exotic vs erotic

exotic erotic


  • 1) physics Any exotic particle.
  • 2) An exotic dancer; a stripteaser.
  • 3) biology An organism that is exotic to an environment.
  • 4) A striptease performer.
  • 5) One that is exotic.
  • 6) Anything of foreign origin; something not of native growth, as a plant, a word, a custom.
  • 7) Anything of foreign origin, as a plant, tree, word, practice, etc., introduced from a foreign country, and not fully acclimated, naturalized, or established in use.
  • 8) Non-native to the ecosystem.
  • 9) Foreign, with the connotation of excitingly foreign.
  • 10) Intriguingly unusual or different; excitingly strange: synonym: fantastic.
  • 11) From another part of the world; foreign: synonym: foreign.
  • 12) Of or involving striptease.
  • 13) Introduced from a foreign country; not native; extraneous; foreign
  • 14) strikingly strange or unusual
  • 15) being or from or characteristic of another place or part of the world
  • 16) Of foreign origin or character; introduced from a foreign country; not native, naturalized, or familiarized; extraneous: as, an exotic plant; an exotic term or word.


  • 1) An amorous composition or poem.
  • 2) an erotic person
  • 3) Relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement.
  • 4) Of, relating to, or tending to arouse sexual desire.
  • 5) Of or pertaining to the passion of love; treating of love; amatory.
  • 6) Pertaining to or prompted by love; treating of love; amorous.


  • 1) It was taken to an exotic pet rescue centre.
  • 2) Most of us have an exotic plant that will need some protection to get it through the next few months.
  • 3) Go for special and limited editions, as well as exotic skins.
  • 4) Rather than merely selling cars, many luxury car manufacturers are offering experiences to enjoy the vehicles in exotic locations around the globe.
  • 5) MEN considering having an affair are more likely to splash out on exotic foods, researchers found.
  • 6) The garden includes a conservatory for growing exotic plants.
  • 7) Each manufacturer has an exotic name for its own school of digital trickery.
  • 8) Some of the cash was used to buy exotic pets.
  • 9) They are cooked and sold as exotic food.
  • 10) The scenes depicted in its glossy pages seemed powerfully exotic compared to her own life.
  • 11) Ideal for an exotic garden and very happy in deep shade.
  • 12) How many exotic plants can you pack into a quarter of an acre?
  • 13) Any tricks of the trade for dealing with exotic names?
  • 14) It is not known if they were to be sold on or kept as exotic pets.
  • 15) It was hard to do exotic food in the basement kitchen.
  • 16) But both brights and colour blocking can seem really exotic on a man.
  • 17) But the fad for exotic pets is now under threat.
  • 18) Both seem equally exotic if you live down here.
  • 19) But the unusually warm summer has brought a hint of the exotic to gardens and farms across the country.
  • 20) Each year tens of thousands of people fly to exotic locations to experience the joy of swimming with captured dolphins.
  • 21) What made his exotic garden so different from the others appearing at that time was that it was lived in.
  • 22) The number of hotels and shopping centres grew and the most exotic and beautiful areas of the island became exclusive tourist resorts.
  • 23) Summer is the season for these beautiful, exotic and mysterious clouds.
  • 24) Talk moves to what he loves to do most: scuba dive in exotic locations.
  • 25) It is beautiful, exotic and good value.
  • 26) You'll find a host of exotic plants growing in the grounds.
  • 27) You can sample new food in an exotic location and make some surprise long-term plans.
  • 28) He took a group of hopeful women to exotic locations, vetting them as potential life partners.
  • 29) LIVING up to an exotic name is a potential nightmare, especially for a small car.
  • 30) Crab meat marries well with the crisp textures of cucumber, celery and fennel, as well as more exotic flavours such as mango and papaya.
  • 31) ‘Somewhere in the distance an exotic bird gave off a trilling call that sounded both mournful and sweet.’
  • 32) ‘For many Europeans, the description of an American summer camp seems foreign and slightly exotic.’
  • 33) ‘One of the great joys of watching films for a living is the opportunity some of them afford for glimpses of distant, exotic countries.’
