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1. One whose occupation is to dye cloth and the like.


1. Your team is the worst in the country and you dye your hair?

2. It required him to have his blond hair dyed dark brown.

3. If you want to dye your hair, go for it.

4. I dyed my hair bright blue.

5. When I dyed my hair, my mother refused to talk to me for a week.

6. Nor does she address why ours is a world in which women with grey hair dye it, and men with grey hair don't.

7. I loved it when I dyed my hair pink.

8. They bought whitewash and mixed it with natural dyes and pigments.

9. It took weeks to turn out a single batch of dyed fabric.

10. The flowers have been used to make a yellow dye.

11. His interest in plants that produce dyes and in pigments for painting lasted throughout his life.

12. Who are we kidding when we dye our hair?

13. The sides would be totally white without the dye job.

14. The second stage tomorrow will pass fields in which sheep have had their wool dyed pink.

15. Who dyes their hair one colour when you can dye it eight colours?

16. Special dye may be inserted into arteries and veins to show blood flow.

17. The natural dye in tea encourages the skin to tan more quickly.

18. The former neuroscience student had dyed his hair red and wore a gas mask and body armour.

19. Say hello to the second most famous platinum dye job on the planet.

20. It does this by using a special dye that changes colour in proportion to the amount of cholesterol.

21. The neat bob of hair has been dyed a fashionable shade of EastEnders blonde.

22. The first process is to dye the fabric so it matches the client's outfit.

23. She didn't know how to make nettle dye.

24. First the technician threaded my brows, then she dyed them one shade darker than my natural tone.

25. In fact, she looked more interested in daydreaming about the colour she might dye her hair next.

26. The plants that produce natural indigo are undergoing something of a revival, as an alternative to the widely used synthetic dyes that rely on petrochemicals.

27. Again, a fabric is first dyed and stiffened, then cut into petals.

28. In colonial times, before synthetic dyes were invented, indigo made vast fortunes for its growers and traders.

29. Quoth one, “In my judgment, the dyer is bound to indemnify the ass-driver.”

30. But this dyer was my comrade and neighbour in the city of

31. Those who cannot use malachite green on account of its dearness, dye blue with the plant called dyer's weed, and thus obtain a most vivid green.

32. The whitster meant what we should now call a dyer and cleaner.

33. The dyer was a swindler and a liar, an exceeding wicked wight, as if indeed his head-temples were hewn out of a boulder rock or fashioned of the threshold of a Jewish synagogue, nor was he ashamed of any shameful work he wrought amongst the folk.

34. “My lords, ” an old woman was saying, whose face and shape generally was so muffled in her garments that she looked like an animated heap of rags; “my lords, the thing is as true as that I am La Falourdel, for forty years a householder on the Pont Saint-Michel, and paying regularly all rents and dues and ground taxes—the door opposite to the house of Tassin-Caillart, the dyer, which is on the side looking up the river.

35. 'I think ye'd have to sind Gin'ral Merceer's to th' dyer's, 'I says.

36. McCain is calling for a "suspension of his campaign so he can ride his white horse back to the capital, frollick hand in hand with everyone to get this" dyer "sitatuation, WHICH THEY, AND THEY being our corrupt officials, have created irresponsibly.

37. McCain is calling for a "suspension of his campaign so he can ride his white horse back to the capital, frollick hand in hand with everyone to get this" dyer "sitatuation UNDER CONTROL … ..,

38. It's a hopeless case: Barak the dyer watches telly with the remote in his hand; his peroxide-blond wife lies on the conjugal bed fully dressed, face to the wall.

39. ‘Weavers and dyers sell their cloth to men and women, who take it to tailors to make it into clothing.’

40. ‘Her mother worked as a cloth dyer, turning the fabric red and yellow and purple for the tailor to sew into beautiful clothes for the baron and his officials and their families to wear.’

41. ‘It was usual practice for the finishing trades of the bleachers and dyers to develop alongside hosiery.’

42. ‘Cotton was the key to prosperity, but manufacturers, merchants, salesmen, dyers and finishers all had business there, too.’

43. ‘The conference, due to end today, brought together fashion designers, dyers, scientists and marketing bosses.’

44. ‘The 1980s, in particular, marked the influx of knitters to California, as well as textile printers, dyers and finishers, Horowitz notes.’

45. ‘While some black synthetic dyes were developed, dyers continued to use logwood to the end of the century, especially for silk.’

46. ‘Pattern artists design kimono and then dyers transfer the pattern on to the silk with stencils.’

47. ‘Women are expert weavers and dyers and make their own cloth called Alam.’

48. ‘Soon galleons were transporting wholesale quantities of the dried bugs to dyers in the great textile centers of Europe.’

49. ‘As a textile dyer, he had worked with katazome, a similar technique used for creating designs on textiles.’

50. ‘Different streets were allotted for different professions such as potters, weavers, dyers, jewelers, and bakers.’

51. ‘Until December, when he started working in this tattoo studio, he had switched between all kinds of jobs - from being a dyer to being an assistant in a pizza restaurant.’

52. ‘What can I expect to pay if I take the dress to a professional dyer in Los Angeles?’

53. ‘Kone looks at the history of dyeing practices, the roles of women dyers, and their work structure.’

54. ‘In the cotton industry, for example, most firms either spun yarn or wove cloth, which was in turn sent to an independent dyer and finisher.’

55. ‘He was born in 1823 in the small town of Guebwiller in Alsace, where his father was a silk dyer.’

56. ‘Such clarity is consistent throughout the book, making this volume extremely appealing to experienced weavers and dyers, and even to those who may wish to learn these arts.’

57. ‘This enables the dyer to create hanks of yarn that aren't too tightly wound together, ensuring that the dye bath can penetrate all of the fibres and preventing streaking.’

58. ‘For general instructions and for examples of patterns to tie, I found this guide, though simple, to be useful to most dyers.’

59. the dyer dyed clothes

Other users have misspelling dyer as:

1. duyar 11.67%

2. dyr 10%

3. diyer 5%

4. deyir 3.33%

5. dayer 3.33%

6. Other 63.34%

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