hoofs vs hooves

hoofs hooves


  • 1) Plural form of hoof.


  • 1) Some were hopelessly ruined with damp, others torn and trampled with muddy hooves, and some were no more than fragments.
  • 2) Their horses too were huge and ponderous, with fringed hooves.
  • 3) He fixed onto the bottom of their hooves sharply studded contraptions that enabled them to grip the ice.
  • 4) His hooves were the equivalent of tires with their tread worn bare.
  • 5) The stallion's hide shone like a silver mirror and his hooves were the hard blue of sword steel.
  • 6) The clicking of their hooves was a part of the music, like a hundred thousand castanets.
  • 7) Christmas sash mid-body; that and the hooves are the only things that keep this from looking completely like a dog.
  • 8) Bloody sharp stuff, horrid stuff, and Harris and Perkins backed out of the shrine, their arms filled with the last bottles and they hurled them up onto the bridge and now the hooves were a thunder to fill the air and shake the ground, and the curb chains and scabbard chains clinked and Sharpe stood to see the lances coming straight at him, and even the dragoons had stopped to watch the Poles slaughter their way across the bridge.
  • 9) The physical changes associated with fear prepare us for action, which might mean fleeing or fighting off an aggressor, but which might also, more positively, mean proactively taking a risk for example, "going out on a limb" for a piece of fruit that's difficult to reach, or going after dangerous prey, as when wolves attack moose that significantly outweigh them and present daunting natural weapons such as hooves and massive antlers.
  • 10) "We made a horse-like structure with four 'hooves' to study how molecular machinery can organize the motion of multiple parts," said Ludwig Bartels, a professor of chemistry, whose lab led the research.

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