Definition of 'absence'


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1. fencing Lack of contact between blades.

2. The state of being absent-minded; inattentiveness.

3. The time during which one is away.

4. The state of being away.

5. Want; destitution; withdrawal.

6. A state of being absent or withdrawn from a place or from companionship; -- opposed to presence.

7. Inattention to things present; abstraction (of mind).

8. the state of being absent

9. the time interval during which something or somebody is away

10. failure to be present

11. the occurrence of an abrupt, transient loss or impairment of consciousness (which is not subsequently remembered), sometimes with light twitching, fluttering eyelids, etc.; common in petit mal epilepsy

12. The period of being away or absent: as, an absence of several weeks or years.

13. Absent-mindedness; inattention to things present: a shortened form of absence of mind.

14. The state of being absent; the state of being away or not present: as, speak no ill of one in his absence.

15. The state of being wanting; non-existence at the place and time spoken of; want; lack: as, the absence of evidence.


1. There is also the complete absence of inheritance tax on agricultural land and on certain business assets.

2. His continuing absence goes a long way towards answering the first question.

3. One of the most striking findings is the complete absence of any buyers' remorse.

4. The very absence of evidence is proof, in the minds of many, that it must exist.

5. There is just an absence of information.

6. The first was the total absence of spin.

7. Yet there is a complete absence of political will to solve it.

8. Then consider how long the absence is likely to last.

9. Of course the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

10. They also blame the absence of role models for disadvantaged groups.

11. The curious thing is the absence itself.

12. Time and absence had done its work on both the young people.

13. Their absence from their home town has not gone unnoticed.

14. She concedes that the absence of hard information limited the scope of her study.

15. The almost total absence of beauty calls into serious question the seriousness of the award itself.

16. What links these stories is a complete absence of common sense.

17. Guilt is also influenced by the presence or absence of other people.

18. It was in this long absence that he wrote her some of his most tender love letters.

19. In the absence of hard fact, rumours began to scuttle around.

20. There's an absence of direct evidence.

21. In the absence of facts, families have been left struggling with the burden of grief.

22. They were so upset by her absence that her husband had to tell them she had gone off to Europe to study.

23. Mrs. Gibson wrote twice during her week's absence to her husband.

24. It was his 36th goal for his country as he completed his first 90 minutes of the year following a lengthy injury absence.

25. In woman very often voluptuous pleasure is entirely lacking; certainly such absence is far commoner in women than in men -- a condition of affairs which must on no account be confused with _absence of the sexual impulse_.

26. He did note increased international impatience with what he termed the "absence" of a peace process.

27. The reports have faulted Rome for sending confusing messages to the Irish church about norms to be followed and, in general, for what it called the absence of a coherent set of canon laws and rules to apply in cases of abuse.

28. Now, folks, this is what you call the absence of leadership.

29. Now, the fact that women are scarcely to be found exploring such projects says something about women; their absence is a significant absence, not an oversight on your part.

30. My husband and I aren't often apart, and never for more than 48 hours (I go with him if he has to travel for a while), so writing letters in his absence is a little hard.

31. But her absence is a recurring theme, as the NRSC points out in this document.

32. Baker battled personal problems for most of last season, consequently causing his long-term absence from the team.

33. Hawass said he was no longer able to protect the country's antiquities because of what he called the absence of police protection and because he was the victim of a campaign against him by senior officials at his ministry.

34. ‘Some more of the team had arrived during our absence, and looked at the pictures of the party.’

35. ‘He later admitted in a press conference yesterday that his absence was intentional.’

36. ‘So as the programme drew to a close his absence was felt more than ever before.’

37. ‘She had been in New York for the past few weeks and knew little of the scheming that was going on in her absence.’

38. ‘He explained his absence by telling all concerned he was going into hospital for three weeks for an operation.’

39. ‘Downsizing produced an increased risk of sickness absence, in line with earlier findings.’

40. ‘Yet in a play that explores spiritual emptiness, the sense of absence is strangely appropriate.’

41. ‘On Wednesday night, there was a clear demonstration of the effect that absence has on colleagues.’

