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1. transitive To consider likely.

2. transitive To think something is true without having proof or empirical evidence.

3. transitive To accept as true.

4. transitive To accept that someone is telling the truth.

5. intransitive To have religious faith; to believe in a greater truth.

6. be confident about something

7. follow a credo; have a faith; be a believer

8. accept as true; take to be true

9. credit with veracity

10. To be persuaded of the truth of anything; accept a doctrine, principle, system, etc., as true, or as an object of faith: with in: as, “I believe in the Holy Ghost, the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints,” etc., Apostles' Crecd; to believe in Buddhism. See belief.

11. To be of opinion; think; understand: as, I believe he has left the city.

12. To credit upon the ground of authority, testimony, argument, or any other ground than complete demonstration; accept as true; give credence to. See belief.

13. To have faith or confidence.

14. To give credence to (a person making a statement, anything said, etc.).

15. To exercise trust or confidence; rely through faith: generally with on.

16. To expect or hope with confidence; trust.

17. To have confidence in the truth or value of something.

18. To have faith, confidence, or trust.

19. To expect or suppose; think.

20. To credit with veracity.

21. To accept as true or real.

22. To have firm faith, especially religious faith.

23. To believe that the qualities or effects of an action or state are beneficial: as, to believe in sea bathing, or in abstinence from alcoholic beverages.

24. to accept implicitly as an object of religious trust or obedience; to have faith in.

25. To have a firm persuasion, esp. of the truths of religion; to have a persuasion approaching to certainty; to exercise belief or faith.

26. To exercise belief in; to credit upon the authority or testimony of another; to be persuaded of the truth of, upon evidence furnished by reasons, arguments, and deductions of the mind, or by circumstances other than personal knowledge; to regard or accept as true; to place confidence in; to think; to consider.

27. (believe (one's) ears) To trust what one has heard.

28. (believe (one's) eyes) To trust what one has seen.


1. If you don't believe me, go up there now and spend an hour in her company.

2. I believe in the law, whether you're rich or poor or cop or bad guy.

3. _ Yes, yes, _said the other_, I believe she is: _But I believe_, said I, _You but taak'n all this while, for no Body mun do such things.

4. Doubt strikes at the root of Justice and of Love -- not the doubt that is the half-brother to Disbelief, but the doubt which wonders always and always if we believe most easily what we _want to believe_, and if our firmest conviction against such Belief is not, more than anything else, yet one more manifestation of what we desire so earnestly _to doubt_.

5. And while we believe that such efforts are praiseworthy for the reason that many persons must be first convinced in that way, still we feel that one must really _feel_ the truth of the doctrine from something within his own consciousness, before he will really _believe_ it to be truth.

6. "Though your lady excelled, as much as your diamond, _I could not believe she excelled many_; that is, I too _could_ yet _believe that there are_ many _whom_ she did not excel."

7. And, for anyone else who is reading this, I believe if you load entities without a PK: EntityLoad (myEntity, primaryKey) ... and no entity is returned, I * believe* that

8. I'm not really sure debunking this stuff really accomplishes anything ... if someone wants to believe a candidate for president is a closet terrorist, that's * what they want to believe*, the rumors are just an excuse.

9. _nobody_ would believe him, and who _could believe_ that in _a day_, almost without struggle, _all would be over_, and the past, the present, the future carried away on an unaccountable storm!

10. Nice job Pete - you even managed to get John to mention his "Milton" which I believe is code for book collection, but I could be wrong.

11. In your descriptions of the personality of Moscow, you use the Russian word "naglost," which I believe translates as "an unseemly blend of arrogance and shamelessness."

12. ‘How many of you, as kids, read these insane stories and believed them to be true?’

13. ‘Twelve months ago, the Worralls were looking forward to Christmas, believing Rose's condition was in remission.’

14. ‘The trust believes these measures will prevent similar problems in the future.’

15. ‘In fact, the Trust believes the solution to many of our problems lies in the hands of managers.’

16. ‘Johnny seemed to be eating up this story and believing every word that came from their surrogate mother's mouth.’

17. ‘Then he tells himself that, because he believes these things, they must be true.’

18. ‘We all know this to be true, but cannot help believe a miracle diet will make losing the weight so much easier.’

19. ‘So when Euclid described his geometry, many believed it to be the one true geometry.’

20. ‘He said smoking was traditional and many men would not believe it affected their health.’

21. ‘They believed it was a genuine news story, for why would anyone use the radio to fool and scare them?’

22. ‘His team-mates believed the story was genuine because it suited them to believe it.’

23. ‘What I think is so remarkable about these stories is that we can so very easily believe them.’

24. ‘Her parents told police that she explained to them she had swallowed the liquid by accident, believing it was something else.’

25. ‘It is believed a motorist witnessed the fall and police say there were no suspicious circumstances.’

