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1. A dance move involving one or both feet leaving the ground.

2. chiefly UK A device for receiving or transmitting radio, television signals etc.

3. An acrobatic maneuver performed in midair, as in skateboarding.

4. A radio antenna, especially one suspended in or extending into the air.

5. A flip in which the body turns over sideways with the arms and legs spread similar to a cartwheel.

6. a metallic wire, rod, or combination of rods connected to an electronic device, designed to send or receive radio or television signals.

7. (Football) a pass to a receiver downfield from the passer.

8. a pass to a receiver downfield from the passer

9. ethereal

10. of, in, or from the air; atmospheric

11. Botany Growing or borne above the ground or water.

12. Suggestive of air, as in lightness; airy.

13. Existing or living in the air.

14. Unsubstantial; imaginary.

15. Of, in, or caused by the air.

16. Of, for, or by means of aircraft.

17. Reaching high into the air; lofty.

18. operating or moving in the air.

19. Consisting of air; resembling, or partaking of the nature of air. Hence: Unsubstantial; unreal.

20. operating or operated overhead especially on elevated cables.

21. Of or pertaining to the air, or atmosphere; inhabiting or frequenting the air; produced by or found in the air; performed in the air.

22. Growing, forming, living, or existing in the air, as opposed to growing or existing in earth or water, or underground.

23. Light as air; ethereal.

24. See Perspective.

25. [Obs.] carbonic acid.

26. Rising aloft in air; high; lofty.

27. existing or living or growing or operating in the air

28. In botany, growing in the air, and independently of the soil, as epiphytes, or the adventitious roots of some trees: as, aërial orchids or roots.

29. Belonging or pertaining to the air or atmosphere; inhabiting or frequenting the air; existing or happening in the air; produced by or in the air: as, aërial regions; aërial perspective; aërial songsters; aërial ascents.

30. Possessed of a light and graceful beauty; ethereal.

31. Consisting of air; partaking of the nature of air; airy; hence, unsubstantial; visionary: as, aërial beings; aërial fancies; an aërial castle.

32. Reaching far into the air; high; lofty; elevated: as, aërial spires; an aërial flight.

33. A name sometimes applied to systems of transportation by cars suspended from a rail or rope above them.


1. He is a complete player who can mix it physically and is an aerial threat.

2. England did not offer much of an aerial threat and yet they scored three headed goals.

3. The manager is hampered by a lack of aerial ability.

4. The flight was a delight, offering aerial views of the unblemished mountain snow and glaciers.

5. Plus the punishing impact of US-led aerial bombardment.

6. Inevitably in the fast-moving world of aerial combat, their noble goal was not always attainable.

7. The weapons are designed for aerial combat.

8. CAN'T wait for the first aerial challenge between these two to see who comes out on top.

9. It struggled about six metres into the air before it hit a radio aerial and crashed.

10. It is astonishing to see these tiny birds engaged in such a fierce aerial battle.

11. They were short of essential supplies and were continually subject to aerial bombardment.

12. Extras include presenters and aerial filming by helicopter.

13. Those cinematic aerial views of the city are delicious.

14. The aerial bombardment had continued throughout the night.

15. At one point something got caught on his radio aerial.

16. What a contrast to the aerial combat in which we had been fighting for our lives just a short time before!

17. You'll need to be a dab hand at aerial acrobatics to succeed in this game.

18. His aerial ability will keep him in the Prem.

19. Won the aerial battle with Hangeland without making the most of his chances.

20. The aerial combat is spectacular.

21. I love an aerial zip wire, me.

22. Many of those hurt were cut by flying glass, although aerial film footage showed that large parts of the concrete structure had completely collapsed.

23. As a bonus, he is an aerial threat at set-pieces.

24. And I like aerial acrobatics.

25. He can pass, he can tackle, he is quick and he possesses an aerial threat that makes him a danger in both penalty areas.

26. ‘One such area is operating and maintaining unmanned aerial vehicles.’

27. ‘And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind.’

28. ‘The winners were especially to the fore in the aerial battles where they dominated a physically weaker Kerry outfit.’

29. ‘He appeared with regularity at both ends of the field, won quite a few aerial battles and most importantly, a lot of breaks.’

30. ‘An American pilot sacrificed his life in an aerial battle with Japanese planes in defence of Shanghai.’

31. ‘Dublin commanded proceedings by keeping the ball in the air and winning the aerial battle.’

32. ‘Just what will happen when an aerial appliance is needed?’

33. ‘Periodically, we are treated to ethereal aerial battles.’

34. ‘He began to fear the training for the aerial battles.’

35. ‘One especially valuable contribution of the book is its analysis of numerous small aerial battles.’

36. ‘What sets our game apart from the others is the enormous aerial battles that were prevalent at the time.’

37. ‘He has been spotted in the aerial battles and has caused a few of our kin to drop from the skies.’

