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1. Specifically, the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire; the world-monarch.

2. The male monarch or ruler of an empire.

3. A large, relatively valuable marble in children's games.

4. The male ruler of an empire.

5. The emperor butterfly.

6. The emperor moth.

7. The sovereign or supreme monarch of an empire; -- a title of dignity superior to that of king

8. (Zoöl.) a large, strong British butterfly (Apatura iris).

9. (Zoöl.) one of several large and beautiful bombycid moths, with transparent spots on the wings; as the American Cecropia moth (Platysamia cecropia), and the European species (Saturnia pavonia).

10. (Zoöl.) a large and handsome goose (Philacte canagica), found in Alaska.

11. the male ruler of an empire

12. red table grape of California

13. large moth of temperate forests of Eurasia having heavily scaled transparent wings

14. large richly colored butterfly

15. In zoöl.: In entomology: One of several large sphinxes or moths: as, the peacock emperor, Saturnia pavonia. One of several large butterflies of the family Nymphalidæ: as, the purple emperor, the popular name in Great Britain of Apatura iris, also called the purple high-flier; the tawny emperor, A. herse. See Apatura.

16. [capitalized] The trade-name of a standard quality of fine English drawing-paper made in sheets 72 by 48 inches.

17. A large boa of Central America, Boa imperator, probably a variety of the Boa constrictor.

18. A commander-in-chief; a supreme leader of an army or of armies.

19. Synonyms Monarch, etc. See prince.

20. In ornithology, one of sundry birds notable of their kind.

21. The sovereign or supreme ruler of an empire: a title of dignity conventionally superior to that of king: as, the emperor of Germany or of Russia. See empire.


1. Still the best place to go if you want to know which German emperor smacked the king of Bulgaria on the bottom.

2. Three cousins of the last emperor conducted a futile resistance in the south.

3. The mindless violence of male purple emperor butterflies is astounding.

4. Beautifully photographed film about a colony of emperor penguins.

5. Only a king or the emperor is permitted to wear a purple robe and a crown on his head.

6. Beautifully photographed film about emperor penguins.

7. We found inscriptions on the weapons that linked them to the first emperor.

8. The first emperor of China was obsessed with the quest for immortality.

9. Cameras capture the critical first few months of an emperor penguin 's life in this stunning documentary.

10. As his eyes adjusted, he saw the emperor for the first time.

11. It shows him to have been the first emperor to sport a beard, perhaps to cover up some facial blemishes.

12. THE purple emperor butterfly is early.

13. Within five minutes a male purple emperor cruised up and down the forest track at great speed, obviously seeking a newly emerged female.

14. I remember the emperor for the first time spoke on the radio.

15. Twenty-four Byzantine emperors were of Armenian stock.

16. emperor penguins in the Antarctic?

17. And here was an image so indelible that no camera was needed to capture it: the emperor penguin appeared to be holding a press conference.

18. Adult emperor penguins can trek up to 70 miles over ice to breeding colonies in the Antarctic winter.

19. I have studied purple emperor larvae in the wild for the last six years, checking them twice monthly during the winter.

20. They proved fearless in battle and were used as warriors first by the emperors' rivals against the emperor, then by the emperor himself against his rivals.

21. Indeed, the title emperor is difficult of acquisition.

22. The title emperor of Austria, then, replaced that of

23. From the beginning, ideas, movements and feelings were swirling through the girl, making her a relentless witness of her time, and an authority-antagonist for whom the emperor is always naked.

24. The guilt of the emperor is aggravated by his long and frequent residence at Thessalonica.

25. The ITALIAN GOVERNMENT FORMALLY PROCLAIMED THE ANNEXATION OF ALL ETHIOPIA, the king of Italy assuming the title emperor of Ethiopia.

26. Wallace Stevens: "The only emperor is the emperor of ice cream."

27. Dennis, to point out that the emperor is wearing no clothes, that Constellation is a complete and utter failure, and that Shuttle C is just another crackpot rocket design by a bunch of incompentent and failed architects is doing America and NASA a great favor, not a disservice.

28. We are way, way past the point of quibbles over fine points of law and well into the regime where anybody can see the emperor is walking around in his undies.

29. Self-professed “foodies” take note: the glorious Momofuk (y) u emperor is actually naked.

30. ‘The emperor and empress earlier in the day met with the king, who has been discharged from the hospital.’

31. ‘The king is expected to invite the emperor and empress to a private dinner at his palace on Wednesday.’

32. ‘At the end of the passage, there is a big hillock, under which the first Qing emperor and empress are buried.’

33. ‘China's emperors and empresses knew what they wanted.’

34. ‘The emperor and empress will leave Tokyo on May 7 and arrive in Dublin later that day.’

35. ‘The grand dukes became the tsars of Muscovy, who in turn became emperors of the Russian Empire.’

36. ‘The first of the Mughal emperors, Babur, in spite of his keen aesthetic sense, did not have the time to embark upon a concerted program of building.’

37. ‘Its rulers called themselves Roman emperors and its subjects were Roman citizens subject to Roman law.’

38. ‘It is characteristic that between 1025 and 1081, the empire had twelve emperors but only five patriarchs.’

39. ‘The Qing collections were among the finest ever assembled, fitting the scale of the empire over which the emperors ruled.’

40. ‘A good road system also made it easier for the emperors to control their empire as messages and orders could be sent quickly.’

41. ‘Imperialism meant a state with an emperor, a ruler using military power to conquer other people.’

42. ‘The most mystical of shades, purple, has been preferred by kings, queens and emperors throughout history.’

43. ‘That's why, for much of history, furs and skins from the more aggressive carnivores have been an essential part of the ceremonial dress of kings, emperors and dictators.’

44. ‘The Forbidden City was the palace of Ming and Qing emperors and off-limits to ordinary Chinese citizens for 500 years.’

45. ‘For a century and a half, under three great emperors, the Qing Dynasty grew in wealth and territory.’

46. ‘Kings, queens, and emperors were slow to learn the lesson that money is for using, not hoarding.’

47. ‘In theory, all the princes in the Holy Roman Empire were subservient to the emperor.’

48. ‘Akbar is also the name of one of the Mughal emperors.’

49. ‘The exterior was decorated at the top with glistening gilded bronze shields, and the arches were filled with painted statues of emperors and gods.’

50. the emperor ruled without mercy

Other users have misspelling emperor as:

1. empero 3.38%

2. empror 2.53%

3. emporor 2.53%

4. Other 89.03%

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