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Other users have misspelling celsius as:

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  1. celcius 60.96%
  2. celsius 15.87%
  3. celcious 3.27%
  4. celius 1.26%
  5. celsious 1.26%
  6. celsi 1.26%
  7. celsyos 1.01%
  8. cellseas 0.76%
  9. selcius 0.76%
  10. Other 13.59%

Definitions of celsius


  1. Swedish astronomer who devised the centigrade thermometer (1701-1744)

Examples of celsius

  1. If such a transistor is cooled to just above absolute zero, -273 degrees Celsius, and is exposed to a magnetic field a million times stronger than that of the earth, the remarkable phenomenon discovered by Störmer and Tsui sixteen years ago appears.
  2. The probe will hit the coldest layer of the atmosphere, the tropopause, at about 28 miles, where expected temperatures hover around minus 390 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 200 degrees Celsius).
  3. It went down to minus 20 degrees celsius last night.

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