Definition of 'heroes'


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1. Plural form of hero.


1. With his heart thumping with excitement he felt like a conquering hero.

2. There is nothing in the world so passé as yesterday's sporting hero.

3. McGregor was a ringleader, a man who wouldn't take seconds from anybody, a hero.

4. That link leads you to the RNC Facebook home page, which features Republican heroes such as Jackie Robinson, the inclusion of whom made the entire \ "Republican heroes\" bit a laughing stock when it was introduced a couple weeks ago.

5. You Northern men are so slow to believe that our Southern heroes -- Northern _men_ and Southern _heroes_ -- you recognize the distinction I make -- you won't believe that they will keep their promises.

6. The Philippine government prefers the term "heroes of the nation."

7. We use the term "heroes" to describe a majority of the recipients of care under the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, and hear endless appeals to "never forget."

8. One of their heroes is a serial marrier who left DC in disgrace.

9. The traits I like best in my heroes is their bravery, their tendency to be ruthless (but push-overs when it comes to their female) and their need to do anything in their power to keep and protect those they love.

10. TOTENBERG: Republicans have also criticized Kagan for what they call her heroes: the two judges she clerked for after law school, federal appeals court Judge Abner Mikva and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, as well as former Israeli Chief Justice Aharon Barak.

11. Deepak Chopra, who's been spending a lot of time thinking about this, says that “the themes of the sinners and saints, good and evil, play out with these symbolic representations of what we call heroes and villains.

12. And, of course, having a talking mouse as one of the heroes is always good in a fantasy book.

13. she was considered a hero because she stood up for what she believed in

Other users have misspelling heroes as:

1. heures 13.72%

2. heros 10.72%

3. heureuse 3.74%

4. hereos 2.99%

5. herois 2.49%

6. Other 66.34%

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