  • 34) ‘Most of them have their eyes set on sunnier and more exotic, distant resorts when they plan their holidays.’
  • 35) ‘In exchange, they brought silks from China and exotic goods from distant Europe.’
  • 36) ‘The exotic creature, which originates from Central and South America, is probably an escaped pet.’
  • 37) ‘In these narratives across different times and places, the reader seems to be both traveling through the tunnel of time and having an exotic experience in a foreign land.’
  • 38) ‘There were exotic foods from distant lands, unique carpentry from other countries, and strange odors that brought excitement to the nose.’
  • 39) ‘Historically, anthropologists have used ethnography to gain perspective on foreign, exotic cultures.’
  • 40) ‘Unlike the first time, when traveling to Cuba was something of an exotic journey to a foreign land, my return was more akin to a homecoming.’
  • 41) ‘Thailand is seen as an exotic holiday by foreign tourists, for beautiful beaches, sun and sea, wonderful culture and smiling people.’
  • 42) ‘Software is at the mercy of users in distant lands with exotic laws and a disregarded and disrespected legal system.’
  • 43) ‘The other possessed an exotic beauty and a foreign look with high cheek bones and vivid green eyes.’
  • 44) ‘There were exotic meals, foreign names of the dishes, and plenty more desserts.’
  • 45) ‘Despite the glaring exposure, the big corporate fish, especially the exotic, foreign variety, have evaded capture.’
  • 46) ‘A serial conman who swindled victims out of more than £1million told a judge that he blew £64,000 on exotic foreign holidays.’
  • 47) ‘Foreigners are considered exotic to some extent by the locals pretty much anywhere I've been, and Canada is no exception.’
  • 48) ‘He's never been one for exotic foreign holidays.’
  • 49) ‘Twenty-five years ago, it was the equivalent of the Internet; a means of access to worldwide information resources and exotic foreign cultures.’
  • 50) ‘The East through Western eyes has throughout history been seen as the ultimate symbol of foreignness, the most exotic of lands and people.’
  • 51) ‘The colour combination gives an exotic appearance, setting this daffodil apart from others.’
  • 52) ‘His stories perfectly capture that fascination with exotic names and improbable colours and, best of all, the thrill of making a wise spending choice.’
  • 53) ‘For autumn/winter 99 she offers a colourful vision of exotic extravagance.’
  • 54) ‘An ordinary paintbrush can create exotic, even outlandish designs with acrylic paint.’
  • 55) ‘She had always been attracted to the exotic, the different, and the unique.’
  • 56) ‘With the trend being high shine, anything that glows bright jewellery, bright colours, exotic florals, metallic stripes, bold prints, gleams and shimmers will keep you in vogue.’
  • 57) ‘They add a dash of exotic colour to what was once a place of busy docks and warehouses, most of which now lie in decay.’
  • 58) ‘They had long been seen as a colourful, slightly exotic bunch.’
  • 59) ‘Start off with any old mixed packet, till you get the hang of it, before going on to the more exotic single coloured varieties.’
  • 60) ‘Some houseplant leaves look wonderful for this as they are glossy or have exotic markings or colouration.’
  • 61) ‘It's not just that pelts and plumes are exotic, strikingly patterned or richly textured.’
  • 62) ‘I plunge into the old town, an effervescent mixture of colourful sights and exotic smells.’
  • 63) ‘Also noteworthy is the creative matching of gold with a variety of stones and materials in exotic colours.’
  • 64) ‘It's not easy to see just what determines which accents will seem disgusting to someone, and which will seem merely exotic or even attractive.’
  • 65) ‘Visually, Act II works best in its exotic use of colour and lighting.’
  • 66) ‘It features a quite attractive, somewhat exotic main theme that immediately catches the ear.’
  • 67) ‘Some of the most exotic devices have attracted serious interest in military circles.’
  • 68) ‘The vessel had very exotic colours which contrasted with the dull blacknesss of space.’
  • 69) ‘Even the eighteenth century British art is looking strikingly exotic.’
  • 70) ‘It was a small frog, made of blown glass beads, and decorated in exotic gold paints and garnished in rich, lovely colored fabrics.’
