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1. uncountable A form of entertainment popular in clubs, at parties, etc, in which individual members of the public sing along to pre-recorded instrumental versions of popular songs, the lyrics of which are displayed for the singer on a screen in time with the music.

2. The performance of such music.

3. A music entertainment system providing prerecorded accompaniment to popular songs that a performer sings live, usually by following the words on a video screen.

4. singing popular songs accompanied by a recording of an orchestra (usually in bars or nightclubs)


1. karaoke night Fighting to music.

2. What does anybody get out of calling us karaoke singers?

3. Their favourite karaoke bar must have suffered a power cut.

4. Japanese karaoke is not like our karaoke.

5. The tables have sunken ice buckets and the karaoke machine is top of the range.

6. Your new partner is the star turn at a karaoke night.

7. Some couples go there to dance and others to sing karaoke.

8. Surely the time for karaoke cover singers is finished?

9. New love sings to you at a karaoke bar.

10. One resident was bought a karaoke machine despite not being able to speak.

11. She organised a karaoke night on board and got the staff to have a turn.

12. Same goes for those karaoke nights at the pub.

13. The choirmaster talks about the importance of the choir becoming a coherent unit rather than just being a bunch of karaoke singers.

14. Besides, people who like karaoke are already being served by the karaoke club.

15. While the winner gets to keep a bit of his home, the loser has to close the show with a karaoke song.

16. I'm fed up with karaoke shows.

17. A particular pet hate is reality television, above all music talent shows like "The X Factor," which he described as "karaoke competitions."

18. Just having RZA come on stage and sing karaoke is pretty crazy.

19. I don't think you can call that karaoke ... karaoke is singing with instruments, preferably original tracks without the vocals.

20. Songs can be broken down into vocals and instrumentation for use in karaoke games.

21. The New Dominion Chorale offers one answer with its annual summer sings: four weeks of what one might term karaoke choral music, where everyone shows up with a score (or rents one on the spot) and reads through some of the greatest choral literature.

22. Sunday, October 7, 2007 4: 20: 00 AM CDT kat said ... oh god, deaf karaoke is almost as fantastic as the mom song!

23. And the weird thing about karaoke is that the better you are, the less likely people are to pay attention to you.

24. The traditional cool take on karaoke is that anyone can sing at them, so why bother?

25. ‘I sang some new karaoke songs without anyone pressing the cancel button and we drank more.’

26. ‘That's because people are singing it in karaoke bars and things like that.’

27. ‘MEN are more romantic than women when it comes to singing love songs on karaoke nights.’

28. ‘Every karaoke bar is filled with people who want to sing this - but shouldn't.’

29. ‘After the cabaret had performed, the rest of the evening was spent with karaoke singing.’

30. ‘The function room is being redecorated, with new equipment for karaoke and live entertainment.’

31. ‘The ditties were belted out by participants in the town's attempt to set a world record for karaoke singing.’

32. ‘She is a full-time mum and housewife who enjoys singing at her local karaoke.’

33. ‘Dunbar was still working in pubs and clubs, singing and hosting karaoke nights.’

34. ‘On this night a half dozen members get together to eat dinner and sing karaoke at his home.’

35. ‘He was a Bolton Wanderers fan and enjoyed going to the pub to perform karaoke songs.’

36. ‘Just because you can sing a karaoke song really well doesn't mean you should be famous.’

37. ‘Venues are shutting down, while pubs and bars are more interested in staging karaoke nights.’

38. ‘We went upstairs for fish and chips and they made us sing songs for the karaoke.’

39. ‘A karaoke night was organised but there were a few technical difficulties on the night.’

40. ‘Here and there, others also report the opening of small restaurants and karaoke bars.’

41. ‘No one was there, so he took us around the corner to this karaoke bar and got us wasted.’

42. ‘Either way, Mike finds himself sorely missing their late night dancing and karaoke sessions.’

43. ‘However, up until very recently, your average karaoke bar was a frightfully seedy affair.’

44. ‘After a few drinks we mounted a quest to try and find the local karaoke bar.’

45. they enjoyed the karaoke night the company organized

Other users have misspelling karaoke as:

1. karoke 13.33%

2. karaki 11.11%

3. kerka 7.47%

4. kaarkku 4.24%

5. kareoke 2.22%

6. Other 61.63%

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