Definition of 'acknowledgement'


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1. law The act of a man admitting a child as his own.

2. A message from the addressee informing the originator that the originator's communication has been received and understood.

3. telecommunications, computing, networking A response sent by a receiver to indicate successful receipt of a transmission.

4. law A formal statement or document recognizing the fulfilment or execution of a legal requirement or procedure.

5. See acknowledgment.


1. He did not mind the absence of public acknowledgement of his efforts.

2. Yesterday's report brings public acknowledgement of what was allowed to happen.

3. Although the homegrown theme remains, there has been tacit acknowledgement that more can sometimes yield less.

4. The prayer also represents a tacit acknowledgement by the Church of the plight of the wives and girlfriends of armchair football fans.

5. I just wish that before the end of our lives there could be a public acknowledgement that the good time we had together was the best.

6. But such emotions, and the effect that shows like these might have in provoking them, receive little acknowledgement.

7. It was a public acknowledgement that I didn't like myself much.

8. His comments were the first public acknowledgement by a US official of the group's existence.

9. I received an acknowledgement of my complaint and I returned a consumer questionnaire.

10. Finally we have donated the plates we used to use at university to the charity shop, and I have at last thrown out a bag of spelt flour in acknowledgement of the fact I will never have the time or really the inclination to bake bread.

11. "We've got bigger fish to fry now," said Sampson in acknowledgement of how Northampton's form has nose-dived since they triumphed at Anfield; the side has lost their past five league matches and sit second bottom in League Two.

12. But ministers should realise that it will take far more than the government's own political priorities to deliver success ... and a word of acknowledgement wouldn't go amiss.

13. Since evolutionary theory leads to none of those things, the complete lack of acknowledgement is louder and clearer.

14. Levani dipped her head in acknowledgement and headed for the place where Shavar was standing.

15. We seek validation of our experience and moral philosophy, but virtually meager acknowledgement is posted by other bloggers.

16. He nodded in acknowledgement when he left the game and was rewarded with a standing ovation, and he wore a toothy smile when and he high-five fans on the way to the locker room.

17. I guess it all comes down to whether a reviewer can be truly honest with himself, even in acknowledgement of any psychological factors that may come into play.

18. It would have made him smile and probably shake his head a bit, in acknowledgement that her name is so us.

19. So, in acknowledgement and protest of Final Destination, I started playing a geography game online. 12 levels, progressing from easy to hard.

20. ‘There is an undercurrent of fear in our society that we may disappear without media acknowledgement of our existence.’

21. ‘To talk in an adult way about safe sex, for example, meant frank acknowledgement of the existence of homosexuality and prostitution.’

22. ‘It involves our acknowledgment that the existence of such phenomena entails certain responsibilities for those who remain unaffected by them.’

23. ‘This acknowledgment of physical existence is crucial.’

24. ‘If similar restrictions on service provision continue, this could constitute implicit acknowledgement of an ‘acceptable level’ of missed malignancy.’

25. ‘With this patient, it is likely that profound family conflict is impeding the acknowledgment and acceptance of approaching death.’

26. ‘Henceforth, during the whole rest of the nineteenth century, the acknowledgment of the truth contained in Say's Law was the distinctive mark of an economist.’

27. ‘The agreement involved acknowledgment of no more than the bare minimum of the elements.’

28. ‘Until the Whitlam years, there was little acknowledgment that not all families have two parents.’

29. ‘This is not only because of our acknowledgement of, and respect for, the growing population of many practising Buddhists who have made their home in Australia.’

30. ‘Apologies should be taken automatically as acknowledgement of personal complicity in the crime or dereliction.’

31. ‘The process of conflict resolution requires the equal acknowledgement of the grief and loss of others.’

32. ‘On that occasion, by his own acknowledgement, he allowed the situation to get to him and he was beaten.’

33. ‘His decision to accept the premiership was viewed by his detractors as acknowledgement that a national cabinet post was not in the offing for him.’

