Definition of 'conceited'


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1. having an excessively favorable opinion of one's abilities, appearance, etc.

2. this redundant sense?) vain and egotistic

3. rhetoric, literature Having an ingenious expression or metaphorical idea, especially in extended form or used as a literary or rhetorical device.

4. obsolete Endowed with fancy or imagination.

5. obsolete Curiously contrived or designed; fanciful.

6. Holding or characterized by an unduly high opinion of oneself; vain.

7. Entertaining a flattering opinion of one's self; vain.

8. Simple past tense and past participle of conceit.

9. Having a favorable conception or opinion of any person or thing.

10. Entertaining an exaggerated opinion of one's own abilities, wisdom, wit, or the like; self-conceited; self-complacent.

11. Ingeniously or curiously contrived; fanciful.

12. Endowed with or characterized by fancy or imagination; ingenious; witty.


1. Typically they become conceited and end up thinking they have all the answers - when of course no one does.

2. Mars gives you confidence and the moon supplies charm, so you can talk about your skills and ideas at work without seeming conceited.

3. It's not just about telling me not to become conceited, but keeping things normal and not treating me any differently.

4. Your success chart turns on so you can appear confident without sounding conceited.

5. You value your skills and can be confident without seeming conceited.

6. You talk with confidence without sounding conceited and can handle officials well.

7. You come across as confident without seeming conceited.

8. You have the confidence and charm to promote your skills without sounding conceited.

9. You can talk confidently without seeming conceited.

10. You can take credit for ideas without sounding conceited.

11. At work you are confident without seeming conceited.

12. You can be confident without sounding conceited.

13. You can also talk up your own skills without sounding conceited.

14. It is easier to talk confidently about work without sounding conceited.

15. And you can talk up your skills without sounding conceited.

16. You can talk confidently about your abilities without sounding conceited.

17. Jupiter adds a vital touch of luck to work plans and you can talk with confidence without seeming conceited.

18. You can talk confidently without sounding conceited and make it clear that you can handle a work task or personal project.

19. He was extremely arrogant and conceited.

20. In all you do, you are confident without seeming conceited.

21. At work, you come across as confident without seeming conceited.

22. At work, you can talk confidently without seeming conceited.

23. Your willpower is strong, you have a deeper belief in your abilities and can talk confidently without seeming at all conceited.

24. She was witty and great fun, encouraging to her nephews and nieces, kind but capable of putting a brash or conceited person in his place.

25. I then had a low opinion of myself yet I was too proud and conceited to accept any criticism.

26. "I am not what you call conceited enough for that, but I would like to believe that I might have a kind word or two on my own account."

27. "It is foolish of them," said Johannes, "unless it is when a boy is what you call conceited and self-satisfied, and thinks that he is a man too soon."

28. The word "conceited" has been used to describe him.

29. "As you will see it, let 's say – if that does n't sound too conceited from a tenderfoot," supplemented the nephew, and laid his hand upon her shoulder with a gentle little pat.

30. Walden, -- she had 'tried to entangle him' -- there had been 'a scene with him at the Manor, '-- she was' forward, '' conceited '-- and utterly lost to any sense of propriety.

31. The glossy packaging of Mexico City's Vanidosas -- or "conceited" -- cookies doesn't give the slightest hint that they were created by youth living on the city's streets.

32. He had been called conceited, swell-headed, inconsiderate of others, and now this final insult was heaped upon the full measure of his wrongs, just when he had a clear vision of future achievements that should have dazzled any young woman whose life was to be linked with his.

33. ‘Not to be vain or conceited, but it was the truth and anyone sensible would agree.’

34. ‘He is not alone in saying that some American lawyers and accountants are conceited and arrogant about what they think is a superior system.’

35. ‘Then, typically, she worries that this sounds arrogant or conceited.’

36. ‘You have a considerable amount of self-confidence, and you like yourself without being conceited or boastful.’

37. ‘That said, it can be frustrating working with conceited, egotistical players.’

38. ‘I know that might sound pretty arrogant and conceited but it's true, it's really true.’

39. ‘From the look on their faces, they were probably arrogant, conceited punks who thought they could get any girl they wanted.’

40. ‘When she first meets people Penny is conceited and haughty.’

41. ‘She knew nothing about him… yet she had the guts to even describe him as an arrogant conceited brat.’

42. ‘It's essential for you not to let yourself appear arrogant and conceited because of this.’

43. ‘Charles was arrogant, conceited and a strong believer in the divine rights of kings.’

44. ‘For we now have a conceited Government which in its monumental arrogance can brook no opposition.’

45. ‘We don't get conceited enough to say ‘we don't need to follow our policies today’.’

46. ‘At the centre of the story is the feisty Elizabeth and the conceited Darcy, who initially cannot stand each other but reluctantly fall in love.’

47. ‘People looked on that as being conceited or being big - headed.’

48. ‘I was naive and conceited enough to believe that posting entries into this page would actually achieve something.’

49. ‘It is neither affected nor conceited to care about the impression you make.’

50. ‘But to be honest, they all look the same to me, conceited and morose.’

51. ‘It has come to signify a group of intolerable, conceited, ruthless snobs.’

52. ‘The genuine superstars, he says, tend to be the least conceited.’

53. a conceited fool

Other users have misspelling conceited as:

1. concieted 11.11%

2. consited 11.11%

3. concited 11.11%

4. caenseitd 11.11%

5. conceted 11.11%

6. conseted 11.11%

7. Other 33.34%

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