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1. A screenplay itself, or an outline or a treatment of it.

2. An outline of the plot of a dramatic or literary work.

3. An outline or model of an expected or supposed sequence of events.

4. An expected or supposed situation or sequence of events.

5. A treatment for a screenplay.

6. An outline for a screenplay.

7. A screenplay.

8. A preliminary sketch of the plot, or main incidents, of an opera.

9. a setting for a work of art or literature

10. a postulated sequence of possible events

11. an outline or synopsis of a play (or, by extension, of a literary work)

12. The plot itself of such a work.

13. A skeleton libretto of a dramatic work, giving the general movement of the plot and the successive appearances of the principal characters.


1. We knew if he snapped the same scenario would play out.

2. What nightmare scenario had led me to this?

3. The worst possible scenario could then begin to happen.

4. Your lively imagination will suggest other ridiculous scenarios that may work better for you.

5. Yet each layer makes the scenario less likely.

6. Each group should take a different scenario.

7. Now that people have been gaming for years the latter scenario has become more likely.

8. This scenario would play out again and again.

9. It is the nightmare scenario for any golfer.

10. But my job is to consider all possible scenarios.

11. The scenario may be already sketched out.

12. There are three likely scenarios for where the world goes from here.

13. Then they react emotionally as if these imagined scenarios are real.

14. Here is a scenario likely to become more and more common in the future.

15. This scenario can then play itself out in two different ways.

16. The worst-case scenario is that he is not serious about the relationship.

17. The worst-case scenario is that blood vessels supplying the kidney are ruptured.

18. Leading it back into civil war was always the worst-case scenario to be avoided at all costs.

19. Take the worst-case scenario for the Democrats.

20. ‘He entered the film industry taking small-part roles and writing scenarios for the London Film Company.’

21. ‘This at least saves me trying to comprehend how anybody could write such abysmal dialogue, characters, and plot scenarios.’

22. ‘Imagine being able to create scenarios instead of linear plot threads, world environments instead of single scenes.’

23. ‘We engaged Joan as director, and my other sister wrote the scenario.’

24. ‘It is in fact easy to imagine an adult film scenario based on Celanire's adventures.’

25. ‘It sounds like the opening line to a Jean-Pierre Melville scenario and the film has a similar starkness to it.’

26. ‘I have also written scenarios and turned a camera - but my own ambition has always been to produce.’

27. ‘The scenario is hardly novel, but, in the early stages at least, the telling satisfies.’

28. ‘Maintaining a connection to the artificiality of cinema, Lewis hires actors and creates scenarios for all his films.’

29. ‘The dilemma this raises can only be solved by a science-fiction scenario as daring as Shelley's in her novel.’

30. ‘Elvidge also dismisses the nightmare scenarios of films such as The Terminator in which machines come to dominate their masters.’

31. ‘The film shows different scenarios of bullying and how the victim turns to their mentor for support.’

32. ‘While there is no off-the-shelf method for writing scenarios, we later provide some rules of thumb or guidelines for this activity.’

33. ‘From the beginning, Edwards explored new territory in British cinema, particularly in films based on his own original scenarios.’

34. ‘In 1998, Antonio Simon shot one of Luis Bunuel's old scenarios, La Novia de Medianoche.’

35. ‘I wonder if there are any viable scenarios left for a cross-dressing film?’

36. ‘The acting in the films seems totally free and uninhibited, yet the scenarios are often quite strict.’

37. ‘What did you start filming with if you didn't have a finished scenario?’

38. ‘He had written a ballet scenario, and Peter Anastos was creating the choreography.’

39. ‘In the hands of a lesser writer, such a scenario might have smacked drearily of one of those worthy social docu-dramas.’

40. ‘Rather it postulates possible future scenarios without making any assessment of the likelihood that any one scenario will occur.’

41. ‘In any event, this scenario is simply not possible with this democracy and civil society will not accept it.’

42. ‘Worst case scenarios predict that hundreds of thousands of Balinese who depend on the tourism sector could lose their livelihood.’

43. ‘This scenario postulates the emergence of an expansionist power with global reach.’

44. ‘While these risks are hard to quantify, it is clear that the mechanisms and resources needed to respond to worst case scenarios are not in place.’

45. ‘They said a worst-case scenario could see it continue on even longer.’

46. ‘Discussions about new technology, drugs, health or the environment invariably focus on worst-case scenarios.’

47. ‘It is possible to discuss scenarios but foolish to make predictions.’

48. ‘This is far from being the case, with endless possible scenarios being played out in Washington.’

49. ‘Although it is not known what went wrong in the latest case, there are a number of possible scenarios.’

50. ‘SAS units are currently on standby in London in case such a scenario develops.’

51. ‘This is in agreement with a style of making decisions in regard to appraisals based on the worst case scenarios.’

52. ‘The goal of the meeting was to try to predict the worst-case scenarios, and to make plans to deal with each.’

53. ‘There are also other possible contingent scenarios that may limit scalar switchability.’

54. ‘In worst case scenarios, he says that there will always be some way to get access to old data, though it may be costly.’

55. ‘In the end, of course, it appears that the worst of all possible scenarios emerged.’

56. ‘Whatever those undesirable outcomes, there will exist logical scenarios triggered by initiating events.’

57. ‘The three scenarios include a best-case situation, a middle-case and a doomsday scenario.’

58. ‘Even in the best case scenarios, foreign money would come when the Russian economy would be on her feet, but not before.’

59. ‘Analysts say three possible scenarios now exist for B.C. Reform.’

60. ‘Arguably, only a masterful scholar could have convinced so many people to accept such an unlikely scenario.’

61. ‘The next two years brought surveys predicting scary scenarios of doctor shortages.’

62. ‘People with paranoid disorders are often highly intelligent and can create complex scenarios about how and why they are being persecuted.’

63. ‘Here, as in an interviewing scenario, two people are seated in a situation to be recorded.’

64. ‘Monumental, even cosmic, this painting brings to mind Creation scenarios.’

65. ‘The optical mouse is comfortable in most scenarios, but is not an ergonomic masterpiece.’

66. ‘His works typically relocated the language and scenarios of classical ballet into contemporary settings.’

67. ‘Basic science should be presented in the context of a clinical scenario to encourage integration of knowledge’

68. ‘But in the real life scenario, the predicted advantages of heparin coating don't seem to feature.’

69. ‘It posits a near-future scenario in which society has crumbled due to some unexplained catastrophe.’

70. ‘Skills sets should provide a competitive edge to an individual in the global scenario.’

71. the scenario is France during the Reign of Terror

Other users have misspelling scenario as:

1. senarai 8.66%

2. scenerio 8.5%

3. senario 6.86%

4. senerio 5.88%

5. secnario 2.29%

6. skenario 2.29%

7. escenario 2.12%

8. scenarion 1.63%

9. Other 61.77%

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