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1. plurale tantum Many individuals as a group.

2. Plural form of number.

3. the fourth book of the Old Testament; contains a record of the number of Israelites who followed Moses out of Egypt

4. an illegal daily lottery

5. The fourth book of the Old Testament: so called because it begins with an account of the numbering of the Israelites in the beginning of the second year after they left Egypt. It includes part of the history of the Israelites during their wanderings. Abbreviated Num., Numb.

6. pl. of number. The fourth book of the Pentateuch, containing the census of the Hebrews.

7. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of number.


1. Words would lose their meaning, numbers would transform into hieroglyphics.

2. He drove slowly along the street, lights on against the gloomy drizzle of the evening, checking the house numbers.

3. You show him the warehouse,' he said, and wrote down some numbers.

4. numbers four, five, and six grouped fourteen, fourteen, and thirteen of the medium-sized.

5. Inside Sophie's phone are stored various telephone numbers of VIPs, including the private ­numbers for senior members of the Royal Family.

6. Replacing all positive whole numbers who consist of 3 digits placed in between ~, if they are not equal to any value in var2. var1 contains a long string in which ~numbers~ and ~Inumbers~ are present.

7. What you lack in numbers is more than made of for by coherent and targeted action.

8. Although the media would have you believe otherwise, the gap between Hillary and Obama in numbers is not that great.

9. Conversely, handling locations of commas and points in numbers is a language-specific thing.

10. every number has a unique position in the sequence

Other users have misspelling numbers as:

1. nombres 17.87%

2. nabers 7.04%

3. nambers 1.81%

4. numbes 1.81%

5. Other 71.47%

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