34. ‘For people like Mr Hill the need to have an apology and an official expression of regret and acknowledgement that they have been wronged was of the greatest psychological importance.’

35. ‘Meanwhile, none of the said political masters appear to have offered to resign in acknowledgement of their share of responsibility for the creation of the fiasco.’

36. ‘That Bradford children are being given a boost on this scale is welcome acknowledgement by the Government of the problems which exist here.’

37. ‘However, we welcome the report's acknowledgement that a clearer definition of our role is needed.’

38. ‘One unifying element that ran through all of Kim's teaching was the acknowledgment of the importance of spirit.’

39. ‘The regulatory status of borderline technologies is uncertain, and acknowledgement of this is highly important for the control of regenerative medicine.’

40. ‘Affirmations, acknowledgment, and recognition are important, but it is the questions and challenges that arise from the differences that are vital.’

41. ‘In the past 10 years there has been increased acknowledgement of the importance of doctors' communication with patients concerning the diagnosis of cancer.’

42. ‘He argued persuasively for acknowledgement of the importance of studying regional folklore in its social context.’

43. ‘I feel that what would be most effective here, would be to give you a sense of who you truly are; to empower your realization and acknowledgment of the importance of the work you are doing.’

44. ‘There's one thing missing from his editorial: any mention, recognition, recollection, acknowledgment, or reference to a little thing that happened once upon a time.’

45. ‘We are happy about this international acknowledgment of the quality of our services and are proud to be able to help patients from Europe.’

46. ‘The missing link in Kay's polemical acknowledgment of the importance of geography in globalization, however, is what constitutes this importance.’

47. ‘From the look on her face, Jesse suspected that she would have kept walking right past them without any signal of recognition or acknowledgment if Scott hadn't called her name.’

48. ‘Fellow members nod and wink to one another in recognition and in tacit acknowledgement of shared belonging.’

49. ‘An elementary corollary of that premise was the acknowledgement of the importance of trade as a vehicle of growth.’

50. ‘This is a strong acknowledgement of the importance of performed or perceived gender as opposed to the physical manifestation.’

51. ‘There is no trace of an acknowledgement or recognition of those bodies as displayed solely for the gaze of the spectator.’

52. ‘Sensual and macabre, the drawings celebrate the luminous and tactile quality of fur while provoking acknowledgement of the animal absence in these forms.’

53. ‘Tobin described last week's meeting as ‘very productive’, and welcomed the government's acknowledgement of staff concerns.’

54. ‘The guards saluted their acknowledgement to his demands, as Dunixi climbed his way back up to stand beside Yeva.’

55. ‘Both organisations welcomed Mbeki's acknowledgement of their continuing role in the tripartite alliance.’

56. ‘Such recognition is an acknowledgment that we commit to diversity the same way we commit to all of our important corporate initiatives.’

57. ‘Before then there was no acknowledgement in government of the need to address the low research capacity of primary care.’

58. ‘In acknowledgement of Fr Hughes's ordination the parish made him a presentation of a two-year-old car.’

59. ‘It was nothing more than a kind gesture, but at that moment Mr. Gore's act represented all that I yearned for - acceptance and acknowledgment.’

60. ‘Wallin, who has already received four honorary degrees and several awards and honours in acknowledgment of her work, will address graduates in applied health sciences and arts.’

61. ‘Now, not only are you doing most of the work, you are not entitled to any acknowledgement, never mind gratitude, for doing it at all.’

62. ‘Instead of trophies going to the winning teams, all dance groups were presented with framed certificates in acknowledgment of, and in thanks for, their participation.’

63. ‘Smiling his smile of acknowledgment and gratitude, he draped his long overcoat over her shoulders as he set about making the morning meal.’

64. ‘Even as pathetic as she looked now, he gave her a look of gratitude and acknowledgment, she probably did not see it, her eyes were half closed by now.’

65. ‘Tired once more, I sighed and jangled the car keys and nodded to Michael with a mix of acknowledgment and gratitude for taking over.’

