discussion.

6. colloquial A state of well-being (from all parts of the whole).

7. colloquial Many or most things.

8. All relevant matters.

9. All things or all of a group of things.

10. The most important fact or consideration.


1. Jones evidently was as neat as his wife - his sidekick said Boris had a place for everything and everything in its place.

2. Stephen was pleased with the idea; but: 'When I've got everything settled out there,' he said.

3. Jen fumbled with shaking hands through the skinny glass shelves, knocking everything out.

4. You go on myspace and read everything, and you read all their friends, and you know * everything*. danah: Stigma.

5. I look at the screen and I see this character who is the hero of a action-comedy space opera, and I know that everything I see, *everything* I see, I see because writers and actors and directors wanted me to see this.

6. Apparently when everything around me is quiet, my brain decides to make up for the silence and think and over analyze everything…

7. She's just traded identities -- and everything else she does -- _everything_ else -- stems logically out of her delusional premise.

8. With everything (and I mean _everything_) coming into my mind for the past twenty-three years, haven't I learned enough to make decisions for myself?

9. I have lost many a thing; and when I was boasting just now that I had everything in my sack, I was guilty of exaggeration, as men of limited capacity are, in the use of the two words _everything_ and _nothing_.

10. There are plenty of women who take everything -- _everything_ -- and give nothing in return.

11. "I told him it was against my duty, sir; but he told me I must never dispute the Church, so he walked in and examined everything -- _everything_; he even opened the cupboards."

12. And then I felt so cosy and warm and safe that I told her everything -- _everything_, all about Mother Lynch and how my plans for the House of Laughter had failed at first, and then the

13. ‘It's a presentation with drama and music and then I wind everything together at the end of the night.’

14. ‘With the edges aligned, the stapler is then used to fasten everything together at the top left corner.’

15. ‘We created everything we did together and, yes, sometimes it was very stressful.’

16. ‘I was just wondering if you could put together a list of everything you have coming out this summer.’

17. ‘The day case unit is a small, private ward but everything will be mixed together in the big ward.’

18. ‘Lifting the pasta up high she tosses the spaghetti with a wooden fork and spoon to mix everything together.’

19. ‘We think the universe is expanding, which means that in the past everything was closer together.’

20. ‘I'm not surprised everything has come together so well, because the team was blended.’

21. ‘I had a really, really great experience and I was glad that everything came together.’

22. ‘To tie everything together, the soundtrack brings to life the entire adventure.’

23. ‘He lived in Brixton, did martial arts, taught me everything I know about self defence.’

24. ‘Pat promised to train me but he died before he got a chance to teach me everything.’

25. ‘He never missed a meeting and did everything he could to teach and inspire us.’

26. ‘I say teach them everything there is to know on the subject, education is the key to this problem.’

27. ‘I worked with her, and she wrote out everything and taught me how to pronounce it.’

28. ‘It was my first cookery book and taught me everything I know about cookery in the tropics.’

29. ‘When we first got together we could talk for hours and we shared everything.’

30. ‘Survive a holiday together and you can take everything that's thrown at you in matrimony.’

31. ‘As they all sat together on the bed, Libby told them everything that they did not know.’

32. ‘We've got everything from pocket money toys to items that are more expensive.’

33. ‘The victory at Wembley owes everything to the determination and action of the sacked workers.’

34. ‘He described it as a debut, but in truth he owed everything to his decade of experience.’

35. ‘Many people sacrificed everything to secure us the vote, and we owe to them to use it.’

36. ‘First you spend time seeing everything to make up for lost time, then you wind back a bit.’

37. ‘It was the first time I went on stage to do a show by myself, where everything relied upon me.’

38. ‘We are also often told that it is important to reveal everything and always to remember.’

39. ‘Neil says he risked everything to sue because honesty was important to him.’

40. ‘The plot centres around a man who is so lucky everything goes his way - money, girls and a fast car.’

41. ‘Tenderness is everything with chicken and this specimen was right on the money.’

42. ‘If we played well we had the bonus, if we lost we lost everything and we had the same money as other people.’

43. ‘They had nothing to lose by the action, and everything to gain by upping the stakes.’

44. ‘We can go wherever we please and everything depends upon how near you stand to me.’

45. ‘To most New Zealanders, the banking proposal smacks of Australia having everything to gain.’

46. ‘She says money isn't everything, but it remains the key to unlocking aspirations.’

47. ‘The first is that money is not everything when it comes to getting your message across.’

48. ‘The wind was also a bit stronger compared to this morning but generally everything went ok.’

49. ‘The network problem must have screwed up a couple of sectors on the disk, but everything's okay now.’

50. ‘Pete got out and went to the back of our van and the two were talking amicably and I thought everything was okay.’

51. ‘The problem is that when we were poor we thought everything would be okay if we got rich.’

52. ‘They were so fast acting and that alone is enough to make you feel like everything will be okay.’

53. ‘The record industry thinks everything is okay while the rest of us get on with our lives.’

54. ‘For once he just wanted to be hugged and kissed and held and be told that everything would be okay.’

55. ‘Raymond turned to his son and gave a small nod, telling him everything would be okay.’

56. ‘I wanted Michael with me to soothe away my pain, to tell me that everything would be okay.’

57. ‘We'll stop for a moment at the lake a few miles north of here to make sure everything's okay.’

58. ‘At first I felt very bad and wanted to comfort him and tell him everything would be okay.’

59. ‘An enjoyment of being safe and having hope and knowing that everything is going to be okay.’

60. ‘All that mattered was that they were okay and that everything was going to be okay.’

61. ‘She threw her arms around me and gave me a huge hug and told me that everything was going to be okay.’

62. ‘Focusing on the issue of money will go a long way to improving everything.’

63. ‘We have kept them fully informed of what's happening and everything has been out in the open.’

64. ‘The next few months will be crucial, and everything could still go horribly wrong.’

65. ‘Leave it all be, and everything will come good in the end like it invariably always does.’

66. winning is not everything

Other users have misspelling everything as:

1. everthing 22.86%

2. everyting 11.04%

3. everythin 8.18%

4. evrything 5.33%

5. everythings 5.33%

6. everithing 3.78%

7. eveything 3.1%

8. erything 2.62%

9. everythi 2.37%

10. Other 35.39%

11. nothing 0%

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