anytime vs any time

anytime any time


  • 1) At any time
  • 2) At any time.
  • 3) "you're welcome" in response to "thank you" or "thanks."


  • 1) No one expects perfect fluency or completely native speakers anytime soon.
  • 2) Stead has played in all four top tiers in English football but has no plans to hang up his boots anytime soon.
  • 3) I can't see myself leaving anytime soon.
  • 4) Will the actress manage to get back on her feet anytime soon?
  • 5) They are not getting their party back anytime soon.
  • 6) That is unlikely to improve anytime soon.
  • 7) But she did not expect to have to leave her seat anytime soon.
  • 8) And he has no intention of leaving anytime soon.
  • 9) You can call me there anytime.
  • 10) Looks like we won't be giving up our day jobs anytime soon.
  • 11) We have completely embraced the anytime, anywhere convenience of the internet.
  • 12) And her daughter isn't getting her shirt back anytime soon.
  • 13) Their stories are set anywhere, anytime.
  • 14) It will charge almost all portable electronic devices anytime, anywhere.
  • 15) But that won't be anytime soon.
  • 16) But this could be at anytime and anywhere in the world, meaning they have to drop other lucrative work opportunities.
  • 17) People expect it anywhere, anytime.
  • 18) I asked if he is thinking of moving back from Oregon anytime soon.
  • 19) I can open his books anytime, anywhere and be delighted.
  • 20) The minister in one sense is a useless person, useless in that he or she can be used at anytime by anyone for anything.
  • 21) Go each-way and get 9-1 he scores anytime as well.
  • 22) You could go anywhere, anytime, with complete freedom of movement.
  • 23) JT 14-1 at bet365 to score anytime.
  • 24) I thought I could come back for her anytime.

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