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1. An open sandwich

2. A snack formed of various ingredients between two slices of bread

3. Any combination formed by layering material of one type between two layers of material of another type

4. Something resembling a sandwich.

5. A partly split long or round roll containing a filling.

6. One slice of bread covered with a filling.

7. Two or more slices of bread with a filling such as meat or cheese placed between them.

8. Two pieces of bread and butter with a thin slice of meat, cheese, or the like, between them.

9. two (or more) slices of bread with a filling between them

10. Two thin slices of bread, plain or buttered, with some savory article of food, as sliced or potted meat, fish, or fowl, placed between: as, a ham sandwich; a cheese sandwich.

11. Hence Anything resembling or suggesting a sandwich; something placed between two other like things, as a man carrying two advertising-boards, one before and one behind.

12. US Of a meal or serving size that is smaller than a dinner.

13. To place one item between two other, usually flat, items

14. figuratively To put or set something between two others, in time.

15. insert or squeeze tightly between two people or objects

16. make into a sandwich

17. To make room or time for.

18. To collide with or crash into (a person, for example) with impacts on opposing sides.

19. To insert (one thing) tightly between two other things often of differing character or quality.

20. To make into a sandwich; also, figuratively, to insert between portions of something dissimilar; to form of alternate parts or things, or alternating layers of a different nature; to interlard.


1. We kept a piece of crust from his cheese sandwich.

2. These composite panels consist of a layer of insulation sandwiched between two layers of structure.

3. He seemed particularly interested in my ham sandwiches.

4. Scatter the jam with berries and sandwich the two halves back together.

5. sandwich together with the bun tops and serve.

6. There are only so many hoummos and carrot or dry chicken salad sandwiches one can take.

7. Do you have a weird favourite sandwich filling?

8. Not because we would normally eat sandwiches for dinner but because that seemed indicative of the menu.

9. We test the strawberries and cream sandwich thetimes.

10. Ditch the cheese sandwich in favour of a hot drink.

11. sandwich the cake layers together with some lemon curd.

12. And perhaps one day in the future they could share a steak sandwich together.

13. Stick one in your sandwich and feel fuller longer.

14. Also good as a sandwich filling or spread on little biscuits.

15. My guess is that far more men than women eat toasted cheese sandwiches.

16. Spread each layer with the orange curd cream and sandwich the four cakes together.

17. Put two sandwiches in the pan and put another heavy frying pan on top to squash them down.

18. We're just the meat in the sandwich.

19. England know that too and must make Bale the meat in the sandwich.

20. Without looking back at the list, ask yourself, was the word sandwich on that list?

21. This sandwich is always a club sandwich ie. of 3 bread slices.

22. He says the sandwich is a great position for them. ...

23. Remember the veg. toppings are UNLIMITED and if those “sandwich artists” dont give you enough green peppers or whatever, you just say more please, yes still more, yes more please until your sandwich is a respectable size.

24. ‘Sunshine and a light breeze can make even a ham sandwich twice the meal it is indoors.’

25. ‘Food comes in the form of light snacks, sandwiches and salads.’

26. ‘Operators such as U.S.-based Subway Restaurants are pulling in customers with fresh salads and sandwiches on focaccia bread.’

27. ‘Next-door is the chilled out Meet Café, which does light snacks on Italian lines including focaccia and panini sandwiches.’

28. ‘Light food such as sandwiches are available and can be ordered when you book your ticket or at the theatre.’

29. ‘I think the only thing sexy about food is that, when it is very good, it can give you shivers, not only sophisticated food but a good sandwich, an omelette, a salad, if quality products are used.’

30. ‘This goes into own label ready meals, sandwiches and convenience foods.’

31. ‘A variety of starters good for bar munching, salads and calzones, in addition to burgers, sandwiches and pasta round out the menu.’

32. ‘The menu has appetizers, sandwiches, pastas, salads and 23 kinds of pizzas.’

33. ‘The menu shows specialty and create-your-own pizzas, appetizers, hoagie sandwiches and salads.’

34. ‘My eating companion opted for a lighter meal, a BLT sandwich, which arrived with side salad and chips.’

35. ‘Tea from a can with brown soda bread sandwiches and rhubarb tart never tasted so good.’

36. ‘There are vegetable spring rolls, sandwiches, burgers, dosas and milk shakes to make it a sumptuous eat for all.’

37. ‘It offers nice hotel rooms, with several decent restaurants serving meals ranging from sandwiches and burgers with fries to much more upscale.’

38. ‘Come here for casual meals such as grilled sandwiches on homemade focaccia.’

39. ‘From top to bottom, the first sandwich was black olive bread, spread with tapenade and filled with a slice of fresh goat cheese.’

