scarves vs scarfs

scarves scarfs


  • 1) Plural form of scarf.
  • 2) An obsolete plural of scarf.


  • 1) There were no flowers in the vases, no life-style magazines on the coffee table, no scarves (Sarah's mother had loved scarves) lying around.
  • 2) Two elderly folk, almost certainly male and female, were standing, wrapped in coats and scarves, faces barely emergent.
  • 3) Red silk scarves over the lamp in the corner of the room make the light red.
  • 4) Meanwhile, at Westminster Tube station, disconsolate penguins swathed in scarves waited in vain for a train to Stanmore.
  • 5) The French luxury-goods giant's € 1.45 billion ($2.02 billion) acquisition of a 17% stake in Hermes International, best known for its hand-stitched leather goods and silk scarves, is shrewd considering opportunities in the tightly held sector are rare.
  • 6) My calculator informs me that the cost to equip 1500 people with the scarves is £19,500.
  • 7) Some of the coin scarves are so heavy they fall right off.
  • 8) It was so fantastic being among all those crowds of people, and everyone bundled up in scarves and coats looking all wintery.
  • 9) Oh, he’d seen her before, wrapped in scarves, coming out of her father’s Lincoln.
  • 10) I thought I was hiding them well: I hunched, crossed my arms, wore eighty scarves, that is until one day when Henry, who ironically enough is the son of a very famous pornographic magazine editor, approached me in the hallway and announced: "Damn, you have huge tits!"

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