Definition of 'vendor'


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1. A person or a company that vends or sells.

2. One that sells or vends something.

3. A vending machine.

4. One that provides products or services to a business for a fee.

5. A vender; a seller; the correlative of vendee.

6. someone who promotes or exchanges goods or services for money

7. Same as vender, but more common in legal use.


1. It was here that we were introduced to one of the great pleasures of Mexico, the street food vendors.

2. It is also affected by individuals, their motivations and the property itself: how badly does a vendor want to sell?

3. I see an artisan ice-cream vendor trying to cope with a huge crowd of local tourists, and queue to buy a green mango and salt lollipop.

4. Our parents are vendors in the street.

5. The blast yesterday ripped through crowds of pilgrims and vendors of food and religious paraphernalia.

6. Surveyors said many vendors were thinking twice before putting properties up for sale.

7. Most agents actively encourage vendors to ensure their property is in good condition.

8. The smaller vendors will sit on their money.

9. For how many other vendors is this true?

10. Sales volumes remain weak but small numbers of vendors are accepting losses on their properties to get them sold.

11. We could smell goat meat roasting on a street vendor's spit.

12. The selling agent says the vendor may accept offers lower than 150,000.

13. Once this is signed by you, the vendor and the agent it is legally binding.

14. Local agents have told the vendor the property could sell on for about 300,000 with an extra bedroom added.

15. Outside a temple, under garden umbrellas, vendors are selling flowers and incense.

16. There are many tourists and street vendors with stalls full of desirable Cold War memorabilia.

17. Especially in that ice-cream vendor's cap of his.

18. One said: 'There were loads of people crying and many vendors who were completely panicked.

19. Agents are reporting a surge in valuation requests in December, with vendors preparing to sell this month or next.

20. Booking with one of the street vendors by the beach, we soon found out we wouldn't get far without haggling.

21. Answer: Replacing a vendor is always difficult, especially if it is someone who you depend on and have been working with for a long time.

22. This vendor is the only organization that creates outreach kits for amateur astronomy clubs located across the country.

23. Anyway, the vendor is a young woman and she presses out the fresh masa to make the tortilla, fills it with whatever you want, but her mole is good, then seals it and slides it into the hot oil that fills the well in her comal/braizer and fries them until golden brown.

24. In some cases, ongoing support and relationship with a vendor is a critical portion of the package.

25. We have manufactured spare parts and what we call vendor or purchase parts.

26. The other thing that's important is that there that the battle is being fought at the point of sale, so media isn't as relevant as we thought it would be, so when you see adjustments being made on TSUBO and Simple we really dialing back the media stand, you won't see the prevalence in the print publications that we had anticipated doing, but we are still going to drive the presentation at point of sale, with VSM which is what we call vendor support money we are doing more clinics, we just recently did a series of clinics and product events that Nordstrom around Earth Day that were very successful, very solid sell through on Simple's product.

27. The vendor is listed on the factura as: MejorCompraTV, the shipping charges were $346.08 Pesos, and the IVA was $364.18 Pesos.

28. Somehow I doubt it, which means Verizon, Nikon or some independent vendor is going to have to come up with a way to recoup those costs.

29. ‘They found a street vendor selling ice cream; this time Rose wouldn't take no for an answer.’

30. ‘She glanced around quickly, and her eyes caught a street vender who was selling ice cream.’

31. ‘These are sold at market or by street vendors, but people typically grow enough for their own consumption.’

32. ‘The cries of children playing and street vendors hawking their merchandise rose above the hubbub.’

33. ‘Street vendors had set up their carts in front of her space, keeping customers away.’

34. ‘Street vendors and small restaurants in Bangkok also reported chicken sales have dived since late last week.’

35. ‘For example, Unilever sells soap through street vendors and Coca-Cola is sold through kiosks.’

36. ‘She explained that some place had become a dumping area for rotting vegetables that vendors were unable to sale.’

37. ‘Surprisingly, many middle-class customers also enjoy buying from the street vendors.’

38. ‘Today's street vendors hawk pirated DVD movies and contraband toys and clothing from China.’

39. ‘In Peru's informal economic sector, street vendors sell anything from food to flowers.’

40. ‘A seafood vendor hawks his goods at a morning market in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.’

41. ‘You'll see vendors hawking everything from incense to books on the latest conspiracy theory.’

42. ‘The hotdog vendor looked up from his task of assembling Rhino's meal and stared at them.’

43. ‘I am reminded of a very simple example where hotdog vendors compete for location on a strip of beach.’

44. ‘The explosion in Baghdad occurred in a market when police tried to dismantle two bombs found in vendors ' stalls.’

45. ‘The battle should begin with shop owners, they should not allow vendors along the corridors.’

46. ‘I learned to drink espresso there served up from a little vendor's cart.’

47. ‘He nodded and I turned away, walking straight up to the vendor's cart.’

48. ‘I'd just grab something from a vendor's cart in the marketplace.’

49. ‘First, he must be sure that the vendor of the property is really entitled to sell it.’

50. ‘Contracts between the vendor and the claimant were exchanged on 12 th June 1995.’

51. ‘In the agreement the vendor warranted that the pool machinery was properly constructed and free of structural deficits.’

52. ‘On 30 June the Solicitors remitted the full purchase price of £102,000 to the vendor's solicitors.’

53. ‘The vendor's solicitor responded with a letter to Kent dated October 9.’

54. the sales contract contains several representations by the vendor

Other users have misspelling vendor as:

1. viendo 9.53%

2. vendre 5.94%

3. vendo 4.95%

4. vendeur 3.09%

5. Other 76.49%

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