66. ‘Thanksgiving and an acknowledgement of debt and gratitude are the first duties which a beneficiary owes to the benefactor.’

67. ‘The workers were guests of the firm who organised a visit to the illuminations in acknowledgment of their hard work during the year and to mark the coronation.’

68. ‘It was unanimously decided to give a gratuity to the Captain in acknowledgement of his services.’

69. ‘The company's Queen's Award was approved by Her Majesty in April last year in acknowledgement of export excellence.’

70. ‘Did they notice my sterling work record and give me the appreciation and acknowledgement I deserve?’

71. ‘There were no thanks, no acknowledgments, just a pointed few words on how the collapse of marriage could bring ruination to society.’

72. ‘I nodded in acknowledgement of his efforts and jogged around the roof, looking for the hatch, and finding it.’

73. ‘As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually we hope that all concerned will accept this acknowledgement.’

74. ‘As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually, please accept this acknowledgement as a token of our sincere appreciation.’

75. ‘Recognition, acknowledgment, praise, and rewards are ever so important and are a demonstration of the fact that you care.’

76. ‘Everyone likes a bit of recognition or acknowledgement, and a bit of self-esteem was never a bad thing.’

77. ‘And of course what we're really after is recognition, admiration, acknowledgement from the rest of the world, status, in other words.’

78. ‘Because they tend to be compassionate and sensitive, they respond best to personal recognition and acknowledgement.’

79. ‘What he craves is recognition and acknowledgement.’

80. ‘Even a passive observer would nod in acknowledgement.’

81. ‘He was smiling in acknowledgement as their eyes met.’

82. ‘We both nodded in acknowledgement and then I took a seat.’

83. ‘He never entered a carriage but stood on the outside platform, and though he wouldn't wave back, he always bowed in acknowledgement.’

84. ‘I don't think I said anything in response, but I nodded my head, I think, in acknowledgement.’

85. ‘The driver nodded in acknowledgement and a further 20 seconds of silence passed before he spoke again.’

86. ‘Cadeyrn inclined his head in acknowledgement.’

87. ‘I nodded in acknowledgement then asked, ‘Are you two the only ones here?’’

88. ‘Ryan nodded in acknowledgement, and then proceeded to talk to Kiley about their past Physics class, leaving me to pursue my own train of thoughts.’

89. ‘He tipped his head in acknowledgement when he saw us.’

90. ‘She nods in acknowledgement without turning to face him.’

91. ‘With no expression of acknowledgment the porter closed the wicket.’

92. ‘He doesn't say a word, merely nodding in acknowledgement of Stephen's greeting.’

93. ‘He nodded in acknowledgement of her apology but said nothing.’

94. ‘Not a single flicker of acknowledgement may be granted them when we pass them on the street.’

95. ‘No acknowledgment of my greeting came from Carrie, although her mother waved back.’

96. ‘She nods in acknowledgement of his words, though knowing he wishes differently.’

97. ‘He nodded, instead, in acknowledgement of the comment.’

98. ‘A few fans called to them, but they gave no acknowledgement of these greetings.’

99. ‘I looked over at my friend Conner, who nodded his head in acknowledgment of my existence, but didn't say much.’

100. ‘The Premier's Office responded with a curt acknowledgment of receipt of the letter.’

101. ‘To date he has not even received an acknowledgement of his letter.’

102. ‘It happens that it was published on the day I received an acknowledgement of my letter of complaint to the hospital regarding my own case.’

103. ‘To date, all correspondence with the Government to request funding has proved fruitless, with some letters not even receiving an acknowledgement or reply.’

104. ‘Apart from a formal acknowledgement of receipt of the letters, government sources remained silent.’

105. ‘This was an acknowledgement of his letter and a note that a further response would be issued at the earliest opportunity.’

106. ‘Needless to say, their answers have been little more than an acknowledgement of receipt.’

107. ‘He didn't even receive an acknowledgement of his application.’

