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1. A hex; an evil spell.

2. A person or thing supposed to bring bad luck.

3. A person or thing that is believed to bring bad luck.

4. A condition or period of bad luck that appears to have been caused by a specific person or thing.

5. Slang A person, object, influence, or supernatural being which is supposed to bring bad luck or to cause things to go wrong.

6. a person believed to bring bad luck to those around him

7. transitive To cast a spell on.

8. transitive To bring bad luck to.

9. cast a spell over someone or something; put a hex on someone or something

10. foredoom to failure

11. To bring bad luck to.

12. Slang To bring bad luck to; to cause to malfunction or go wrong.

13. Used after the same response is said by two people simultaneously. Often, a game is played where the person who failed to say "jinx" first becomes "jinxed", whereby they cannot speak until someone says their name.


1. Love is ready to say more - don't let impatience jinx it.

2. You think faster than those around you but impatience must not jinx home plans.

3. Do not let impatience jinx a love relationship that needs more time.

4. There will definitely be some high jinx with characters trying to find their own way round the ban.

5. You are smart enough to let love move at its own speed and will not let impatience jinx it.

6. But impatience could jinx your plans.

7. And so the Arsenal injury jinx goes on.

8. Your emotions are calm and your love style more confident so jealousy won't jinx a relationship.

9. This helps in all you do and ensures jealousy won't jinx relationships.

10. You think faster than the people around you but don't let impatience jinx a work project.

11. Love may be slow but you are getting there so don't let impatience jinx your plans.

12. But be sure impatience doesn't jinx a relationship that needs time.

13. Just be sure impatience doesn't jinx your plans.

14. Be sure impatience doesn't jinx a love relationship that needs time to get stronger.

15. Instead of letting impatience jinx love, you are ready to give romance the time it needs.

16. Don't let impatience jinx a relationship that needs time.

17. Ideas flow fast and your plans are on track so don't let impatience jinx them.

18. I put the jinx thing to the back of my mind.

19. If EastEnders was all cuddly and warm and high jinx, no one would watch it.

20. If you've been following the whole series, it is the biggest surprise imaginable that sets the tone for all the emotional high jinx that follow.

21. The year 2009 also saw Arvind Bhat break the title jinx at the National championship after four abortive finals, when he beat P Kashyap in the summit clash in Indore.

22. Zedillo wanted at all costs to avoid the sixth-year, end-of-term jinx that has befallen every Mexican president since Luis Echeverria in 1976.

23. Hey listen, this is just the second-term jinx that always happens once you're a president.

24. KING: But if Republicans defy the traditional midterm jinx, the reasons extend beyond the President's aggressive campaigning.

25. "Don't forget that thing you call a jinx, which you say has been camping on our trail for so long."

26. It became known as a jinx: if Bale was in the side, the stats suggested, Spurs wouldn't win.

27. Defying the second-term jinx, he vastly simplified the federal tax code, discharging millions of low-income Americans from taxpaying obligations altogether.

28. ‘Are you suffering from depression, substance abuse, obesity, stress, impotence, domestic problems or even a jinx?’

29. ‘I pity any adult who still actually believes in jinxes and curses or any such stuff.’

30. ‘The Indian cricket team once again failed to break the jinx yesterday which left thousands of fans disappointed.’

31. ‘Pilots are usually well-educated, highly analytical types whom you would not normally expect to believe in luck or jinxes.’

32. ‘By vocalizing your overconfidence, you leave your squad vulnerable to all kinds of bad karma, curses and jinxes.’

33. ‘You're not the only one who believes in jinxes, you know.’

34. ‘The best thing you can do to avoid jinxes is to focus on the Eagles' potential to lose because of last year.’

35. ‘The plot is a suitably ludicrous tale of high jinxes, sporty endeavours, girly crushes and hidden treasure.’

36. ‘Gloucester finally ended their away jinx with a 16-0 victory over Harlequins at The Stoop, but the match was an appalling advert for the Zurich Premiership.’

37. ‘I haven't mentioned much about the politics of the homeowners association lately out of fear that I'd put a jinx on the overall shift toward good relations.’

38. ‘Byatt's account of the jinx's stream of consciousness during her ritual killing ventures beyond the limits of verisimilitude.’

39. ‘I forgot, of course, that this is Philly: The whole town is a jinx.’

40. ‘Saltires hero Paul Hoffmann hopes to end a personal jinx and help Uddingston keep the Coronel Scottish Cup.’

41. ‘If the latest trends are anything to go by, tourism trade watchers are hopeful that India will break the jinx of just 2.5 million foreign tourists a year.’

42. ‘Many of us still say ‘knock on wood’ or ‘touch wood’ when we want to prevent a jinx on whatever we just mentioned.’

43. ‘Unfortunately, the injury jinx struck the Gaeltacht youngster and he was forced to retire.’

44. ‘His son should better be advised to deal with the despot carefully lest it becomes the jinx of both father and son.’

45. ‘Padraig was upbeat when questioned about the jinx and said he was aiming to disprove the theory.’

46. ‘Whenever I say things like this events have a habit of not going as planned, so I may well have just put a jinx on myself.’

47. ‘When he was a schoolboy in Glasgow his father would take him to matches and tease Alex for being a jinx when Rangers lost.’

48. ‘The more superstitious among us would have sworn our hockey luck was jinxed.’

49. ‘There were moments where we felt like we were jinxing the whole thing, pushing our luck, but we decided to test fate and stock up anyhow.’

50. ‘The chains had been cursed, jinxed by the many hands that had been bound.’

51. ‘The question of whether the sequels were jinxed is one that the cast and crew are reluctant to acknowledge, but one which has crossed their minds.’

52. ‘I almost hate to say that because I'm afraid of jinxing it.’

53. ‘Then she tapped herself three times on the head, as if it were wood and could prevent her from jinxing her team.’

54. ‘Friday morning I snuck into town for an interview, not wanting Miss R. to know and in order to avoid jinxing it.’

55. ‘A passport mix-up nearly jinxed the recent ceremony, said the mother-in-law, the already happily married Judy Gates of Yarrow Point.’

56. ‘The thought is that by talking about my Webbys' acceptance speech so much, I've jinxed myself out of winning.’

57. ‘‘There was just a feeling that we were jinxed,’ says Garnett, relieved to have this latest contract under his belt.’

58. ‘People have got to stop singing ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody,’ which must be jinxed.’

59. ‘The 27-year-old could be forgiven for thinking he is jinxed after suffering a string of setbacks in his bid to make his American debut.’

60. ‘Did our English friends truly wish to be jinxed?’

61. ‘And you'd think the project was almost jinxed; I think we had three changes of Indian government.’

62. ‘When it comes to moving house I am positively jinxed.’

63. ‘They must be thinking that this wedding is jinxed.’

64. ‘Do you ever get the feeling that you've jinxed yourself?’

65. ‘I jinxed myself the other day by saying this was the first year since I was 18 that I'd not had bronchitis or lost my voice.’

66. ‘The England team were jinxed as soon as I paid any attention to them.’

67. ‘I think what might have jinxed it up was the anti-virus software running in the background.’

68. I think my friend is a jinx

Other users have misspelling jinx as:

1. jianxue 2.91%

2. jinxx 2.91%

3. jinix 2.91%

4. Other 91.27%

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