continually vs continuously

continually continuously


  • 1) In regular or repeated succession; very often.
  • 2) In a continuous manner; non-stop.
  • 3) Without cessation; unceasingly; continuously.
  • 4) seemingly without interruption
  • 5) = Syn. Continuously, constantly, incessantly, perpetually.
  • 6) Without cessation or intermission; unceasingly.
  • 7) Very often; at regular or frequent intervals; from time to time; habitually.


  • 1) Without pause.
  • 2) In a continuous maner; without interruption.
  • 3) at every point
  • 4) With continuity or continuation; without interruption; unbrokenly.


  • 1) Over the past weeks, against a backdrop of almost continual attacks, we have been getting on with the business of the inquiry.
  • 2) Part of the continual struggle against boredom and insignificance.
  • 3) The expectation this season is for continual improvement.
  • 4) The aim was a continual improvement in quality on the assembly line.
  • 5) Competition led to continual improvement of the machines and kept prices within the reach of most farmers.
  • 6) They ask questions about our supply chain and through this kind of process you do get continual improvement.
  • 7) We all need to reflect on the huge amount of wasted potential as disabled people struggle against continual discrimination and barriers.
  • 8) And many more feel both these perspectives at the same time and are in a continual struggle to reconcile the two.
  • 9) We are seeking continual improvement, with no specific target.
  • 10) The continual improvement of productivity is one of management's most important jobs.
  • 11) From there on in, it was an almost continual diet of porridge.
  • 12) It was bad enough on the pitch for England players trying to stem the almost continual tide of Papua attacks.
  • 13) At a period when he was having a terrific struggle with a certain habit, he was so continually held in the thought of fear by his mother and the young lady to whom he was engaged, -- the engagement to be consummated at the end of a certain period, the time depending on his proving his mastery, -- that he, very sensitively organized, _continually_ felt the depressing and weakening effects of their negative thoughts.
  • 14) She however continued to wander about in her despair, and is wandering still, singing all the time a mournful song, in which she calls continually to Moowis, saying that she is lost, and begging him to come and save her.
  • 15) Thompson ripped Daniels for what she called continually raising taxes.
  • 16) ” Do you think one can remain continually betwixt and between or is there a point at which this approach to life would become a burden?
  • 17) One, a flea-bitten roan, groaned continually from the moment Mrs. Morgan's burden was put upon him till she was shifted to the other horse.
  • 18) Part of the adventure for entrepreneurs like Goldman lay in continually refining the technology to drive down cost.
  • 19) ‘There was great activity, accompanied by a public address system continually calling for personnel to report.’
  • 20) ‘Forgiving them does not mean allowing ourselves to be continually injured.’
  • 21) ‘From Saturday, March 5 the Tesco Ireland store in Ardkeen will open for customers continually, seven days a week.’
  • 22) ‘For with all its significant localisations, Australian country music has continually been inspired by American models.’
  • 23) ‘This has led to a policy of continually escalating sanctions over a period of roughly twenty years.’
  • 24) ‘This service which will be continually updated will be of great value to parishioners who are far away from home.’
  • 25) ‘These findings reflect the continually worsening nature of the disease rather than consequences of exacerbations.’
  • 26) ‘At some point we need to move our focus back to the underlying cause or we are destined to continually throw money to the effects.’
  • 27) ‘The matter of rebranding is continually under review.’
  • 28) ‘We must continually strive to share effective practice.’
  • 29) ‘The bar will continue to get higher and we will have to continually improve.’
  • 30) ‘All three of the songs are well-known and get shouted for during my gigs but I am continually writing new material.’
  • 31) ‘The real fruit of their battles is not the immediate success, but their own continually increasing unification.’
  • 32) ‘Would we be better off obeying physical signals rather than continually overriding them?’
  • 33) ‘It's a very fast-paced industry, so to become involved, you will have to be continually learning.’
  • 34) ‘Guterman is clearly concerned that the club as set up at the moment is going to lose money continually.’
  • 35) ‘Scientists now know that's not true, and the brain continually rewires and adapts itself even in old age.’
  • 36) ‘Instead of getting started on a big project and doing a little, we continually put it off and do less important tasks.’
  • 37) ‘Do we want to continually discourage pilots from entering competitions?’
  • 38) ‘Fitness professionals and athletes have a knack for continually pushing the envelope when it comes to the quest for heightened performance.’
  • 39) ‘Each participant spent a couple of weeks getting pledges of money for time spent in a continually moving rocking chair.’
  • 40) ‘The unconscious is continually active, creating combinations of its materials; these serve to indicate the future path of the individual.’
  • 41) ‘For example, in Iceland I positioned myself at the same coordinates for twenty-four hours and continually recorded the sounds and images of that location.’
  • 42) ‘Making use of its own weight, it continually works to grind seeds into oil.’
  • 43) ‘All I could do was sit back and watch as they made what sounded like haikus behind impassive masks and continually struck awkward poses.’
  • 44) ‘Vaughan 6 Had a torrid first half against McSporran and was continually outpaced, but fought back well.’
  • 45) ‘Also, as they played the simulation, the credit counter continually informed them of the number of credits they possessed.’
  • 46) ‘You may have noted that Mr Brownlee interjected continually through that point of order.’
  • 47) ‘This caused Diane and Olly to grab knives and, intending to kill him, continually stab Victor until he died.’
  • 48) ‘The amplification happens when each photon scatters around many times inside the powder, continually eliciting more photons as it travels on a so-called random walk.’
  • 49) ‘Eating more often will keep your metabolism running in high gear while continually supplying your body with the nutrients it needs to recover and grow.’
  • 50) ‘In my reading today, you saw how I was continually moving around and across various boundaries.’
  • 51) ‘His teammates marveled at the way he continually chased down Michael Vick, the quickest and most elusive quarterback in football.’
  • 52) ‘The mound is built by workers continually transporting grains of sand from as deep as 100 metres.’
  • 53) ‘The underground water level was continually falling and the environment in the adjoining valleys was also deteriorating, he said.’
  • 54) ‘The stem is continually circumnutating at a rapid rate, though not to a wide extent.’
  • 55) ‘For me, continually changing the movements keeps my mind fresh and my body guessing what will come next.’
  • 56) ‘Nik explains that you can stop roll-over pop-up things vanishing after a few seconds, by continually moving your mouse from side to side within the link text.’
  • 57) ‘He beat at them continually with his whip, but they were so famished that they took no notice whatever.’
  • 58) ‘He was interjecting continually.’


