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1. Used to link two or more opposing or contrasting elements.

2. against, in opposition to.

3. Bringing a legal action against, as used in the title of a court case in which the first party indicates the plaintiff (or appellant or the like), and the second indicates the defendant (or respondent or the like).

4. compared with, as opposed to.

5. As the alternative to or in contrast with.

6. In conflict or competition with; against.

7. Against; ; -- chiefly used in legal language, and abbreviated to v. or vs.


1. Or perhaps it was quite different, swimming in a competition pool versus having a dip in the sea.

2. ‘Liverpool versus Manchester United games are always big matches, for the players and the fans.’

3. ‘Red Kitching thinks that the Liverpool versus Newcastle United tie could end a managerial career.’

4. ‘The Yankee pen has been shaky all year and needed El Duque to get a big out versus Oakland.’

5. ‘During Euro 2000, I went to watch Spain versus Slovenia with Bobby and a friend of his.’

6. ‘It is like India versus Australia in cricket or whatever, the one we want to get excited about.’

7. ‘The pairings were Embassy against Wilson Panthers and Cinzano versus Granwood.’

8. ‘We leafleted the Oldham versus Bury local derby football game and got a great response.’

9. ‘It was another striker versus goalkeeper confrontation which ought to have gone to the man in possession.’

10. ‘No single sporting event carries quite the emotional freight of England versus Germany at football.’

11. ‘The North Bank versus South Bank contest became the highlight of the local sporting calendar.’

12. ‘The National team is currently embroiled in an exhibition tour in B.C. versus Japan.’

13. ‘St Joseph's will now meet the winners of the Ballyvarley versus First Dromara match.’

14. ‘Last weekend it had the game of the season so far - Manchester United versus Chelsea at Old Trafford.’

15. ‘Nairn County versus Rothes was postponed because of a waterlogged park.’

16. ‘Kingussie now meet the winners of the Lochcarron versus Skye tie which was one of the day's casualties.’

17. ‘Policy considerations of crime control versus due process come into play.’

18. ‘There are numerous fixtures featuring the desperate versus the indifferent.’

19. ‘In the snooker handicap final it was another case of youth versus experience.’

20. ‘Firstly there is almost no research directly addressing the issues of early versus late separation.’

21. ‘It'd be interesting to do a clinical analysis of intention versus outcome.’

22. ‘As always happens in such situations, the end result is likely to be a bitter club versus country war of words.’

23. ‘As for Dell, meanwhile, Livermore played the innovation versus commodity card.’

24. ‘The study may help show when disclosure can be helpful versus harmful.’

25. ‘This lays the basis for endless debates about the risks of heroin versus ecstasy, or cannabis versus steroids.’

26. ‘Weighing infringing uses of technology versus non-infringing uses is a tricky matter to be sure.’

27. ‘The topic also questioned the differences between brands, and indoor wheels versus outdoor wheels.’

28. ‘The matter of UK versus US English continues to provoke erudite and informed opinion.’

29. ‘His use of opaque versus open areas and his deft use of patterning versus flat color is especially noteworthy.’

30. ‘The trope of opening night is related to a thematic motif: disaster versus success.’

31. ‘This was a contest of youthful enthusiasm and fitness of the visitors versus the experience and guile of the home side.’

32. ‘More detailed studies are needed on the costs of rural versus urban car usage.’

33. ‘Your friend can play the opposite role of passive versus aggressive and so on.’

34. ‘The good versus evil theme gets a bit of a work out, as people try to demonize Leland.’

35. ‘Isn't there a conflict between minority and collective rights versus individual rights?’

36. ‘There has to be a balance between the performance of the game versus the quality of the graphics.’

37. Manchester versus Liverpool should be a good match

Other users have misspelling versus as:

1. varsus 3.96%

2. bersys 3.52%

3. Other 92.52%

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