  • 71) ‘Even airplanes, RC cars, and chainsaws have experienced power boosts from some of VPs exotic fuels.’
  • 72) ‘Unfortunately, my wife does not share my enthusiasm for the aroma of burnt rubber and exotic fuels.’
  • 73) ‘Keep in mind that you're not talking about exotic fuels per se.’
  • 74) ‘A crypto-exotic, by contrast, is a hadron that does not have an exotic quantum number, but does not have a meson or baryon body plan either.’
  • 75) ‘What you don't get in one of these knives is exotic steel with a tip-of-the-tongue collector name.’
  • 76) ‘Tea needs relatively more sunlight than coffee and the exotic silver oak has been the tree of choice to provide the scant shade that the plants need.’
  • 77) ‘However, anti-matter is an exotic form of matter which is extremely expensive to produce.’
  • 78) ‘Despite this careful redefinition of the velocity of a wave, there are, in fact, still exotic situations where the group velocity can exceed c.’
  • 79) ‘Physicists have coaxed a few atoms into exotic states that fit the bill, but they didn't make much of a computer.’
  • 80) ‘As this discussion makes clear, the issue of exotic hadrons exposes profound weaknesses in our current understanding of the strong interaction.’
  • 81) ‘Some installers are adding broken glass, bits of metal, and other exotic materials to the mix, and diamond polishing afterwards.’
  • 82) ‘The engines of tomorrow's PCs may be based not on silicon dioxide but on exotic new compounds such as perovskite oxide or even the stuff of life itself, DNA.’
  • 83) ‘Many physicists assumed that a more exotic underlying mechanism was responsible for superconductivity in magnesium diboride.’
  • 84) ‘Pulsars and quasars may turn out to be commonplace in comparison to the exotic astrophysical events that gravity wave astronomy reveals.’
  • 85) ‘It would eliminate many of the exotic chemicals and processes now used to make chips.’
  • 86) ‘Something with pressure comparable to its energy density is exotic.’
  • 87) ‘But there are potentially more exotic applications over the horizon: quantum computers.’
  • 88) ‘You say you got a 94% conversion with that exotic chiral zinc reagent?’
  • 89) ‘Supersymmetric theories are good places to look for exotic matter in the form of fermionic superpartners of bosonic particles that carry forces.’
  • 90) ‘Some of the proposals include exotic electronic states that have not yet been observed in any system.’
  • 91) ‘As in Hawaii, one of the most invasive and damaging exotics is the guava plant, which covers more than 12% of the farm area of the biggest island in the group.’
  • 92) ‘And of course, all those wonderful exotics planted in Joubert Park are still there, thriving since they were planted over 100 years ago.’
  • 93) ‘In the past exotics were mostly planted, mainly because they were easier to prune, and their root systems didn't interfere with the underground service pipes.’
  • 94) ‘Encouraging people to use host plants in their gardens is one way to move away from exotics and invasive plants which can be damaging to the wider environment.’
  • 95) ‘A mixture of natives and exotics has been planted closely with a view to thinning later.’
  • 96) ‘Native plants are preferable, but many enthusiasts swear by exotics such as single varieties of fuchsia, as well as lantana and red-hot poker.’
  • 97) ‘But once the oaks die, grasses and exotics, like Scotch broom, will seed in aggressively, provoking a hotter flame.’
  • 98) ‘There is a wide range of trees and shrubs, exotics and natives, and even in winter there is some colour.’
  • 99) ‘An important feature of the site is the lack of invasive non-native exotics like rhododendron and laurel.’
  • 100) ‘You don't have to be a Shakespeare scholar to know that the Prince of Denmark is not contemplating a castle grounds filled with invasive exotics when he utters these lines.’
  • 101) ‘There was no mention made of the fact that the beaver is a native North American species whereas the cherry trees are exotics, imported from Japan.’
  • 102) ‘Gooseberries and apples, in fact, figure just as largely in the early Transactions of the Royal Horticultural Society as new exotics like dahlias and chrysanths.’
