Definition of 'abilities'


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1. Plural form of ability.


1. One was the old original female at Sao Paulo caught in 1976; her reproductive abilities would now be in decline.

2. Years of absence from such work had blunted my language abilities.

3. He needed to feel little anxiety on the last point, but despite his good sense and considerable abilities, Francis lacked confidence.

4. That is, assigning high normative significance to differences in abilities was necessary, but not sufficient to the moral disaster that was Hitler.

5. Why giving difference in abilities high normative significance does not imply that one will advocate the same policies as Hitler, it should be noted that he made this same mistake too.

6. A great idea for helping a 5thgrader gain confidence in his or her reading abilities is show the student patterns in words like the word fan tas tic three syllables. and you can see the word fan then sound out each group of words.

7. Certain abilities are controlled predominately by either the left or right cerebral hemisphere.

8. If I understand her correctly, functional diversity acknowledges the differences in abilities, the diverse ways of doing or functioning, while not implying inferiority or less than.

9. In a medium defined by escapism and fantasy, where we play as heroes, world-class athletes, and other avatars characterized by their overall exceptional abilities, is motion control really synonymous with accessibility?

10. During play we discovered that some of the paladin abilities in Pathfinder made him quite powerful.

11. Wishful thinking about the abundance of your time and abilities is a side effect of the superhero-like-buzz you get from capturing everything in your environment and feeling on top of the inputs in your life.

12. her abilities were worthy of priase

Other users have misspelling abilities as:

1. abilites 15.74%

2. abilitys 7.02%

3. ablities 6.54%

4. abilties 5.33%

5. habilities 3.63%

6. ablilities 1.69%

7. Other 60.05%

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