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1. intransitive To consider, to deliberate.

2. transitive To give information or notice to; to inform; — with of before the thing communicated.

3. obsolete, transitive To look at, watch; to see.

4. transitive To give advice to; to offer an opinion, as worthy or expedient to be followed; to counsel; to warn.

5. To counsel; give advice: as, I will act as you advise.

6. To give counsel to; offer an opinion to, as worthy or expedient to be followed: as, I advise you to be cautious *** speculation.

7. Tolookat;view.

8. To recommend as wise, *** etc.; suggest as the proper course of action: as, under these circumstances we advise abstinence.

9. To look at; view.

10. To take counsel; join others in deliberating; seek the advice of another or others: followed by with: as, I shall advise with my friends as to what is to be done.

11. To give information to; communicate notice to; make acquainted with: followed by of before the thing communicated: as, the merchants were advised of the risk.

12. To deliberate; take thought; consider; reflect: sometimes used reflexively.

13. Synonyms To counsel, admonish, suggest (to), recommend (to).—4. To inform, apprise, acquaint.

14. [Advise and its derivatives have been used by old writers in a number of other applications connected with the notions of seeing, viewing, reflecting, etc., suggested by the etymology.]

15. To offer advice.

16. To recommend; suggest.

17. To take counsel; consult.

18. To inform; notify.

19. To offer advice to; counsel.

20. To give advice to; to offer an opinion, as worthy or expedient to be followed; to counsel; to warn.

21. To take counsel; to consult; -- followed by with.

22. obsolete To consider; to deliberate.

23. [Obs.] to bethink one's self; to take counsel with one's self; to reflect; to consider.

24. To give information or notice to; to inform; -- with of before the thing communicated.


1. She generously gave her time to advise officials.

2. Three fifths said it was because they did not advise students on university choices.

3. Notts advised university students to work on getting relevant experience by taking into consideration which areas are looking for people.

4. Her doctor strongly advised her to return to England as soon as possible.

5. She also advised them to avoid characters who worked in town planning, civil engineering or dentistry.

6. He also advised the Government on the austerity programme which actually turned out to be a disaster.

7. Now he does both from the deck of a luxury liner, advising wealthy clients on their investments.

8. There is no suggestion of wrongdoing on his part - many stars were advised to put cash in.

9. Tempting as it is to advise others, leave what's theirs to them.

10. I was advised by the doctors actually that I should probably get them reduced.

11. Doctors advised her to pull out of the show which begins next month.

12. Officials advised residents to stay indoors or to wear masks if they had to go outside.

13. Shareholders would be well advised to vote against the takeover.

14. The government widened the area in which it is advising people to leave their homes.

15. They are also advised to eat fresh fruit and veg.

16. Spending a year studying in your chosen field seems an obvious stepping stone but experts advise caution.

17. This does not mean the students are poorly advised or badly taught or that there is discrimination.

18. Those in the bottom group will be required to put up signs advising visitors not to swim.

19. With the corner approaching he advised using the brakes and a change down into second.

20. But his blood pressure dropped on the way and doctors advised him to cancel.

21. It also advises official bodies and raises awareness through its outreach programmes.

22. The buyer should be advised to leave the price tag on.

23. He has also been strongly advised by the club not to appeal against the ruling.

24. Students are also advised not to ask questions while the bankers are chewing their food.

25. Office managers were advised last night to download the necessary media player software or face days of absenteeism.

26. The subject of pasture management is huge and you would be well advised to learn all you can.

27. If you rent a villa in the southwest of the island you are advised to exercise caution fco.

28. In most cases, the insurer will promptly appoint legal counsel to advise the church.

29. The merchant bank were advising us on the basis of no success, no fee.

30. New York has set up an office to advise providers.

31. Wall Street experts yesterday advised clients to ditch the stock.

32. Those he consulted in Bristol advised him to accept.

33. Although Consumers Union recommended that the label advise consumers to place generators at least 15 feet from a house or garage, the new label only tells consumers to place them “outside and far away from windows, doors, and vents.”

34. Although Consumers Union recommended that the label advise consumers to place generators at least 15 feet from a house or garage, the new label only tells consumers to place them “outside and far away from windows, doors, and vents.”

35. KAMBER: Well, I think again, I totally think that the president misunderstands what the term advise and consent is.

36. Maybe this advise is a little too direct for the Australian market?

37. I don't know about cutting across the top of the Sea of Cortez from San Diego .... but the usual advise is use US roads as long as you can and that means Nogales.

38. Free advise is worth what you paid for it, I know, but your Mexican partner may have better luck working with Mexican landlords than you would have working with gringos.