108. ‘One supermarket ended up not providing any sponsorship and failed to write an acknowledgement to several letters when it decided to withdraw any funding offer.’

109. ‘She said Commissioner Noel Conroy responded with an acknowledgement that he received her file, but there was no further comment.’

110. ‘Having received neither an acknowledgement nor a reply, I conclude that no report exists which can stand public scrutiny.’

111. ‘I received an immediate acknowledgement and a full reply 24 hours later.’

112. ‘Her parents say they have still not received an acknowledgement or a reply.’

113. ‘The appellant never received an acknowledgement of his application.’

114. ‘I applied for the new tax credits weeks ago and haven't even got an acknowledgement of the receipt of the completed form.’

115. ‘I wrote to my councillor a year ago, received an acknowledgement and the promise of reply.’

116. ‘When in doubt, ask for a written acknowledgment of receipt and/or acceptability.’

117. ‘Those who do complain through the facility also get an automatically generated acknowledgement of the complaint and are also given feedback about the action taken.’

118. ‘But yet her letters never contained any acknowledgement of my letters, and she never addressed anything to me.’

119. ‘The coroner has written in acknowledgement, and will report in more detail at a later date.’

120. ‘The book has a total of 448 pages including notes, bibliography, acknowledgements, photo credits, and the index.’

121. ‘But I would like to know if these acknowledgements were ever published in a real book.’

122. ‘As the acknowledgements state, the book was commissioned by the US Army's Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence and is intended for use by members of the intelligence community to predict the outcome of ethnic conflicts.’

123. ‘You write in the book's acknowledgements that ‘a brief sighting’ of Jules Beckman ‘triggered the whole idea’ for the novel.’

124. ‘The book's acknowledgements and introduction do not get it off to a good start.’

125. ‘For a variety of reasons it has become my custom to mention my former colleague in the acknowledgements for my books.’

126. ‘The acknowledgements refer to the author's debt to Cordwainer Smith.’

127. ‘Besides an expanding list of acknowledgements, however, the first 220 pages of this edition are just as we found them in 1997.’

128. ‘Academic writing generally makes use of such scholarly apparatus as introductions, provisos, disclaimers, acknowledgements, notes and references, bibliographies, and indexes.’

129. ‘In the acknowledgements, Das expresses appreciation for his mentor's perspective.’

130. ‘I didn't have a graduate seminar or a team of colleagues working on phases of the project, but as my five pages of acknowledgements may suggest, I got a lot of help from friends as well as strangers.’

131. ‘Irritatingly, the author offers no notes and only in his acknowledgements does he point out which survivors he interviewed and what books he drew his narrative from.’

132. ‘He has been given unfettered access to Murdoch's papers, and his list of acknowledgements is impressive.’

133. ‘Many people contributed information in several research areas, as noted in the acknowledgements.’

134. ‘I'll be glad to credit you in the acknowledgments as having thought it up, and send you an autographed copy saying the same…’

135. ‘Neither are there any acknowledgments, footnotes or a bibliography - no indication at all of the sources used.’

136. ‘Look in the acknowledgments of novels written by your heroes.’

137. ‘Lloyd finished writing this polemic last October, according to the acknowledgments, and he does briefly concede that the world has moved on from his initial premise.’

138. ‘The volume is divided into nine sections, including an introduction, followed by suggested readings and acknowledgments.’

139. ‘After all this, it is hardly surprising to learn from the acknowledgments that he has been talking to Paul Auster, whose recent Oracle Night treats with some of the same topics.’

140. she seems to avoid much in the way of recognition or acknowledgement of feminist work prior to her own

Other users have misspelling acknowledgement as:

1. agknowledgement 17.71%

2. acknowlegement 15.43%

3. knowledgement 11.43%

4. acknowledgementii 8.57%

5. acknowledgementi 4.57%

6. acknowledgementiii 2.86%

7. acknowledgementv 2.86%

8. aknowledgement 2.86%

9. ackowledgement 2.86%

10. acknoledgement 2.29%

11. Other 28.56%

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