Word Frequency
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Other users have misspelling acknowledgement as:

pie chart
  1. agknowledgement 17.71%
  2. acknowlegement 15.43%
  3. knowledgement 11.43%
  4. acknowledgementii 8.57%
  5. acknowledgementi 4.57%
  6. acknowledgementiii 2.86%
  7. acknowledgementv 2.86%
  8. aknowledgement 2.86%
  9. ackowledgement 2.86%
  10. acknoledgement 2.29%
  11. Other 28.56%

Definitions of acknowledgement


  1. the state or quality of being recognized or acknowledged
  2. a statement acknowledging something or someone

Examples of acknowledgement

  1. Mostly she wrote about her feelings about her body and her recent acknowledgement to herself that she was suffering from anorexia.
  2. The driver nodded in acknowledgement and a further 20 seconds of silence passed before he spoke again.
  3. For a variety of reasons it has become my custom to mention my former colleague in the acknowledgements for my books.

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