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1. The tenants of the flat above are very noisy.

2. Between the landlords and tenants a new breed of letting agent has sprung up.

3. The hardest thing for new tenants could be getting used to all that space when they walk through their two front doors.

4. Ministers made the surprise announcement last night that higher rents for social housing tenants on above-average incomes would not be compulsory.

5. I have known tenants to withhold rent over similar issues, but this usually ends in unpleasant conflict.

6. Landlords, like tenants, are already paying through the nose for the services of letting agents.

7. As more landlords take in tenants on benefits, and with changes being made to payments, some agencies are having difficulty collecting rents.

8. The monster lived on the top floor with tenants in other flats.

9. To let is a landlord allowing a tenant to use land or property.

10. Many council house tenants were given significant incentives and discounts to buy their own home.

11. Landlords will also suffer if tenants cannot pay their rent.

12. This is thought to be a reference to tenants on housing benefit.

13. Until recently company and business tenants often lived in hotels and holiday lets while on secondment.

14. This place needs a tenant with an eye for aesthetics and the inclination to show it off.

15. We intend to give landlords the option to charge these tenants a fair rent.

16. These schemes deal with complaints made by tenants or landlords about agents and they can award compensation.

17. The new tenant could hardly have been more different in character.

18. But they are increasingly being used by unscrupulous landlords to hold tenants to ransom.

19. My wife let a property to a tenant who paid the council tax.

20. We employed a letting agent to find a tenant but have decided to manage the property ourselves.

21. This switch was favorable to tenants who leased large farms.

22. The council will also use the scheme to relax its ban on tenants of flats keeping dogs.

23. It gave leasehold tenants of houses the right to purchase the freehold.

24. The risk is that landlords will shun all tenants on housing benefit.

25. Social tenants live in homes that are let at low rents to people in housing need.

26. Most landlords will be more enthusiastic about keeping hold of a good tenant than hiking rents.

27. The landlord and tenant relationship can be tricky and it definitely takes two to tango.

28. She warns that landlords should also be careful about hiking rents when they have good tenants in place.

29. tenants have to pay this but if a commercial property is empty for more than three months the landlord is liable.

30. In this sense, they are tenants on the land.

31. _In theory_, the tenant in chief could not sell his land; he could sublet it to a _mesne tenant_, who stood to himself precisely in the same relation as he -- the tenant _in capite_ -- stood to the sovereign, the mesne tenant in his turn being bound to render certain _services_ to his over lord, and liable to forfeit his _lease_ -- for in theory it was that -- if certain contingencies happened.

32. Jnyirwedpe imdi/cendirt defendant pleads to part npft'-temttrt, and fhews who is tenant to the other part; that demandant had entered; and replication to noA-tenare, that the tenant was tenant* &c.; demarrer to the refidoe; judgment for the de - mandant, for that the lad plea was reptignant, and alfo for that the time of thst entry of demandant is not ailedged, |.

33. "This is a sum of money allowed for College chambers to the former occupier, in consideration of repairs or fitting up, and fur - niture, and is frequently transferred from one tenant to another in succession, a tenant* being answerable to a person so repairing or fitting up at two or three removes. —

34. Another tenant is a person, not a thing, not part of the amenities.

35. On the rare occasions when we actually have a deadline, because a tenant is arriving, or some such, I do give advance (one or two months ') notice and we do reward meeting deadlines when it becomes necessary to have one.

36. But Fuller doubted the plan would work in what he described as a tenant's market.

37. One kind of tenant is a corporation's back-office operations or an entire division that can be separated from the

38. The tenant is very successful so the capitalized percentage of the gross exceeds values of comparable properties in the area.

39. If a tenant is too dangerous to be living among the free, the state and only the state should make that determination and restrict his abode.

40. Its victims, with grim humor, call it "tenant - house rot."

41. ‘Almost a tenth of all houses are occupied by tenants renting from private landlords.’

42. ‘You can sell your property, or find tenants to rent it.’

43. ‘The oversupply of rental property has resulted in landlords cutting rents to attract tenants.’

44. ‘The tenants are able to rent the property at a discounted rate.’

45. ‘A landlord cannot refuse demands from disabled tenants to adapt rented accommodation.’

46. ‘These properties could be rented to tenants.’

47. ‘She was an ideal tenant who paid the rent on time.’

48. ‘The landlord prepared the land and then the tenant moved in.’

49. ‘Apartment rents for tenants will continue to rise.’

50. ‘The current system protects tenants against unfair rent increases.’

51. ‘The homes were rented out to new tenants.’

52. ‘Rather than deal with the hassle of finding tenants and collecting the rent, I had appointed an agent to do the dirty work.’

53. ‘I live in an old dilapidated building that has poor tenants and relatively cheap rents.’

54. ‘Do budget for periods between lettings, when you won't have any tenants and no rent coming in.’

55. ‘He collected several months' rent in advance from tenants.’

56. ‘Where a lease expires, the tenant will pay rent under the existing lease until the new lease is in place.’

57. ‘In some parts there are basically too many landlords chasing too few tenants, which is pushing down rents.’

58. ‘The cars are the property of tenants of the new housing estate.’

59. ‘My job is to win new business and match properties with tenants.’

60. ‘My front neighbours have moved out and the landlord is interviewing prospective tenants.’

61. ‘These standards will apply to all tenanted properties.’

62. ‘They own 700 leased pubs and around 300 tenanted properties.’

63. ‘Relatively few public companies specialise in buying tenanted property in the private residential sector.’

64. ‘The properties were tenanted out.’

65. ‘All the houses are tenanted houses.’

66. ‘They would purchase properties that can be tenanted for full market rent.’

67. ‘He had been left some tenanted farmsteads by an aunt.’

68. ‘The garages are currently tenanted by some of the road's residents.’

69. ‘The tower is tenanted by private corporations, mostly American multinational corporations.’

70. ‘Ninety per cent of the farms were tenanted.’

71. ‘The majority of family-sized homes on her books are tenanted by young professionals.’

72. ‘Money comes in from a successful nursery and from the farms, one of which is tenanted.’

73. ‘Shops which have been empty for years are slowly getting tenanted.’

74. ‘The cottage is still tenanted.’

75. ‘All 10 tournament stadiums are tenanted by existing clubs.’

76. ‘From 1966 until 2002 the farm was tenanted by farmers called Cole.’

77. ‘The flats are now tenanted and noise disturbance is proving to be a real problem.’

78. ‘The land is tenanted under a farming business tenancy.’

79. ‘To this day, Urban Plaza remains poorly tenanted.’

80. ‘The 72 flats are mostly tenanted at modest rents due to the building's poor condition.’

81. the landlord can evict a tenant who doesn't pay the rent

Other users have misspelling tenant as:

1. tenent 6.93%

2. teniente 4.62%

3. tiennent 4.39%

4. Other 84.06%

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