Difference between physiological and myology




  1. of or consistent with an organism's normal functioning
  2. of or relating to the biological study of physiology


Ten plant functional types (PFTs) are differentiated by physiological, morphological, phenological, bioclimatic, and fireresponse attributes.

Concentrating on psychophysiological medicine, the four divisions cover aspects of cardiology, gastroenterology, transplant surgery and the menstrual cycle respectively.

These new findings highlight the physiological importance of different GS1 isoenzymes in plant nitrogen metabolism.

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  1. the branch of physiology that studies muscles


Phyllis Magelky, head clinician at Dakota Orofacial Myology, 3309 Fiechtner Drive, Fargo, has earned certification in orafacial myology.

Dr. Moreau’s on madness, which he read during these months of mental relaxation, drew from him an acknowledgment wherein he foreshadowed his intention of studying anatomy and myology.

The late Professor Garrod finds that "from considerations of pterylosis, visceral anatomy, myology, and osteology the screamer cannot be placed along with the Anserine birds.

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