  • 103) ‘In Hawaii today, as in Australia, many exotics are aggressive and pushing out the indigenous plants.’
  • 104) ‘It is important to remember that many exotics have ‘gotten loose’ in southern landscapes and actually choked out native species in their own habitat.’
  • 105) ‘‘I didn't want to get into battle with the deer,’ she says, so she made sure to avoid exotics that deer find tasty.’
  • 106) ‘Although he relies heavily on native plants, he keeps his mind and garden open to exotics, as long as they are appropriate for his Zone 8 garden.’
  • 107) ‘exotics such as cotton palms and African mahoganies which are favoured by the turtle and Barbary doves, should be avoided.’
  • 108) ‘Yet the shorthair influence, though remote, is difficult to remove, and even now few people breed one exotic to another more than once every two or three generations.’
  • 109) ‘This could be an especially harmful exotic because its venomous spines are dangerous to humans and other fish.’
  • 110) ‘This could refer to any of the passerines, though most likely a canary or similar caged exotic.’


  • 1) ‡ The word erotic comes from the Greek word eros, which is the term for sexual love itself, as well as the god’s name.
  • 2) Honey Money, a recent book that coined the term "erotic capital" defined as "beauty, sex appeal, liveliness, a talent for dressing well, charm and social skills and sexual competence".
  • 3) Ms. Lagarde possesses an abundance of what I call "erotic capital," and she has used it knowingly and to great advantage.
  • 4) The twist the story then takes into the erotic is a step out of narrative convention and into a kind of fantastic freefall that leaves all the usual responses to family breakdown far behind.
  • 5) Needing to create a compromise between fear and desire, he devised what he called erotic friendship.
  • 6) …we can even use the word erotic to describe a yearning for unity to overcome separation.
  • 7) He was reviled and revered for his glossy spreads of naked co-eds in erotic photos, which followed "the philosophy of voyeurism," he once said.
  • 8) The only people who are obsessed with food are anorexics and the morbidly obese, and that, in erotic terms, is the Catholic Church in a nutshell.
  • 9) What one person finds erotic is not the same for another.
  • 10) ‘To pluck food from a nude woman at a party is certainly sensual and quite likely erotic, but sexual?’
  • 11) ‘But to see these images as either overtly sexual or even primarily erotic would be a big mistake.’
  • 12) ‘Are you ready to take a look at the effects of the sexual revolution on erotic cinema?’
  • 13) ‘Art has had little difficulty connecting erotic desire with the yearning for death and annihilation.’
  • 14) ‘While the racy title and erotic cover art might suggest a light read, nothing could be further from the truth.’
  • 15) ‘Of course we have no way, not yet, of knowing the secrets of her erotic fantasies.’
  • 16) ‘When I use him in my belly-dancing act, it works well, as it's an erotic, sensual dance.’
  • 17) ‘It is a sensual, erotic experience, the light on the white fabric changing as the day progresses.’
  • 18) ‘The piece is undoubtedly erotic, evoking the sexuality of both male and female bodies.’
  • 19) ‘She begins by attempting to distinguish between the erotic and the pornographic.’
  • 20) ‘The power of many erotic fantasies relies more on concealment than full disclosure.’
  • 21) ‘It's not erotic, it's not titillating at all, and it's not particularly voyeuristic.’
  • 22) ‘The thing is people who read this stuff probably think it is highly erotic, and they are just so naughty for reading it.’
  • 23) ‘Here you will find a room of elegantly erotic mosaics, and sentimentally carnal ceramics.’
  • 24) ‘They conceal erotic secrets and erotic treasures for which men have killed and been killed.’
  • 25) ‘Most noticeably, a pair of frankly erotic paintings of recumbent female nudes crown the centre of the rooms.’
  • 26) ‘Men who fought wars and wrestled with grizzlies also displayed erotic and romantic affection for other men.’
  • 27) ‘Not because it's particularly erotic, more out of curiosity: who are these men?’
  • 28) ‘Never will I forget the erotic thrill of that non-existent, yet tender exchange of tongues.’
  • 29) ‘There are more magazines, more books written about horror than about erotic films.’

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