busses vs buses

busses buses


  • 1) Plural form of buss.
  • 2) Plural form of bus (alternative spelling of buses).
  • 3) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of buss.
  • 4) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bus. Alternative spelling of buses.


  • 1) Plural form of bus.
  • 2) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bus.


  • 1) There were many planes out there being loaded and unloaded that way, shuttling passengers in busses to Terminal 1.
  • 2) Spanberg indeed describes two kinds of Japanese vessels; one answering to the above description of Kæmpfer, the other, which he calls busses, and in which, he says, they make their voyages to the neighbouring islands, exactly corresponds with those we saw. [
  • 3) Delaying the busses is a defacto attendance requirement.
  • 4) Since the busses will be arriving and departing from the same terminal, shouldn't be that much of a problem.
  • 5) Larry, as you know, the busses were a big problem before.
  • 6) Thousands of French people were walking there but our soldiers had gone in busses.
  • 7) Here they have a design to get the King to hire a dock for the herring busses, which is now the great design on foot, to lie up in.
  • 8) he always rode the bus to work


  • 1) Some of them were spitting at the buses as we passed.
  • 2) Mr Ireland claimed that the case had cost him his job as a school bus driver.
  • 3) Last night some buses were held in west Aleppo.
  • 4) We jump in the car or the bus or the Tube rather than walking.
  • 5) From there, they progressed to taking the bus together.
  • 6) To earn their free ticket they are asked to select from a series of advertisements as they wait for the bus or train.
  • 7) This exercise took only a few minutes, allowing the bus to be driven off to continue its passenger service.
  • 8) Then we get the bus!
  • 9) Be prepared for a long wait if you take the ferry during peak season; jump the queues by catching the bus from Bournemouth.
  • 10) The next morning catch a bus that will drop you off near the gorilla parks.
  • 11) There was no buggy area on buses.
  • 12) You can only get there by car or shuttle bus.
  • 13) You can all hang out in the bus shelter together.
  • 14) The driver of one of the buses was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.
  • 15) Your bus pass is sticking out of your jacket pocket.
  • 16) One in five use their gizmos to shop while on a train or bus.
  • 17) These people have been ramming buses into our vehicles.
  • 18) Three passengers were seriously hurt on the bus which was carrying adults with learning difficulties.
  • 19) Who has what it takes to impress the judges and who will be getting the bus home?
  • 20) We will fund a scheme to provide free bus transport for the elderly and disabled.
  • 21) Nor do we play badminton in an attempt to catch the bus.
  • 22) The basis of such argument is that this is the last bus to town so we had better catch it today.
  • 23) For our open-top bus parade the streets were packed.
  • 24) So he changed his flights, got on a bus and went back to find her.
  • 25) ONE DIRECTION need a new tour bus after their motor was in a crash last week.
  • 26) On Friday, about 30 people were driven to Kolontar in buses from a sports arena in the nearby town of Ajka, where they had been staying.
  • 27) Preaching in buses is equivalent to trying to force something down someone's throat, because they can't go anywhere.
  • 28) DOWNTOWN -- Passing other buses is one thing that separates the Rapid Ride buses from the rest of the pack.
  • 29) "They ended up being what I call the buses from hell," said May.
  • 30) The idea is shift buses from the milk runs carrying few riders to focus enough buses on the major routes to provide frequent service, and to speed upt the trips by having all day express bus routes.
  • 31) Groups traveled across the country in buses organized by religious leaders and pledged to work to change the image of black men in America and to take the message of the march back home.
  • 32) While living carless in Seattle does require organization, patience and a certain fitness level (i.e. chasing buses is a regular routine for me), I have no intention of buying a car anytime soon for all the same reasons you mention.

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