38. ‘Most of the Barbarians had stopped their fighting, and now watched the aerial battle.’

39. ‘The three of them continued to circle around each other in the endless waltz of the aerial battle.’

40. ‘He stared, wide eyed, as the flames floated down to the planet below the aerial battle.’

41. ‘The guard outside turned his head to look at the aerial battle as he finished up.’

42. ‘No aerial operations were mounted on September 9.’

43. ‘Europeans have a vast network of aerial tramways, ski lifts, and public transportation.’

44. ‘We should see lots of aerial lifts and stunning drops.’

45. ‘They are refillable during aerial refuel operations.’

46. ‘It also explains the reliance on aerial bombardment of civilians.’

47. ‘The aircraft is also capable of carrying a range of aerial bombs with a total weight up to 40 tons.’

48. ‘I do not find the absence of aircraft from the 1986 aerial photograph to be evidence of abandonment.’

49. ‘Some European countries still do not allow aerial photography by civilians.’

50. ‘He was at the scene yesterday and was one of the team which carried out an aerial assessment.’

51. ‘Prominent among these were U - 2 reconnaissance aircraft, which began taking aerial photography of Cuban territory.’

52. ‘The aircraft was used for aerial mapping.’

53. ‘But instead of calling up a drawn map, the site uses pictures taken from satellites and aircraft to give an aerial view of a territory.’

54. ‘A helicopter was dispatched to carry out an aerial assessment of the rural situation.’

55. ‘Italy was at war with Libya, and began using aircraft and airships for aerial reconnaissance.’

56. ‘Both aircraft were utilised for aerial reconnaissance, and flew more than 100 hours.’

57. ‘It's been 10 days since that massive aerial bombardment.’

58. ‘There's satellite inventory; there's aerial photography; there's video links; there's a whole raft of things we can tap into now.’

59. ‘He evolved into a remarkably well-rounded explorer - a pioneer of geography and aerial photography.’

60. ‘The research could also be used in traffic monitoring, aerial photography and detecting hazardous substances.’

61. ‘The aerial photography specialist took the picture using a top-of-the-range camera.’

62. ‘Some people specialize in aerial photography.’

63. ‘Then, we have much more public things that happen, like the aerial shooting of wolves in Alaska.’

64. ‘They are also used in GIS offices to scan in existing maps and aerial photographs.’

65. ‘Instead, its primary mission was to protect Red Army operations from aerial attacks by the enemy.’

66. ‘Simple trichomes are present on aerial surfaces of most angiosperms and on some gymnosperms and bryophytes.’

67. ‘Nicotine and tropane alkaloids are formed in the roots and transported to the aerial parts of the plant.’

68. ‘The harvested root and aerial parts of the plant are used.’

69. ‘All primary aerial surfaces of plants are covered by a cuticle.’

70. ‘Most of these studies have focused mainly on targeting genes in the aerial parts of the plant.’

71. ‘Analyses of the energetic costs of flight have identified optimal strategies for aerial bats, birds, and insects.’

72. ‘It also has a tiny beak with a large gape which help the bird catch its aerial prey.’

73. ‘Though bats and birds are both aerial creatures, records of their interaction have been extremely rare.’

74. ‘Swifts are the most rapid fliers known among living creatures and the most aerial of birds…’

75. ‘But hawk owls, perhaps descended from bird hunters, are skilled aerial predators in their own right.’

76. ‘There's some information there suggesting that there's no regulation of aerial spraying and that there's no policing.’

77. ‘Despite evidence of the carcinogenic properties of pesticides, aerial spraying remains widespread.’

78. ‘One man reported major fish kills in the wild after aerial sprayings of DDT.’

79. ‘Tests are under way to determine the safety and effectiveness of aerial applications.’

80. ‘Air conditioner filters help preserve the walls and fixtures by removing dust and other aerial particles.’

81. ‘Immediately below the vision aerial is the aerial for the accompanying sound transmissions.’

82. ‘The boot opens by remote control, and the radio aerial is cleverly hidden in the rear spoiler.’

83. ‘The driver had found a handkerchief and tied it round the radio aerial as a makeshift white flag.’

84. ‘He's up on a television aerial just across the road.’

85. ‘Vandals also ripped a television aerial off the roof.’

86. ‘I want aerials, spread eagles, toe touches, and anything else you can think of.’

87. ‘Now, I want everyone to get into formation behind me and we're going to practice synchronized aerials!’

88. ‘You boys aren't gonna be able to do those aerials in there, are you?’

89. ‘Also impressive in these Olympics was a double win for Canadians in the aerials.’

90. ‘In one smooth motion he then aerials to a lower landing, then hurdles onto another.’

91. aerial fancies

Other users have misspelling aerial as:

1. aeriel 7.61%

2. Other 92.39%

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