40. ‘The latter can be eaten as is, or can be made into mini shawarma sandwiches with the pita bread.’

41. ‘The company is now the market leader in a number of key growth segments in the British food industry, including sandwiches, quiche and pizza.’

42. ‘When you've had enough of ham and mustard in sandwiches over Christmas, try serving them instead in a pasta sauce.’

43. ‘On your way home from work, pick up a pizza, hamburgers, Chinese food, sandwiches, or some other take-out dinner.’

44. ‘Its windows are fake and the exterior walls are constructed with a sandwich of blast-proof Kevlar between two layers of concrete block.’

45. ‘The vessels are of catamaran design, the hulls being constructed from a fibre-reinforced plastic sandwich.’

46. ‘The two central layers in the silica sandwich deal with the significant pressure differences between the pressurised space station and the vacuum of space.’

47. ‘The exterior walls are of prefabricated wood sandwich panels except at the ground floor and on the gable walls, where the exterior shell is brick.’

48. ‘This ADA accessible ramp is framed with curved joists supported by sandwich beams, with blocking set between joists.’

49. ‘The structure is of reinforced concrete, and the exterior walls are mainly of prefabricated wood sandwich panels.’

50. ‘The portals span 20m and support aluminium sandwich panels which form the external skin.’

51. ‘This could come in the form of project work, or in the case of something like a sandwich degree, a year out on an industry placement.’

52. ‘While studying for your degree in chemistry it is possible for you to spend up to one year away from the University, as a sandwich year.’

53. ‘Of course, the rockist element is sandwiched between, if not crammed into, equal doses of vocodered neo-electro, orchestral manoeuvres and celestial harmonies, folksy strumming and awkward, Germanic vacuum beats.’

54. ‘The location is not central to the museum's traffic flow, and the space is sandwiched between the Asia Hall on one side and an exhibition devoted to the Ice Age on the other.’

55. ‘Fold top piece of felt back over (as if closing a book) the bottom half, sandwiching the craft stick between the two dress cut-outs.’

56. ‘Not only that, but if you carry the shovel on the outside of your pack, you can sandwich any available straps between the handle and blade, add one strap or a bungee, and you have a shovel carrying system that's the cleanest we've seen.’

57. ‘Stuff it into a red bell pepper instead of sandwiching it between two slabs of Wonder bread.’

58. ‘Check with the starter that your tee-off time is not sandwiched between two busloads of hackers from Iowa who've hired caddies to carry their clubs while they film everything that moves with their camcorders.’

59. ‘The Forest is sandwiched between two major conurbations, Southampton and Bourne-mouth, and is also facing problems caused by a huge increase in tourism and traffic.’

60. ‘She sandwiches the concert between summer festival appearances in the Isle of Man, Holmfirth, Sidmouth, Gainsborough and Norway.’

61. ‘Mountain Hardwear has sandwiched a windproof laminate between two moisture-moving polyester knits, creating a temperature and humidity gradient that forces moisture through the fabric.’

62. ‘To serve, sandwich some cheese between two aubergine slices and tuck into a roll (lightly smeared with chutney) with some watercress.’

63. ‘To account for the influence of cytoplasmic and extracellular water, a computational membrane with its embedded channel is sandwiched between two large water boxes, generally the bulk of the computational system.’

64. ‘The puzzling result appeared when electrons were sandwiched between very smooth gallium arsenide semiconductor crystals and put under a magnetic field perpendicular to the plane - the famous quantum Hall state.’

65. ‘Dry or rehydrated lipid samples were sandwiched between two CaF 2 windows and fixed in a vacuum chamber with windows, situated in the infrared beam.’

66. ‘Thread ends were sandwiched between two layers of double-stick tape before fixation by sample grips.’

67. ‘Vertical timber slats are sandwiched between two layers of glass forming a layered, translucent membrane, so at night, the pavilions will glow like lanterns above the town.’

68. ‘The journey narratives are sandwiched between two home narratives.’

69. ‘Approximately 2.0 mg of PSII was sandwiched between two CaF 2 windows.’

70. ‘The demanding 210-yard fifth hole at Royal Troon is sandwiched between two long par-fives’

71. ‘The method was similar, but now the copper ingot was sandwiched between two ingots of silver.’

72. ‘While the apartment complex is sandwiched between two restaurants, there is no evidence of any noise pollution on entering Portmore.’

73. I ate a tasty sandwich

Other users have misspelling sandwich as:

1. sandwhich 20.94%

2. sandwitch 14.53%

3. sanwich 5.13%

4. soundwich 4.27%

5. sandwish 3.85%

6. sandwic 2.99%

7. sandwiche 2.99%

8. sadwich 2.56%

9. Other 42.74%

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