26. ‘Spending on credit and debit cards was believed to have overtaken cash for the first time yesterday.’

27. ‘Many local people believed him when he spoke of the right or wrong siting of houses or tombs.’

28. ‘Although the City didn't quite think that was true, they were inclined to believe him.’

29. ‘One of those who manage to escape sees the bodies of 3,000 people but no one believes him.’

30. ‘Many people will not believe you, which shows that they understand you all too well.’

31. ‘She also refuses to believe her when my friend says that people speak English in Trinidad.’

32. ‘The thing is that I never felt like an idiot for believing him.’

33. ‘All the time laughing inwardly at them for believing me.’

34. ‘She nodded, obviously not believing me, but unwilling to make an issue of it.’

35. ‘I was actually having trouble believing her because her project was looking THAT GOOD.’

36. ‘This offer was so pathetic that I couldn't imagine anyone believing him.’

37. ‘She looked at me, all quizzical like, not quite believing me.’

38. ‘I don't know whether Juliet went away believing me but I suspect not.’

39. ‘And even if he was to take it upon himself to tell them the likelihood of anyone believing him is slight.’

40. ‘I suddenly realised why these dudes were having so much trouble believing me.’

41. ‘Nobody believes me when I tell them that the movie was shot with him missing most of the times.’

42. ‘The American President can issue all the denials he wants, but nobody believes him any more.’

43. ‘I love the way how no-one believes him when he explains what he does for a living.’

44. ‘Would you give me a sicknote so my boss believes me?’

45. ‘No one believes me that our hot water has run out faster ever since we got a new shower head.’

46. ‘Was it lifted up whole and intact to heaven, as the Catholic faith believes?’

47. ‘Obviously, he does not see the point of religion as the believer does, since for the believer seeing the point of religion is believing.’

48. ‘God asks us to overcome what we cannot see, take a leap of faith and believe and trust in him.’

49. ‘Is it just the comfort of a faith that keeps people believing?’

50. ‘Faith is in crisis because few really believe and those that do are regarded as lunatics.’

51. ‘Again, faith seems to me to be manifest in both a commitment to believe and mere mental inertia.’

52. ‘Much of our strongest faith experience comes from simply believing and knowing that God is present.’

53. ‘Why do people with a religion start to stop thinking and start believing?’

54. ‘For no matter what you might think about the man's church, at least he believed truly.’

55. ‘Culture concerns beliefs and practices and we are responsible for what we believe and do.’

56. ‘One such failure is that many churches have forgotten what they once believed.’

57. ‘Let us go into this article with a plain mind of understanding to achieve the holy will of our Lord in whom we believe.’

58. ‘It may well matter what we believe, and it does matter what beliefs the churches teach.’

59. ‘And there won't be Jews unless we go on scrupulously believing.’

60. ‘“It looks pretty bad for him, Mrs. Donovan,” said Diana, “but even so I can’t believe it of him either—I won’t believe it.”’

61. ‘I couldn't believe it of him because he had behaved so normally at home.’

62. ‘I have a hard time believing that my opinion would change regardless of who did the work though.’

63. ‘He believes that moving to Rochdale Infirmary will add to the already difficult parking problems.’

64. ‘It is believed that with one man already convicted of the bombing, there are no grounds to reopen the inquiries.’

65. ‘This shows the groundswell of opinion that believes these weapons are immoral.’

66. ‘Experts believe that these extreme weather events are likely to become much more frequent.’

67. ‘They didn't even try to defend their territory now, believing that they had already lost.’

68. ‘But he believes that the figures and statistics do not matter - a single delay can cost a life.’

69. ‘He asked me to meet him and I believe that was on the same day as the telephone call.’

70. ‘It is also true that the same experts have no very strong grounds for believing that this is more likely this year than in any year since 1918.’

71. ‘Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that they would not have believed that this was their last chance.’

72. ‘But he is mistaken in believing that most voters will come to their own conclusions.’

73. ‘I believe that this was the first time I truly understood the power of good branding.’

74. ‘And there are good grounds for believing that the planning deadlines may not be met.’

75. ‘After four months, he returned to the front, believing that his primary duty lay to the men under his command.’

76. ‘Smith also believes it is acceptable for women to fight men, as long as they are properly matched for weight and ability.’

77. ‘She believes it is time for women to be accepted in the life of the Mosque.’

78. ‘It is widely believed that the true picture of epidemic has still not emerged in China.’

79. ‘On his way, it is believed Mr Winfield fell and hit his head, causing the brain injury that led to his death.’

80. We didn't believe his stories from the War

Other users have misspelling believe as:

1. belive 54.82%

2. beleive 9.6%

3. beleave 4.35%

4. believ 3.02%

5. beleve 2.18%

6. blev 1.87%

7. Other 24.16%

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