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Other users have misspelling allot as:

pie chart
  1. allait 5.88%
  2. Other 94.12%

Definitions of allot


  1. give out
  2. allow to have
  3. administer or bestow, as in small portions

Examples of allot

  1. ‘In the absence of those assurances, we will have no choice but to ballot for industrial action,’ he said.
  2. If you interview a lot of conservative Democrats, even in states like Texas, you know, New Mexico, they are very concerned that Hillary Clinton on the top of the ticket would really kind of depress voter turnout and ultimately affect a lot of down ballot races.
  3. I am thinking about taking one row of raspberries away, maybe exchange the other one as well for a newer kind with bigger berries in, so we can have a bit more room for flowers along the allotment border.

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