  • 1) This time the continuous oily stream covers the body and is followed by a massage.
  • 2) Great sports teams are built upon a culture of continuous improvement.
  • 3) The survivor can hear continuous loud noises from the north.
  • 4) What part of the process requires continuous control?
  • 5) What is really needed are the operational management skills to implement effective continuous improvement programmes.
  • 6) The hero grows from childhood to old age in a continuous present.
  • 7) Exposure to continuous high volume noise can stop the hair cells working properly.
  • 8) It is thus necessary to train a continuous stream of new men.
  • 9) They saw the screenplay as a continuous process.
  • 10) People should look at it from season to season and we want to see continuous improvement.
  • 11) The dubious magic of the present continuous is no substitute for a close attention to the past.
  • 12) Are you exposed to very loud and continuous noise at your home or work?
  • 13) Follow his feed and you find a continuous stream of absurdities.
  • 14) But it is a continuous education process.
  • 15) Leaders in service excellence train their people to drive continuous improvement.
  • 16) There are parallels in local government where in the past half century there has been almost continuous revolution.
  • 17) The continuous improvement in productive efficiency which it promotes leads to growing technological unemployment as existing jobs become redundant.
  • 18) It shows part of the rescue against a backdrop of almost continuous gunfire and flames rising from parts of the prison.
  • 19) They exist in a continuous present.
  • 20) You will also be unable to claim if you were not in continuous employment for at least six months before being made redundant.
  • 21) They used a loudspeaker to play a continuous noise at a similar frequency to the clicks and found the plants grew towards it.
  • 22) If one stayed at home after dinner, there was a continuous stream of visitors.
  • 23) Line managers control their own information needs, so performance management is now a continuous process.
  • 24) For example, you gain the right not to be unfairly dismissed after being in continuous employment for two years.
  • 25) As it is we have jointly clocked up more than 100 years of continuous employment in a highly competitive industry.
  • 26) Congress, the media and America have been using the term continuously to talk about proposed solutions to the current financial crisis.
  • 27) What was your purpose in continuously, almost hypnotically panning the camera from side to side in one specific office scene?
  • 28) Money continuously is been poured into tourism with the rich in mind, yet poverty, homelessness and drug infestation continues to plague Puerto Rico.
  • 29) Republicans should replace unpopular insurance coverage mandates with a pledge of protection against coverage exclusions for pre-existing health conditions that is limited to those who remain continuously insured over time.
  • 30) Just as you begin to expect the plot to become sodden with tragedy – a child coughs continuously from a bedroom; a young man squares up to his flighty wife with a knife – it slips into something more acerbic.
  • 31) McCain continuously shoots down any policy that is aimed at helping Americans.
  • 32) The human brain continuously processes, weighs, and forms decision trees about a tremendous amount of information from the ‘outside’ world, integrating it to a gestalt map that informs and influences everything we do or say.

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