Difference between khmer and openly




  1. the Mon-Khmer language spoken in Cambodia
  2. a native or inhabitant of Cambodia


Frances Smith: Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot in Cambodia is probably one of the most horrific examples of socialist regimes that resulted in genocide — it is estimated that about 25 percent of the population were killed as a result of slave labor, purges, and forced marches.

The report concluded that the Khmer Rouge tactic was proving successful and that grassroots sympathy for the group had probably been underestimated.

The subsequent "secrete" bombing of Cambodia along the so called "Ho Chi Minh Trail" and then a full scaled invasion of Cambodia lead to additional death and suffering of hundreds and thousands of innocent Khmer.

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  1. in an open way


The relationship between a woman and her clinician should be built on trust, and the benefits and the risks of a procedure such as an episiotomy must be openly discussed to ensure truly informed consent.

All who disagreed openly were barred from the radical teach-in at the public school.

Some openly jeered and shouted in disgust when the final vote tally was announced.

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