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Other users have misspelling conceited as:

pie chart
  1. concieted 11.11%
  2. consited 11.11%
  3. concited 11.11%
  4. caenseitd 11.11%
  5. conceted 11.11%
  6. conseted 11.11%
  7. Other 33.34%

Definitions of conceited


  1. characteristic of false pride; having an exaggerated sense of self-importance

Examples of conceited

  1. “But suppose, Maggie, —suppose it was a man who was not conceited, who felt he had nothing to be conceited about; who had been marked from childhood for a peculiar kind of suffering, and to whom you were the day-star of his life; who loved you, worshipped you, so entirely that he felt it happiness enough for him if you would let him see you at rare moments——”15
  2. At work, you can talk confidently without seeming conceited.
  3. They hated that conceited, self-satisfied creature.

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