42. ‘Since then, the earl had seen people dying in the great plague, the clergy conspicuous by its absence.’

43. ‘In my father's absence he likes to visit my mother, most of the time for no reason.’

44. ‘However, in her absence, I'll just have to make do with thinking about it myself.’

45. ‘Whether this was discussed or not in his absence, was unclear till late in the evening.’

46. ‘The jury was sent home until Monday after being told legal submissions will be made in their absence today.’

47. ‘Some of them had not been seen for months, if not years, and one in ten staff was unavailable because of absence.’

48. ‘He explains his absence from school by saying he is on a part-time timetable.’

49. ‘Why is it that we can only appreciate what we have when we experience its absence?’

50. ‘It was only when undertakers called at the hospital to collect the baby that his absence was discovered.’

51. ‘Almost half were with their parents, who made some excuses for their absence.’

52. ‘That night she climbed into bed just as conscious of Will's absence now as she had been the night after he died.’

53. ‘It alerts the employee's manager and supplies statistics about absence to the council.’

54. ‘If a child has ten unauthorised absences during a six-week period then a parent is sent a fixed penalty notice warning.’

55. ‘However, she came under increasing criticism for her frequent absences while running her other company in Santiago de Chile.’

56. ‘The under-17 age squad was badly affected by holidays and absences but still turned in some great performances.’

57. ‘Wouldn't the employer want to suffer one day of not having an employee than having the potential of multiple absences in one day?’

58. ‘Headteacher Gillian James said the protest was good-natured but warned that future absences would be punished.’

59. ‘He added that his school had already greatly reduced the numbers of unauthorised absences to well below the national average.’

60. ‘It revealed more than 60 per cent of firms experienced absences last year due to stress at work.’

61. ‘All council staff know that the majority of absences are left uncovered.’

62. ‘The following year I implemented this regime and the absences reduced to two days in a whole year.’

63. ‘She had completed freshman year, and only had to make up a couple of courses over the summer to makeup her absences.’

64. ‘With people keen to enjoy the heat, the number of unauthorised absences from work were reported to be high.’

65. ‘Even temporary absences from them seemed to suggest, in her darkest moments, the immutable separation of death.’

66. ‘Anderson's absences caused by knee problems down through the years have not proved the handicaps they could have been.’

67. ‘In 2001 teachers in Doncaster and London refused to cover for absences any longer than three days.’

68. ‘Rex continues to preach once each quarter and happily stands in for any absences.’

69. ‘The innovative scheme could be used to send revision questions and exam timetables, or chase-up homework and absences.’

70. ‘You should keep records of absences and introduce a trigger mechanism that alerts you to look into regular absenteeism and the reasons for it.’

71. ‘The only thing that ever gets him down is prolonged absences from three-year-old daughter Zoe, who still lives in Holland.’

72. ‘All school absences should be explained in writing to your child's teacher.’

73. ‘He has undoubtedly made up for that absence and has drawn warm praise from his manager and admiration from the fans.’

74. ‘In the absence of a decent World Cup anthem, we invited you to pen an official Guardian song.’

75. ‘Mr Wilkins said the absence of a cinema in the town is a commonly raised issue.’

76. ‘Yes, the almost total absence of rural policing is a major problem in urgent need of a solution.’

77. ‘In the absence of named candidates or any real campaign about policy, what is an election?’

78. ‘How could you have possibly not noticed the absence of such a fundamental requirement?’

79. ‘In the absence of any treatable cause, the best that can be offered is control of the symptoms.’

80. ‘In the absence of pictorial reality we reach instinctively for clues to some sort of story.’

81. ‘In the absence of firm evidence and reliable facts, it is that line which tends to be followed.’

82. ‘The absence of a smoke detector in the room has prompted an immediate investigation.’

83. ‘Courts also have the option of hearing the case in the absence of the defendant, he warned.’

84. he was surprised by the absence of any explanation

Other users have misspelling absence as:

1. absense 3.68%

2. abscence 2.68%

3. abcense 1.23%

4. d’absence 1.11%

5. Other 91.3%

6. presence 0%

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