cross pollination vs self-pollination

cross pollination self-pollination


  • 1) Pollination of a flower by its own pollen, in a flower that has both stamens and a pistil.
  • 2) The transfer of pollen from an anther of one flower to a stigma of another flower on the same plant; geitonogamy.
  • 3) The transfer of pollen from an anther to a stigma of the same flower; autogamy.
  • 4) fertilization by transfer of pollen from the anthers to the stigma of the same flower


  • 1) ‘As for calculation of the selfing rate, self-pollination was with pollen from other flowers of the same plant.’
  • 2) ‘Geitonogamy can be due to self-pollination between flowers on the same branch, different flowering branches of the same plant, or different ramets of the same clonal genet.’
  • 3) ‘Treatment B was conducted to examine autonomous self-pollination by enclosing intact flowers, before anthesis, in small plastic bags.’
  • 4) ‘This result is contrary to our hypothesis that the pollination-dependent detrimental fitness effects of clipping were caused by increased self-pollination in damaged plants.’
  • 5) ‘Emasculated plants produced 1.3 times the number of seeds produced by plants experiencing natural self-pollination.’

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