39. My advise is to withdraw and secure Pakistan and India to contain Talibans and Alqaida remnants within Afghanistan.

40. WHy would Republicans take advise from a Democrat?

41. ‘The above guidelines advise against antibiotics because of their ineffectiveness, which may not be true.’

42. ‘I strongly advise against the incorporation of emergency laws into our ordinary legal system.’

43. ‘While it is may seem appropriate to bring flowers to a hostess, I usually advise against it.’

44. ‘I don't like to read books and generally advise against it, as it damages the eyes.’

45. ‘You should lock into a fixed rate for the best deal - but experts advise against tying up your money for more than a year.’

46. ‘We advise against all but essential travel to all other parts of Iraq.’

47. ‘They advise against the sales of items that could be faulty and pose a danger risk like the brakes failing on a pushchair.’

48. ‘Even if your security officers advise against it, why not pull over and mingle with the crowd?’

49. ‘All books printed over the last ten years advise against acquiring a kitten or puppy this way.’

50. ‘If you get a chance to sell your soul in the second week of February I would advise against it.’

51. ‘No, I don't mind people buying proof copies, but I'd advise against buying them to collect.’

52. ‘Experts advise against planting hostas closer in an attempt to get a full effect sooner.’

53. ‘I would advise against using it in the riot tomorrow, or at all, until you know how to work it.’

54. ‘He or she might advise against it because it may put you at risk of complications.’

55. ‘The experts advise against turning existing bedrooms into almost anything else.’

56. ‘I do not use fixed spools for heavy fishing and would advise against it.’

57. ‘The main body lies roughly to the north-east, though I advise against using a compass.’

58. ‘Most homeopaths advise against the use of essential oils if you are taking a homeopathic remedy.’

59. ‘He took the view that the course I had advised was entirely acceptable and ethical.’

60. ‘The aim of the course is to advise and assist parents in the bringing up of their children in a drug free environment.’

61. ‘Another release had a curious note advising the recommending of headphones when listening.’

62. ‘And it may encourage solicitors to advise silence for other than good objective reasons.’

63. ‘The doctor diagnosed the condition, advising doses of testosterone over any recommended levels.’

64. ‘He talked to friends, who advised the secure option.’

65. ‘Admission is free but donations are encouraged and early arrival is advised.’

66. ‘I wouldn't advise sleeping pills, but a nice warm bath might do the trick.’

67. ‘Long runs are not advised, as these require more endurance than stamina.’

68. ‘As my name suggests, I am not qualified to offer advice but I would advise caution’

69. ‘Letting go is of course not advised but only used as a demonstration.’

70. ‘The doctor then uses the diagnosis to advise the correct course of treatment for this particular patient.’

71. ‘Your doctor will assess you, and advise the best course of treatment to deal with the problem.’

72. ‘He is not against the idea of modernity, but advises caution.’

73. ‘The court would express the hope that whatever course was medically advised would be honoured.’

74. ‘He is, though, viewed as the man who would be more likely to advise caution.’

75. ‘I was recently advised of a splendid plan to unloose some sparrow hawks in Glasgow's parks and squares.’

76. ‘I was advised of it by email from an Australian journalist, who asked for a comment.’

77. ‘She claims she was not advised of alternative pharmacies as the pharmacist refused to speak to her.’

78. ‘We were only advised of this legal position when we sought to follow up the progress of investigation of complaints.’

79. ‘I was not advised of anything except to come back to the House because the session was to continue.’

80. ‘We were not advised of the circumstances in which any member should withdraw.’

81. ‘The patient was advised of the fracture and was managed conservatively with a splint.’

82. ‘He also said that downloads from now on will advise people on the situation.’

83. ‘Officials are advising customers that the health risk is very small, but they say it is sensible not to eat the pizza.’

84. ‘Some officials who should be advising farmers were themselves awaiting details.’

85. ‘I am also advised by officials that there was one particular design fault in one of the windows of the cells.’

86. ‘I will amend archived entries to include corrections of fact and advise you accordingly.’

87. ‘The newspaper also asked why he would not name the lawyer who advised him that he was in the clear.’

88. ‘When I asked if I could fight this in court, I was advised that it was my word against theirs.’

89. ‘That was largely because we were advised by our lawyers that such an admission would not help in any litigation.’

90. ‘His lawyer has advised him that if attacked in his home he is within his rights to use the revolver.’

91. ‘If you're hurt in an accident, your lawyer can advise you on the value of your claim.’

92. ‘I am not arguing - I am advising your Honours as to the court's approach.’

93. ‘Last night we advised them that we were cancelling our subscription.’

94. ‘They had hoped to do their push along the road but were advised by police that it was too dangerous.’

95. I advised him that the rent was due

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1. adivse 5.32%

2. Other 94.68%

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