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Other users have misspelling versus as:

pie chart
  1. varsus 3.96%
  2. bersys 3.52%
  3. Other 92.52%

Definitions of versus

  1. Against; ; -- chiefly used in legal language, and abbreviated to v. or vs.

Examples of versus

  1. The National team is currently embroiled in an exhibition tour in B.C. versus Japan.
  2. The case - possibly the ultimate in town versus gown - revolves around a former manse on a quiet street in St Andrews, where students already occupy more than half the town centre accommodation.
  3. The Twelfth" officially commemorates the July 12, 1690, triumph of Protestant King William of Orange versus the Catholic he deposed from the English throne, James II, at the Battle of the Boyne south of Belfast.

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